Baley Gerald Rosemary Tim 1984 International - (2023)

3 1984




T h e G e r a l d B a l e y f a m i l y h a s » a c c e p t e d a n i n v i t a t i o n t o g o o n a MISSION ADVENTURE

TOUR w h i c h w i l l t a k e t h e m t o G e r m a n y , A u s t r i a

th e Berlin Wall.

Poland and

T h e f a m i l y h a s t r a v e l e d n a t i o n w i d e s i n c e 1 9 8 1 p r e s e n t i n g t h e i r s o n Ti m i n c o n c e r t

and p r e s e n t i n g workshops, sem inars e t c . on b e h a l f o f C h r i s t i a n Education f o r th e mentally handicapped and s u p p o r t f o r p a r e n t groups.

S i n c e t he i n nc c e p ttii on on o f t h e i r m i n i s t r y

num e rous p e o p l e h a v e s u ug g ge g e sstt e ed d t he he y

i s m us t a k e Ti m t o o t h e r c o u n t r i e s t h a t h is u s ic ic m iig gh htt b r i n g j o y a n d h a p p i n e s s t o a s w e l l a s s how w h a t Go d h a s d o n e i n w h a t w a s a n a p p a r e n t

t h e o t h e r n a ttii o n s

hopeless situ a tio n in

T i m s e a r l y y e a r s . He r e ec c e i v e d s e v e re re b r a i n - d a m a g e a t

b i r t h and i s c l a s s e d a s a l i g h t c e r e b r a l p a l s y i n f a n t and childhood_years fingers


together successfully

He found t h e p i a n o a n d

without great e f f o r t .

has bl bles esse sed d hi hiss hardjwork and those

hi m t o become a C o n c e r t p i a n i s t .


Th e p o s i t i v e r e s u l t h a s b e e n ,

have invested mu


time in helping

Ti m h a s p l a y e d on t h e Wh ite House l a w n t w i c e ,

a t t h e P e n t a g o n , a n d wa s f i l m e d b y N. B. C . f o r t h he e n a t io i o n a l T.

F a n t a s y v/here h e m e t a n d p l a y e d a d u e t w i t h L i b e r a c e .

a ne w alb u m

Th e I m p o s s i b l e Dream

N a s h v ille , Tn.

In h is

wa s n e a r l y i m p o s s i b l e f o r Tim t o g e t h i s tw o i n d e x

h i s a l r e a d y k e e n i n t e r e s t i n m u si s i c b lo l o ss ss o m me ed d..


and mildly r e t a r d e d .

V. s how

He h a s j u s t c o m p l e t e d

wh ich wa s c u t i n R.

C. A. s t u d i o s i n

The famiJg:ts t r a v e l s have taken them th r u many s t a t e s an d

Ti m h a s p l a y e d i n 2 8

and i n Mexico.

Rod H u r o n , m i n i s t e r o f t h e N o r t h I n d u s t r y C h r i s t i a n Church, C a n t o n , Oh io wh ich

i s t h e Baley s home church and also[\ t h e i r forwarding agent Mrs. Eva S n y de de r i s a member, a s k e d t he m s e v e r a l t i m e s a b o u t a t r i p t o t h e R u s s i a , P o l a n d , an d Germany a r e a .

I t was something t h e family ha d ne ve r thought a b o ou u t , b ut ut

a f t e r s o many pe ople s u g g e s t i n g t h r u t h e y ea e a rrss , an d a n o t h e r i n v i t a t i o n from Rod what happiness a n d b l e s s i n g s t h e i r m i n i s t r y , testimony an d music c ould be to these p el p l e

we f e e l we w ould b e r e m i s s i n n o t g o i n g .

The B a le l e y s m i n iiss tr t r y i s funded by f r e e - w i l l o f f e r i n g s a nd mission c o n t r i b u t i o n s . i v en e n w i th th ou o u t a n y r e m u n e r a t i o n i n n u r s i n g h o mes, Hu n d red s o f c o n c e r t s h a v e b e e n g iv hospitals

mental h o s p i t a l s

military bases

homes f o r t h e r e t a r d e d , s e n i o r c e nt nt e err s, s , p rrii so s o n ss,,

conventions etc.

The proposed t r i p abroad w i l l t ake p l a c e June 12-iZ6 every a v a i l a b l e p o s s i b i l i t y i n many numerous

a r e t her e.

Tim w i l l b e f e a tu r e d a t

s e r v i c e s duri ng t h e time they

One l a r g e c o n c e r t i s planned i n Warsaw

Poland on June 24 .


t h e j o y t h a t music b r in g s t h e pe ople o f th e s e c o u n t r i e s an d t h e encouragement t h a t they might o f f e r thru witnessing w h a t God h as been a b l e t o do i n t h e i r l i v e s even th o d i f f i c u l t i e s seemed i nsur m ount a bl e



th e B a l e y s have

accepted t h i s i n v i t a t i o n knowing t h a t t hr u God s people i t w i l l be possible.

The family n e ed ed s

ap pp p rro o xi xi m at at e ell y 7 ,,5 5 00 00 ..0 00

Your g i f t large o r smaM w i l l be

gratefully appreciated

u r e v e r y i n t e n t i o n i s t o s e r v e God a n d g l o r i f y Him

a nt i c i pa t e g r e a t o p p o r t u n i t i e s a s we walk

i n e ve r y f a c e t o f o u r l i v e s thru t hi s G i f t s ma y b e

a n o t h e r d o o r He sent

to :

has opened

Your p r a y e r s a r e m o s t u r g e n t

The M u s i c i a n a r i e s 2501



Paso 79930





t^al i



1 s ]9a4

u's 'i3fSotQ^ooR




M/M G eerr al al d R. Ba le le y 2501


El P as as o o,, Texas

79930 ( 9 1 5 ) 5 6 6 -3 1 7 7




. . . I l oo oo k e d in dismay at the black mess I held in my h a n d and wond ered HOW it c ou ld have g o tt en en that way In my min d, ho howe weve ver, r, I knew... .1ha 1had d pu pull lled ed one thre thread ad the the wrong way, an d it began ti gh ghteni ng ng, and the more I t ri ri ed ed to u nd nd o it ail, the worse it bec ame. Then I t h ho o u g h t ho w life life pa para rall llel elss this this m e ss. . . . One 'tiny' sin (i f t he her e be such) can lead to a n no o th th er er , t he he n A N NO OT TH HE ER R and s o o n we are in s u c h an awful an d then A N O T H E R situation there is NO HOPE w i t h i n ou r selves . Oh, w h a t to do ? The only only alte altern rnat ativ ivee to the the jumb jumble led d me mess ss o f my yarn was —cut it

to say th e m o oss t d is is h hee aarr te te n nii ng ng is t h e t i m e it t a k e s to get ou r ' MEL MEL ODY' ODY' on th e r oa oa d d.. Garages are so very t ry ry in in g g.. An d we are t ru ru ly ly at t he he iirr mercy So far, t h ho o ug ug h, h, we have only several m or or e things to check out, and then we hope she'll have a clean bill o f h eeaa lt lt h. h. A ne w tr tran ansm smis issi sion on,, shoc shocks ks,, whee heel alig alignm nmen ent, t, a tun tunee up you you na nam me it it,, we were re amo mong ng her need needss. Wh Wheen you run run th thee ta tail il of f the poor girl you can expect a bit of wear-out. I told Jerry if yo u

could just get it done at one shop how wonderful it would be


av v e a new b eeg g in in n nii ng ng . I m aad d e the c u t . . . an d as I d i d , an d 1 could h a

The days have been filled with getting physical check-ups, de dent ntal al app appoin ointme tments nts,, eye ex exam amin inat atio ions ns,, some someth thin ing g al almo most st as bad

I th thou ough ghtt ho w MU MUC CH th this is situa situatio tion n is lik like life life.. Weca Wecan n have have a new beg egin inn nin ing g by cu cutt ttin ing g the the thin thing gs tha that hav avee tang tangle led d an and d me messsed sed up our hves from the past and begin ane anew w by entwin entwining ing ou ours rsel elve vess

—elod NCyOan MdE re Tpack AX , ing ag n.d (No noowsmal el job are )g eAttinnew g ddi ow toonclwe eanianre g M elIody and repa ckin (N smwall dim mnensi ension faced with is WHERE to put the luggage we will need to go

lo loo ose —d —dis isca cardit rdit an and d wo work rk fro from the the main ain sk skei ein. n. It wa waspe sperf rfec ect, t,

with th e perfect one—The L o orr d J e s us Chr is t. Tlie d eev vo ott iio on naa l

overseas w iitt h. h. As I have said b ef ef or or e, e, we have ha d many concerts, and Tim has p la yed many places. There have been joys an d

verses 12 & 13. I n the same way, c o ou u nt nt yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.... The Therefo reforre do not not let let sin sin reign eign in your mortal body so t h itss evil evil desires desires.. ha at yo ou u obey it

disa disapp ppo oin intm tmen entts. I won' won'tt enum enumer erat atee them all but will tell you a few of the hig highli hlight ghts. s.

stud study y of Ro Roma mans ns,, th thee si sixt xth h ch chap apte ter, r, bear bearss this this out, out, but but espe especi cial ally ly


Closing out our Fall 1983 NOTEBOOK, the the one one head headin ing g was was

Res Restor torati ation on and Pre Prepa parat ration ion.. We ent entere ered d home homeba base se at th thee en d


First o f aU, the h o u se se still has no t so ld ... We t ru ru ly ly h a att e to bu t le leaave it again gain k no no w t ha ha tt,, as in the past, we will leave it in th e Lo Lord rd's 's hand hands. s. We felt felt that se sell llin ing g it an and d gett gettin ing g into into an apa apartm rtment ent

to hit the road again. After 7 m o on n th th s of trav travel el,, it seem seemeed it wo woul uld d

would make it considerably easier to just walk out (and in) by simply closing the door and leaving the ot h hee r worries to the landlord. There is still time to make a quick move but not much

and even thou though gh the past mont months hs have been some somewh what at he hect ctic ic and

to pu t ou r hopes on at this writing. Most of yo u know the the prob proble lems ms and struggles we have had for

of Oc Octo tobe berr and and wond wonder ered ed if we woul would d everbe everbe rest restor ored ed and and eage eagerr be a long long,, lo long ng ti time me be befo fore re we we'd 'd say, say, I missi missit. t. When do wego wego?? , tsaying he d— aysWon a het ab de lo prn og mino se w?to Webehave milenjo dlyjoye wdildso , ma wenyarthin e ings ags ll saying— lon now? have en yed many th these past mo mont nths hs,, and though we have had nu nume mero rous us concerts and Tim has played co cont ntin inuo uous usly ly,, it has not been wearing, and our our bodi bodies es and and sp spir irit itss have have bee been rev eviv iveed. Most ost thin things gs hav avee been been,, or are being, accomplished we had hoped to get done. I venture

most Tdimconsiderab 's life witle h hdisc is vussion, isionn, . ADa ft eer ft a dtrIipd teec oc id sdfatovotraak iktee et y e considerable discussio ihdieed d oc oc t or oo r fa n dran h he e

big j um um p and see if Tim coul' be fitted with and wear the soft long-wearing cont ac t lenses. It was a time of the ji tttte rrss for u s . . . So much money if they did no t work. BUT t he he y did, and t h e y are It is the best mo ne y we have ever sp e n t on Ti m's

mall (where they had Christmas music), schools, and many

eyes... Not only does he not have the hassle of taking the hard co conta ntacts cts in an d ou t to clean, but t he he - ir ir rrii ta ta ti ti on on is gone and his visio ision n is better Tim says, I can't believe I can wake up in th e morning, and I CAN S E EE. E. He tak takes them out every 2 weeks for cleaning and st ster eril iliz izat atio ion n and a few eye drops now and then then,, and that is it. What a blessing to Tim and to us, an d without a doubt 1 am sure Dr. Hardie and his op tic i an an , Mr. Rivas, who have been

had more witticism and less c ri riticism This is Je rr rr y' y's joke: I sa said id,, Honey, I dr dran ank k to o much much coffe coffee. e. He sa said id,, Oh , it wa wasn sn't 't

to study music usic.. We know there are no fund s o f an y kind that we have b e e n able to find for an y kind of education for the men men ta ta ll ll y

of this n ot un n d has r ea ea ch ch ed ed over $4,000.00. We are ot eb eb o o ok k , o ur ur f u h u m bl e d by the marvelous response, but as yo u see, we are

handicapped person. Tliis BOTHERS us terribly. We say it is a

con consid erably bly under er gou goilall baendfonrewa pl help and sidera ha have ven' n't, t, und your iftr w weadrd rsd. edIf ayo ndu cplan eerranne ttaa ned iin nldy tgor ea ehe atlp ly ly a pp ppr eecc iiaa tteed This is the only c or or re re sp sp on on de de nc nc e we will send out enmass before we go, so we are a ssk k i ng ng yo u to do us a very sp spee ci ci al al favo favor. r. Wo Woul uld d yo u ma mark rk on yo your ur ca cale lend ndar ar the dates of June June 12 12-2 -26 6 and please be in very special prayer for all of ou r family an d othe others rs as well, ll, as we travel and witn itness? Pray that God will use us His glo glory ry a nd nspii re re d to release His message only to His nd t ha ha t we are i nsp with ith the the insp inspir irat atio ion n an d intensity that will stir souls for Him. Pray that that Tim will be a ve very ry spec specia iall bles blessi singan ngand d pe peop ople le willtru willtruly ly know th e L o orr d is s p peecial to Him. Ou r pas passpor sports ts have have arrive arrived, d, an d tlie visas are next. Our schedule (This is very abbreviated.)




fo r a WIT T ICIS M :


w o u ld be so m u c h b e t t e r


such a help througli the years, feel they have performed a real . SANKA-Ti-Fied, was it? UGH The trip to Austria ia,, P o ola land nd,, and Ge Germ rman any y rema remain inss a cause for mira miracl cle. e. TIM TIM TH THIN INK KS THEY THEY HAVE HAVE (a (and nd so do we). we). r ea eal l ex exci cite teme ment nt for fo r us. us . (Se (S e e fli fl i er writ wr itte ten n in Poli Po lish sh.) .) At the the writ writiing Last July July Jerr Jerry y and I very ho hope pefu full lly y ap appl plie ied d for a gr gran antt for Ti Tim m

country o f E QU QU A L OP PO PO R T UN I TY TY. HOW can it be when for

Tim and o th er s like him t he he re is no o p pp p o rt rt un un it it y? y? We had made every in inqu quir iry y an anyo yone ne ever suggested, but no noth thin ing g is available. le. I thin th ink k th thee straw th that at br brok okee th thee ca came mel' l'ss back was to see a hu ssk ky 6 foot plus y o ou u ng ng man get a scholarship of SI 5 ,0 ,0 00 00 .0 .0 0 to kick a football around. I LOVE SPORTS and have NO objection to a scho schola lars rsh hip ip.. It is that eq u uaa l funding s h ho oul d be available to any ment mental ally ly ha hand ndic icap appe ped d pe pers rson on to study, study, if they they de desi sire re and and qu qual alif ify. y. IT ISN' ISN'T. T. As 1am su sure re you you have ave gue uess sseed, Ti Tim m wa wass not not ac acce cept pteed -it y at the k eey yb oa oa rd rd but because there was no t because o f liis abil it no t en enou ough gh mon money ey,, an d it went to o th e rs who had g rad ua te d from from scho school olss o f higher learning. Tim's only asset was a high s chool d iplom a from Boise in Special Ed u c at io io n . As we have traveled and seen many me ment ntal ally ly ha hand ndic icap appe ped d pe peop ople le who have great t aall een nd s in th e A rrtt s, s, t hi hi s d ist istre ress ssee s us all the mor more. e. Parent Parentss


Tuesday, June 12, Toronto/Frankfurt Lufthansa Airline

Wednesday, June 13. Frankfurt/Munich Thursday, June 14. Munich/Oberammergau Friday, June 15. Oberammergau We will see th e Passion Play, (re-enactment of the life o f Christ) Done only every 10 years. S aturday, June 16. Oberammergau/Vienna S unday, June 17. Vienna Monday, June 18. Vienna Tuesday, June 19, Southern Poland Wednesday, June 20. Southern Poland Thursday, June 21. W a arr s aaw w Friday, June 22. Northern Poland Saturday, J u n e 23 . Northern Po lan d (It'll be H a p p y Birthday today fo r Tim.) Sunday, June 24. Warsaw (Prob (Probably ably the largest concert of tour today) Monday, June 25. Warsaw/Berhn T u esd ay , June 26 . Berlin/Toronto

nd c on on c ce e rn rn e ed d bu t are not don't even t r y . . . We are d ist istre ress ssee d a nd giving up. It may no t help Tim, but t he he re re will be o th th eerr ss,, and the help shou should ld be th ther eree for th them em.. A different experience was enjoyed during the month of Fe bru ary. Tim had the pleasure of playi layin ng ev ever ery y, Sunda unday, y, a ft ft eerr n no o o n at the El Paso i nt nte rn a t io io n a l Airport. At the a ir irp o rrtt ther th eree is a un uniq ique ue mall mall,, and and th thee merc mercha hant ntss ha have ve spec specia iall prog progra rams ms at t iime mess to attract t ou ou rrii st st s to their sh shop ops. s. Ti Tim m play played ed from 2:00 till 3:3 3:30 each each week week.. His His br brea eak k gaveh gavehiim the the oppo opport rtun unit ity y to en enjo joy y th thee merch erchan ants ts an and d th thei eirr merc mercha hand ndiise se.. I gues guesss the the pick pick of the the bunc bunch h wa wass the the st stor oree with with so mu much ch tu turq rquo uois isee je jew wel elry ry.. What hat a joy joy to fe feaast his eyes on that e met so many wonderful people from ALL over an d were able to speak with nu m e rou s pe ople who e i th th e r had chil childr dren en with me ment ntal al ha hand ndic icap apss or were relativ tives or friends. e hope and pray we were helpful and can say t h a t it was an experience that we are glad we d id idn 't't miss and look forward to

next next yea earr when when we are are ho home me ag agaain. in.

Tran Transp spor orta tati tion on fr from om Ca Cant nton on,, Oh Ohio io,, (whe (where re we meet meet the the grou group) p)

to Toronto and b ac ac k will be by van.


During Fe b brru a r y Gran dma was still here so was also able to en jo joy the time at the ai rp rpo rt rt . We e n njj oy oy ed ed her, and J eerr rry y and Tim es esp pec ecia iall lly y we were re sp spoi oile led d wi with th her her deli deliccious ious pies ies an and d co cook okin ing, g, and I was s p po oi lleed to NO END. I only did the dishes and had to figlu her off to do t h a t . I can say I sure noti ced a difference in my daily r ou ou ti ti ne ne when I had to squeeze in the cook in in g, g, baki ng ng, mendinij, i rro on nii n ng g , e ttcc . We begged he r to s t a y , bu t NO amount o f talking


Pr Prob obab ably ly the the most most ex exci citi ting ng thin thing g ha happ ppen ened ed sever l weeks ago. The mail had come, and in it was an 8 x 10 manila envelope. I turned it over an d re a d in the upper left hand corner: TH E W H I TE TE H O U S E. E. A n d it wa s a ddre sse d:

Mr. and Mrs rs.. G era erall d R. Baley Mr. Ti m Baley

c ou o u lld d co on n vi vi nc nc e h er er t h a t O h i o S T TII L L h a d w i n t e r . . . Sh e so o n

2501 Portland

found ou t as the day a f te te r she liit h o om m ee,, it was terrible—zero, O ur w i nt nt er er h a ass been on e o f th e loveliest we have h a d since we mo v ed to El Paso. We ar e thankful sh e wa s

El P a so so , T e x xa a s 79930

snow, an d more snow

here to e n j o y it for the 2 m o n th s she was with us. She became most weary tr yi ng to keep up with ou r sche schedu dule le,, so mayb maybee sh shee

Ex cite dly , we o p e ne d it to find a be au tifu l 8 x 10 c o l o r phot photo ograp graph h of Pres Presid iden entt Rea eaga gan n wit ith h the the me mess ssag ageat eat the the bottom bottom:: TO TIM TIM BA BALE LEY Y WITH WITH BE BESTWI STWISH SHESan ESand d it wa wass sign signed ed:: Ro Rona nald ld

went home in self defense... We'd always say, M o ott he he rr,, yo u HAV VE to go. an and d rega regard rdle lesss of how 'unpe 'unperk rky' y' she felt, her don't HA reply was, I' m no t missing so some meth thin ing. g. S Sh he didn didn't 't eith either er

Reagan.... also enclosed was a card that was engraved in gold le lett tter erin ing g with with the the Pres Presid iden enti tial al Se Seal al wh whic ich h re read ad,, Yo You u were were good good to re reme memb mber er us in such such a thou though ghtf tful ul wa way. y. Wesi Wesinc ncer erel ely y appr apprec ecia iate te

Conc Concer erts ts have take taken n us to senior ior ce cent nter ers, s, nursing ho home mes, s, service orga organi niza zati tion ons, s, the the airp airpor ortt (as (as I hav avee alre alread ady y said said), ), a larg largee sh shop oppi ping ng _

your kindn kindnes ess. s. Than Thank k yo u for for thin thinkin king g of us. Sign Signed ed:: Na Nanc ncy y and and Ronald Rona ld Rea Reagan gan.. 7 _

Wai close this out with a word from the rest of th thee fa fami mily ly.. First, let's hear: MELODY'S TUNE

I ' ve ve t rrii ed ed to be good

Doing al alll that I s h houl ould d An d in my e ar ar ly ly years I h ad ad N O trouble shiftinggears Bu t al l o f th e miles In time present trials

No Now w / real reallly hat hate to sa say y it, bu butt I ve beensi beensickat ckat hear heartt In f aacc t, t, it even HURTS to start I sure don't want to be fired

To iniOal^

ith ith i es esff Wishes.

O r e ve n r e tir e d

Caus Causee my family I love he e r above an d serving o u r F a t h

I ll soo soon be goo good as ne new w wit ith h some some me mech chaani nica call at atte tent ntion ion things gs to numerous to m eent ntio ion. n. an d other thin

I've m et my e n ndur duraa n ncc e covere ered d by Insurance an d I' m no t cov B u t a s s oo oo n as I' m in tu n e

wt H xvwhi n> rjrr^cmtH;r in Mwh a -.vjv i\t' v:u<iv)y ^j ^piCkUU: yvmr Inu Inunk nk yjjv yjjv » I't

I t will t ak ak e away my gloom I ll be Oh, so very gra gra ttee fful ul


Caus Causeth ethen en myfu myfutu ture re won t be fateful

i^ U

A nd n d n ow ow T I M ' S N O T


Some t im im e ago a l et et te te r from Mrs. Reagan req ue uesti ng ng material aii d w h en en th e o n T im w as s e nt to us . We s e nt th e ma t e ri a l an d s a

new album c a me , we w ou ou ld ld s e n d one, w h hii cch h we d i d . . . Th This is was was in response to the album. I n e e d n t tell yo u how how pleased and elated Ti m wa was. s. Hi Hiss remark was, OH , I HOPE I GE T TO PLAY OO O N A ND ND O N T H FO R THE PRESIDENT S O HA A T G RA R A ND N D IN T H E

EAST AST ROO ROOM. M. I sa said id,, Tim, I h o p e y o u d o , too We took the pi ct ur e for m o un un ttii n ng g and framing. The y ou oun g man and o th th er er s wh o w o orr ke ke d in the frame s ho ho p were a bs bs ol ol ut ut eell y t hr hr iill le le d to p ie ieces. Tlie y ou ou n ng g man s hands s ho ho ok ok and tears glistened in his eyes. He said, I don't believe I' m gett i ng to do t h i s . He did, and a beautiful jo b at t h haa t, t, and it now hangs p ro ro ud ud ly ly and b ea eau ti tif ul ul lly y in ou r living room. There are still so many things I' d like to say and s ha har ee,, bu t t i m e is a premium, and we will p i c k up on the next issu issuee lel lellin ling g yo u about ou r trip abroad an d all that trans transpires pires on th e roa road. d. We

hope to leave a ro ro un un d Easter and go to Corpus Christi and t he he n he rre e s tta a rrtt the tour. T iim from t he m ne ee e ds ds to have a lesson, an d we are

so hom hom eess ick ick to see the C aam m p' p' s ( R Re e d, d, T im im 's 's teacher, an d Alvis, Re Red d s wif ifee). This we ll do i f we don't move ove and tim timee a lllo lows ws.. 3




im ELPA^o TEjc.t


A vrRy e o o p t i i ^ e i ^ n i L P r r i y j A S<?»^eTHiN6 n un^i .m... WOWf s<?»^eTHiNe wowf HUH^


unvitrD c i<r¥i A n n RO ROIN INC C Tt> Tt> WEST WEST 6ER''3Af'y r r S in hor>ER.t

poU\r7D S VIFNNA ftU5TftlA;« rH/»T W M ^ t OpCRX«OnTTy-r o • F>FE CA«-y

DO«N€ IT «




IN C H r i J T 7%SttS-


yo^ti mfi?-


Pray Pray fo forr us—we are depending on you Remember we love you each each one, one, an and d you ourr le lett tter erss are are a real eal sourc ourcee of inspiration and and

April, il, Ma May, y, June, J ul ul y 1 9 98 84 Itinerary Apr P h o n e fo r t i m e an d lo catio n April


rejuvenation to us Please d on on ''tt forget, and THANK YOU for Caring,, Sha Caring Sharin ring, g, and Pra Prayin ying g \ Till next time — Go God Bless and don t forget the dates Juno

Denton, Texas Roderick Roderic k Nich Nicholso olson, n, Min. (817) 565-0616 A. M . Richardson, TX Bry Brya a n Jo ss ssa a rt Central Q iirr iiss ti t i an an C h ur ur ch ch ( 2 1 14 4 ) 494-4931 P.M. Fifth Sunda y R a ll ll y, y, P i a an n o, o, T X University Christian Church 6:30 P.M.



We Love Love Yo You, u,

Emep' p' (214 (214)) 424 424-081 -0814 4 or 424-8 24-87 706 Wayne Eme

Al l m ai l to address


at beg beginn inning ing


o f letter .


Jerry, Jerry, Rose Rosema mary ry,, & Ti Tim m

Kiamichi Clinic


Lindsay Herndon (405) 244-3473 Claramore, OK Larry O Mealy


Daryl Grimm ( 9 1 8) 8) 3 4 1 1-- 3 9 98 89 M iami, O K 542-9816 First Christian Church (9 1 8 ) 542-2288 Webb C iitt y y,, M O Ra y Gibson, Min. (417) 673-3913 M o be be r ly ly , M O

13 16

Ron Ron Se Self lf,, Min. Min. (816) (816) 263-4168 263-4168/263 /263-640 -6408 8

0 Fallon,MO 3792/28 792/2811- 3218 Gene Wee Weece, ce, Min. Min. ( 314) 272- 3 27 A n de de r so so n , I N David Ray, Ass Assoc. oc. Min. Min. (317) 643-3713 3 0 E l kh kh a rt rt , I N Mr. Rodkey Rodkey (219) 522-8215/264-3338 June 3 Edom, OH liff, M in in.. (4 1 9 ) 272-2028 Dennis R ack liff, 6 Kenmore Church o f C h hrr is is tt,, A k ro ro n , O H 20

I rra a B rra a n do do n (2 1 6 ) 7 5 3 - 3 1 2 1

8 10


& m

i V


l ra









Rotary Club, C a nt nt o n, n, O H J ohn T s ch ch a n ntt z ( 2 1 16 6) 456 6-- 0 0 07 77 C o lu lu m b us us , O H A.M. Beechwold Church. D ru ru B en e n to t o n, n , Min. ( 6 14 14 ) 8 8 8 --1 173 34 4 P.M. Indianola Church, James Walk Walker, er, Mi Min. n. (6 1 4 ) 299-3507 European Trip

July 1 N or or th th I nd nd us us tr tr y Ch u r ch ch C an an to to n, n, OH

(2 1 6 )4 8 4 -2 0 6 1 N or t h A m e r ic ic a n C h ri ri s ti ti a n Convention A tlan ta, Georgia



S pr pr in in gf gf ie ie ld ld , MO

V a ca ca t io io n a n d S p pii ri ri ttu ua all En c o u n te r w i t h t he h e V e rrn no on n Brothers


.2» fc ^


1 ^ 3


GO o\


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y c


5 £ >



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g^. or = o





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in ^ < z

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CO •— I






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X 5^ Q. . h - Q.. 1/ 1 m








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P ji






p a O



o c ^


1 5 1984




T h e M usicianaries

M/M Gerald R. Baley 2501 Portland

El P aass o o,, Texas


(915) 566-3177


Ten Ten ye year arss ha have ve pa pass ssedsi edsinc ncee wemove wemoved d to El Paso Paso.. Livi Livingi ngin n the the S ou ou tth hwe ess t i n tr tr o d du uce ess o n e to all sorts o f CREEPY CRAWLERS.

Fm not at all fond of any any of th theem, bu t when I saw a roach in my k it it cch h en en for the first time, I about had a s tr tr ok ok e. e. The h ou ou se se we live

in had been inhabited by 6 adult hippies, 9 kiddies, dogs, cats, an and d a HO HOS ST OF BUGS. Ex Exte term rmin inat ator orss made ma man ny vis isit itss, an and d we sprayed and sprayed Finally the pesky bugs were ail gone —until we let down our guard. Not thinking, last year when we were gone 8 months, the Uttle ones had a moving

experience and f o u nd t h e i r way b a c k i nt ous e. What a nt o o ur ur h ou revo re volt ltin ing g develop development ment that wa wass We shou should ld have have had had con consi sist stent ent treatment—at least every 3 m o n t h s The e xt xt er er m in in at at or or came and did his thi ng, and again we were bugless. You k n ow , ou r rela relati tion onsh ship ip wi with th Chri Christ st is so si simi mila lar. r. Wecan Wecannot not ke keep ep Sa Sata tan n ou outt of ou r live livess without CO CONS NSIS ISTE TENT NT,, CO CONST NSTANT ANT FUMI FUMIGA GATI TION ON.. It HIS WO WORD RD AN AND D OU OUR R OB OBED EDIE IENC NCE E can o nl nl y come by s ttu u dy dy of HIS TO IT. If we let ou r guard down for any time at all, Satan is ready to move right in and take hold. .H .Hee neve neverr ceas ceases es to BUG us Ephe Ephesi sian anss 6:1 6:10-1 0-19. 9. Don't miss miss re read adin ing g this this

My mi mind nd is cons consis iste tent nt wi with th a ha hams mste terr on hi hiss wh whee eelin lin his his cage cage.. Fm going oing ro roun und d and rou oun nd wond nder erin ing g jus ustt HOWI can can ex exp pre resss all that I feelin this letter to you. I wa wan nt so very much for you to be

able tp be vi vivi vidl dlyy aw awar aree of all that has happened and to ^a ^are re how God has blessed us and all owed us so many opp opport ortuni unitie ties. s. I can can only pray this IS so as you read.

The calendar says it, people are saying it's time, and in my mind I KNOW it is, but getting the mind and body to jive seems somewhat o f a hass hassle le,, bu t it i DO the the news newslette letter, r, or else else we we'l 'lll be running into time to leave again and that is bad. I guess one al alwa ways ys do does es bett better er un unde derr pr pres essu sure re.. se seem emss we ar aree al alwa ways ys unde underr pres ressu sure re,, but but I don t do any be bett tter er.. Hmmmm Ap Aprril was wher eree I left of f in our las last le lett tter er.. I beli eliev evee wehav wehave li liv veda year in the the past past four mon ths , so I hope I can write this in condensed form be beca caus use, e, if not, we will will end end up with with a cata catalo logu guee

A T T H E N U R S IN IN G H O M E N P O L A N D April pril 8, Sunday nday,, was suc such a speci pecial al day. Mel elod ody y del eliv iver ereed us sa safe fely ly to our dest destin inat atio ion, n, Ala lam mogor ogordo do,, New Mexico xico.. Curti urtiss an and d Regina D iicck iin nso n, n, friends who are so dear to us, m iin n iiss te te r to the Chri Christ stia ian n Chu Church rch,, and they they and all the fine folk folk made made for for a joyo joyous us

day. It ended with Tim's concert in the evening, and our tri trip home follow followed. ed. Bed w aass welcome, an and d fondme fondmem morie iess of the the da day y

and and be beau auti tifu full rece recept ptio ion n afte afterr the the conc concer ertt ma made de rest rest come come easy easy.. Apri Aprill 15, 15, Sund Sunday ay.. Ti Tim m wa wass invi invite ted d to the the Gr Gran andv dvie iew w Ba Bapt ptis istt Church here in El Paso for a concert. It was such a beautiful day w eeaat h er er wise, and a glowing s pir i t was felt as we visited at the ling linger er longe longerr th thee la ladi dies es so lo lovi ving ngly ly prep prepared ared.. Prep Prepar arat atio ion n for for ta take ke of f ha had d be been en prog progre ress ssin ing g for for we week eks, s, bu t now we were gett ing closer to the t i m mee , and the real nitty gritty come comess to the the surf surfac ace. e. It seem seemed ed the the wa wash sher er ne neve verr stopp stopped ed.. AH the cupb cu rds s y. in M Me Melo need ed seei cl clea eane ned dthat and andMe rest relody stoc ocke ked d sand an d ction cl clot othi hing ng mapboa deoard read re ady. anlody ydy hour hone urseded s of se eing ng that Melo dy was wa fun functi oning ing prope properly rly fell fell upo upon n Jer Jerry. ry. Pr Prob oble lems ms of al alll sorts sorts ma made de many trips to a garage necessary and costly. Jerry seemed to be coming and going, and I was t r yi n g to get things done wh e n he had Melody home ome bet etw ween ap appo poin intm tmen ents ts.. All of this COULD soon get to you.. -but ou r Lord keeps us a f l o a t and going in the right hustl e , direction. Ho w we l e a n e d on HIM. In the m i d s t o f all t he hustl

there are the lighter times. Some of Ti Tim' m'ss say ayin ings gs made ade tho those mo om m een n ttss . His c on on st st aan n t h st st een n iin n g to m u uss ic ic b ro ro ug ug ht ht f or or th th these words, Bo Boy, y, I sure love that ELIPSO be beat at.. Je Jerr rry y said, Tim, Tim, that hat is Calyp lypso beat beat.. And And he sa satt quie quietl tly y as he li list steened ned agai again n and then said, Don t you just love t h a t song, THE OLD ANGRY AN GRY LIO LION? N? I said, said, That is 'A 'Aul uld d Lang Lang Syn Syne.' e.' Much preparation had been done on be ha hal f of our trip to Europe. Uncle Sam made an error on Tim's passport. We had to send it b a c k . It got l o s t . Down to th e day no w to leave El Paso an d NO p a ass ssp po orr tt.. Will turn it o v e r to ou r tour director, Ro d

H ur o n, if it is no t in ou r mail b ef ef or or e we leave on April 26. Th e winds have also been very bad in El Paso. It m a de J e rr rr y ' s work ousi ouside de most dis disagr agreea eeable ble,, bu t it ha d to be done done..

Fina Finall lly y the the da day y be befo fore re we le leav ave. e. St Stil illl NO pa pass sspo port rt.. Ou Ourr ki kind nd an and d he help lpfu full su supe perv rvis isori orin n the the Post Post Of Offi ficesai cesaid d if yo you u co cont ntac actt me at

8:00 A.M. I ^


ifit is in your mail. had planne plannedd to leave

ab o u t as close as o n e w o u ull d care t o make it . Concert a t 7 :0 :0 0 P J 4 .

at 5:30 A.M. Haid a big trip pending; however, we decided to wa waiit. Win ind d stil till blowin blowing.. g.... .Phone ran ang g, and my fri rien end d, Don Donna Weckerly, said, Rosemary, you aren't leaving tomorrow

We again were lovingly and warmly greeted by minister Rod

Denton, on, Te Tex xas as,, Fr Friiday even vening for a conc concer ert. t. Oh sh shee sa said id,, can't.. We are are to have have terr terrib ible le win inds ds and and sand sand st stor orm ms. Up to y ou can't

to fellowship and eat eat with with many af afte terr the co conc ncer ert. t. We were bese besett with such lov love from thes hese people ple. God bles lessed and car cared fo forr us and and all all o f the ti time me we wonde wondered red,, HO HOW,LO W,LORD RD?? Melod Melody, y, blessher blessher

(Thurs.), ar aree yo you? u? I sa said id,, Oh Oh-y -yes es,, Don onna na,, we ha have ve to be in 75 75-8 -80 0 mile miless an hour. hour. I sa said id,, Do Dorm rma, a, pr pray ay fo forr us. us. Wehav Wehavee to go. go.

T he h e L or o r d will ta ke car e




allo w ed us


te ell l w h at a t o u r w o r k wa s a b o u t a n d w h a t w e w o u l d

be doing this trip trip out. out. The owner of th thee gara garage ge,, Mi Mike ke Ol Oliv ivar ares es,, ha hass a brother wh o ha s a r et et ar ar de de d c hi hi ld ld . He c al al le le d him and he c a m e over... We t a all k kee d and talked... They were all anxi anxiou ouss to hear Tim play, so af t er we pulled inside and while the mechanic wo orr k kee d, d, Tim pl aay y eed d an d they all, as well as WE, rela xed and e n jo y e d e a c h o t h hee r. Fin ally at 7:00 th e r ad ad ia ia to to r c aam m e, e, and at 1 1: 0 5 P.M. we expressed our h e ar t f e l t th ank s to mechanic Fe rn rnando, and shop manager, George, and Tom and Mike and pul pulled away in into to th thee black acknes esss of the night ht.. The The winds of 75-80 m.pii. ha d st stop oppe ped, d, and we felt secure in God's arms O Ou ur plans h ad

b e e n laid



co r r elate w i t h H I S. We

Nicholson o f Denton Christian Church. Th e church used th e

Baptist Church, and Tim rejoiced and came alive as he caressed th thee St Stei einw nway ay gran grand. d. Wesure Wesurely ly we were re read ready y to rela relax x as wegathe wegathere red d

needed ed peaceful peaceful ni^t, and ^ e heart wa wass so deserv deserving ing of a much need had it, protected by th thee De Dent nton on Ch Chur urch ch bidding. The folk saw to

it that we we were re all all co comf mfor orta tabl ble, e, an and d then then we sa said id good goodni nigh ght. t.

April 26, Thursday. We were at the Post Office and NO passport. Called Rod and planned to hast hasten en ou t o f tow town. n. Wh When en Jerr Jerry y ch chec ecke ked d Melody, he saw a ra radi diat ator or hose that sh shou ould ld have have bee been repla placed had NOT been een. He said, Let's Let's go by Pr Pron onto to Tune une garage (whe (where re wehad take taken n he herr an and d we weresat resatis isfi fied ed)) and and havethe havethem m pu t on a new h o s e , 9:00 A.M. hose o ff ff , and OH, THE ICKY GUNK GU NK TH THE E POOR RAD RADIATO IATOR R OOZ OOZED ED WITH WITH.. Ou r ears heard We'll have to pull it and rod it out. Should have it by 2-3 this afte aftern rnoo oon. n. Our Our he hear arts ts sank sank.. We had a long trip ahead. No choice—go ahead. It was a beautiful, quiet morning. We made ours rseelves ves co com mfo fort rtab able le and sat. Soon oon the wind beg began to kick up. We pa rke d in the lot as we had to wait and they had no e x t r a stal stalls ls insi inside de.. The The radi radiat ator or was di dism sman antl tled ed,, an and d th thee engi engine ne co cove verr removed ved. The winds were stro tronger ger now ... soon our spotless Melody was filled w iitt h sand and d us us t What a dishea rt rtenin g experien expe rience, ce, esp especi eciall ally y to ou r tired an d somew somewhat hat discou discourag raged ed and and no w sandy an d d ir ir tty y bo od d ie ies and souls. The day wore o n . . . The wind wind whi whippe pped d harder harder.. Wecould no t se seee ac acro ross ss the st stre reet et,, the sa sand nd was so he av avy. Melody r oc ock eed d . Two o ''cc lo lo cck k c am am ee,, then 3, 4, 5, and 6, and S TI L L we wa ited. The m ec h a ni c ne ver w o r k e d overti ove rtime. me. What What would we do? He told hi s boss boss he wanted to s ta ta y and help us ou t and get us on the road. Praise the Lord At 6:00 P.M. the shop closed to the public, and we pulled Melody in and began to vacuum the sand. Our time t he he rree at the garage t llii aatt day

ch er is h th e

fr frie iend ndshi ships ps we ma made de that day as well as we ap appr prec eciiat atee the ef efff or or ts ts on ou r be beha half lf.. More ore ti time me will will be spe spent nt with with TTiomas Oliv Olivares, ares, and we shal shalll look forward to me meet etin ing g hi hiss wif ifee an and d fam amiily an and d hope we CM be a stre streng ngth th an and d en enco cour urag agem emen entt to the them. m. As we tr trav avel eled ed,, we

hadno choice but but to keep going until we reached Denton Texas.

We l o osst an h ou ou r, r, so it was really 1 2 2:: 05 05 AJM. Th Thee nigh nightt pass passed ed by quietly, it seemed so very peaceful af afte terr such a harr harrow owin ing g day. Soon it was 5:20 A.M., a n nd d ou urr sens senses^ es^ all o f them said, Y ou must deep. At 6:20 A.M. an hour l a t er , we were back at it. Travel t hr hrou ough ghou outt the day was marred by only one thing... A prob proble lem m su surr fac faced ed and co cont ntin inue ued d to ex exis istt af afte terr we ha d had a new transmission pu t in Melody, and even af te r J er er r y ha d t aak k en en it back to the transmission shop twice. The transmission and radiator would h e at at up every time w ee'' d s t a r t up an incline or back up. Oh my, we wondered, now what? C aan n 't't go h om om e, e, our schedule is full Di Di dn' dn'tt have much high c oun ountt rry y and we were

than thankf kful ul.. We kept kept dri riv vin ing g dil ilig igen entl tly y al alll da day, y, an and d we ca came me to ou r desti stination ion at 6:10 6:10 P.M. in Dent enton on,, Te Texas xas.. .... Now Now tha hatt is just just

Apri Aprill 28, 28, Sa Satu turd rday ay.. Fi Fini nish shed ed cl clea eani ning ng Me Melo lody dy AG AGAI AIN N good good,, and mo most st of the sand was gone. Time now for a visit and l u un n ch ch with with My Myrl rlee and Ke Kestn stner er Graha Graham m and Ha Haze zell llee Scott Scott.. More More preci precious ous peopl ople. On now now to Martha and Brian Jo Josssart arts hom home in Garland and, Texas. We claim them as ou r own, and love them hem just just as much. They They spoi spoill us so so,, an and d we lo lov ve eve very ry mi minu nute te.. Mar arth thaa and Bri riaan are young people from H Paso, and we are proud o f them. them. Di Diim imer er to with t h hee m, m, and t h hee n Melody followed Brian as he led us the Richa Richard rdson son,, Te Texa xas, s, Centr Central al Chri Christ stian ian Churc Church. h. Ha Had d I no t seen it I would not have believed that Jerry and Brian coaxed Melody

gently and easily into the spot they got her into (finally). She loved it though. Nice cement, level, and close to the lovely Chil Childr dren en's 's Chur Church ch buil buildi ding ng.. I HELD HELD MY BREA BREATH TH.. No need need to they ha d an in inch ch on each each side

Apri Aprill 29, 29, Sund Sunday ay.. Be Beau auti tifu full morn mornin ing g afte afterr refr refres eshi hing ng rain rain.. We share hared d in th thee Bib ible le sc scho hoo ol an and d worsh rship se serrvi vicce at the ch chur urch ch and and wer eree ce cert rtai ainl nly y li lift fted ed up by th thee mes essa sag ge of mini minister, ster, Bru Bruce ce Smith. Smith. Outs Outsta tand ndin ing g. Lunch and more visiting with Martha and Brian. check ecked ed for her dis disord order er by Paul Paul Dic Dickis kison.D on.Dia iagn gnos osis is Melody was ch uncertain. On to Piano, Texas, to the University Christian Chur Church ch.. The The area area ch chur urch ches es en enjo joy y a 5th 5th Sund Sunday ay ge gett toge togeth ther er.. We were privileged to be a part of tha that. t. A ro rous usin ing g re rend nditi ition on o f F ll Fly Away b y Tim b rro ou ug gh htt the people to the their ir fee eet. t. Tim Tim lo love ved d eve verry mi minu nute te and di did d his be best st.. Wewe ewere re ha happ ppy y to ha hav ve a bri briefvi efvisi sitt with the mini minist ster er,, Wayne Em Emer ery, y, and lo look ok forwa orwarrd to a time no t so rush rushed ed wh when en we mi migh ghtt beco becom me bet better ter acqu acquai aint nted ed.. Wew Wewer eree so thrilled to see so many at the church we know. Among them more of our El Pas Paso o kids kids— —Joh John Ful Fullert lerton, on, Gi Gise selaVega laVega,, Les Leslieand lieand Br Bria ian n Ba Bail iley ey.. Not Not ki kids ds anymore... Whe Where re does does t h at at p ut ut us? OKLAHOMA, HERE WE COM COME E Apr April 30, Monday, ay, McKin Kinney, ey, Texas exas.. Ron Ron Farle arley y ch chec eck ked Melody's te temp mper erat atur uree ups and downs. Still no answer to cause. Je Jerr ry ry push pushed ed onward th then, en, and the dest destin inat atio ion n was the Kiamichi Clinic in Honob Honobia, ia, Oklahoma. The bea beauty uty of the cou countr ntrysi yside,so de,so

lad laden en with with gre green en and Tex Texas as blu bluebo eborme rmets,was ts,was ov over erwh whel elmi ming ng.. An easy drive an and d ea earl rly y arrival (4:00 P.M. allowed us time to get sett settle led d in in,, an and d Melody had lo lotts of ni nicce com ompa pany ny.. Tim pl plaayed yed at thee open th openin ing g even jovial'spi l'spirit, rit, seei seeing ng evening ing servic servicee and was i n a re d jovia so many any he loves so mu much ch.. It wa wass co cold ld;; hot hot chocolate wa wass tasity. May 1 and 2, Tuesday and Wednesday. Tim played several more times, and the Clinic was a ridi ridi experience for Jerry and Tim. (Women are not supposed to be there, but I had no where else to go. Ot h heer wives come along and j u uss t rest or work in the ki kitc tche hen. n.)) I go gott a lot lot do done ne in Melod elody. y. May 3, Th Thur ursd sday ay.. Moved on to toda day y to Ga Garr eemo morr ee,, Ok Okla laho homa ma..

Arri Arerive ved d in tho euer vteinminegi,nan and darem we were wee.reLgree gr d dbyusLarr La O' O'Me ha H ar arr ran ange ged dthe Cl Clar emor ore. areete ryted forry llyow hMeal imaly. ty. o the Central Christian Church, and here Darryl, Linda, and daug daught hter er,, Stacie, Grimm met us. Oh, we were ^ ad to see these dear friends. Followed them home and a spot was ready and

waitin wai tingfor gfor Melody Melody.. Coffeeand Coffeeand chatte chatterr and bedtim bedtime. e. Mornin Morningwas gwas

qu quar arter terss (LOT (LOTS S ea easi sierto erto get get ou out) t) an and d advan ance ce do down wn th thee hi high ghwa way. y.

about here

May 4, Fr May Frid iday ay.. JE JERR RRY' Y'S S BIRTHDAY It was a happy on one. e. Conc Concer erts ts at th thee Cl Clar arem emor oree kind kinder erga gart rten en thro throug ugh h 4t h grade sc scho hool ol an and d th thee Ba Bapt ptis istt Ch Chri rist stia ian n Sc Scho hool ol.. Darr Darryl yl an and d Li Lind ndaa we were re

able to be w iitt h us all day, and a f ttee r the c o nc e rts we went to see er''s birt birthp hpla lace ce.. At one one of th thee co conc ncer erts ts,, a lovely girlcame Will Roger

up to us an and d sa said idhe herr co conc ncep eptof tof being han handica dicappe pped d had changed, and and th thou ough gh shehad shehad no fingers, she she did did not not feel infer inferior.A ior.A perfect thee day and celebration of Jerry's birthd birthday ay was a ste steak ak ending to th di dinn nner er wi with th Grim Grimm' m's. s. That That is wo wort rth h ha havi vinga nga birt birthd hday ay fo for, r, ev evenif enif you do get a year older.... A black sp spot ot on my leg. Oh, Oh—a T I C K kissed m e.

May 6, Sunday. A great day with the Central Christian Churc Church h in Claremore. Claremore.We sp spok okee duri duringthe ngthe Bi Bibl bleSch eSchoo ooll ho hour ur,, an and d

Tim Tim pl play ayedin edin th thee wo worrsh shiip ser service. ice. Th Thee co conc ncer ertt in the the evening was well well attend attended ed and and re rece ceiv ived ed.. We appr apprec ecia iate ted d Larr Larry y Co Cona nawa way, y, the the min inis iste terr, and and all all th thee peo eop ple we ca cam me in cont contac actt wit with We hope,

thee sp spot ot.. too, w can return. The h^burgers afterward hit th

May Ma y 8, Tu Tues esd day ay.. Miami, Okla Oklaho hom ma, an and d into into the the pa pass sspo port rt office. Still no passport for Tim. Gracious and kind postal employee empl oyeess fixed fixed us up, an and d we hope ope an and d pray pray th this is isit. Rodha Rodhass asked Congressman Regula (Ohi (Ohio) o) to HEL HELP. P. Time Time is gett getting ing close for th e Europ European ean tri trip. p.

Concer certt tonigh tonightt wit with h the First First Chri Christ stia ian n May 9, Wednesday. Con

iami. We fell ell in love love with this town an d th e warm an d Church in Miam

fr frie iend ndly ly pe peop ople le.. A jo joyo yous us da day y and and even evenin ing. g. May 10, Thursday. Arrived in Joplin Joplin,, Missouri, andupon the

advice m e sdtollpip edwaet stthaerteGAZEBO res waitressofse sea ataen dyu, sw , and an en d through restau thetauran lirant. ne t. of The th e eand said, Aren Aren't 't you smorgasboard. A beautiful gi girl rl came came to meand Mrs. Baley \s \sii iio o has has th thee so son n whoplay whoplaysthe sthe pi pian ano? o? I sa said id,, Yes,I Yes,I am. am. She sa said, id, I am from from Mo Mont ntro rose se,, Colo Colora rado do,, and and he hear ard d him play there. We ha had d a nice nice visit visit.. Ate and were ready for dessert. I went to get mine, an andTimwen dTimwentto tto the restroom. As I came back, I saw a man at our table. It was Carl Heien, m iin n is is te ter o f Fredonia,

They had had recognized Tim Tim fr from om across Kansas, Christian Church. They the room, and so we had a wonderful, brief visit. Car Carl'l's wife wife,, Sharon, was from from Gra Grand nd Jun Juncti ction, on, Co Colo lora rado do,, and weknewher as ayoung girl when we lived the there.So re.So nice nice to see them. May 11, Friday. Today met a girl, who is so lovely but but has has lost lost her her values in lif ife,( e,(It It isso very obvious.) traveling with with a ma man n (unmarried). In talking with her, I learned she has a retarded brother. I gave her all of our our newsletters and also my book book,, an and d some me wa wayy we might helpt we have prayed th that at in so helpthe hem m.. J. Into nto a shopping center and Wyatt's cafeteria for a quick lunch, an andd wh what at a pleasant surprise to Charles and Ivia Phipps. (Location —Joplin, Missouri.)

May 12 May 12,, Sa Satu turd rday ay.. We loo looked ked forwar forward d with with great great ant antici icipat pation ion to going to Webb City, Missouri, and finally we realized this. Ray and Jerrie Gipson minister to the the First Chri Christ stian ian Church, Church, an and d so he directed us into a perfect spot for Melody. Well, almost perfect. He bent a fence postto postto th thee right so she would not not get get sc scra ratc tche hed, d, and there there was not an inch but a hair between he herr and and the fence on one one si sidean deand d the building on the other. I REALLY he held ld my br brea eath th here here.. Again, NOT NECESSARY. Jer Jerry ry and Ray sa saidthe idthey' y'll ll park park her her the there re again May 13, Sunday, MOTHER'S DAY. A full house for services. shared d in Bible sch school ool and wors worshi hip p service. A love lovely ly lunc lunch h We share

with Gipson's, snuck in a ca catt nap,an nap,and d then then Tim's conc concer ertt at 6:00 6:00

PJi4. If turn turned ed ve veryho ryhott toda today y bu butt a pe perf rfec ectt Mo Moth ther er'sDa 'sDay. y. May 14, Monday. A missionary coffee breakfast was heldby th thee la ladi dies es o f the church. I was h o on nor eed d to be able to speak, and

Hiii played. Soon time to maneuver Melody from hernice, nice, tig tight ht -

beautiful ful,, coo ooll da day. y. It's a beauti

May 16, Wednesday. The cal alen end dar says touay we are to be

with th e Uni Union on Av Aven enu ue Chri Christ stia ian n Chur Church ch in Mo Mobe berl rly, y, Miss Misso ouri. uri.

Energetic Steve Lang, minister, saw t o it we were comfortable,

an d soon it was t i m e f o r a f a ab bu ull ou ou s d in in n ne e r with th e Stan

Richardson's. Stan is th e Christian Ed u catio cation n D ire irecto ctorr at th e m e f or or th e concert. A c hu hu rc rc h. h. B a ac c k no w to th e church an d t iim ma marv rvel elous ous crowd crowd an d we cheri^ so m uc friendd nddiip iipss we uc h t h e frie

madee this mad this nigh night. t. An unfo unforg rget etta tabl blee time time was was that that wh whic ich h wespen wespentt with with Ru Ruth th an and d Ed Edsi sill Dale. Dale. Thes Thesee sai saint ntss ar aree pr pric icel eles esss to th thee Lord Lord's 's wo work rk,, an and d we ar aree privileged to cou count th them em dea earr fr frie ien nds ds.. He was was my Acts Acts teache teacherr at Ci Cind ndim imat atii Bible Seminary (a few? years ago). The They y hav havee bee been n a trem tremen endo dous us sou source rce of enco encour urag agem emen entt to us al alll th thes esee yea ears rs.. We sn snat atch ched ed a ti tim me an and d ha had d th thee best est ap apri rico cott c he he es es ec ec ake ake e ve ve r at their h o me me . T h he e last time I ha d seen their

lovely daughter, Sharon, was backin 1947. She isnow married to Dan Dan Scha Schant ntz, z, an and d they they ar aree de deep eply ly involved serving in the the ch chur urch ch and Central Central Christian ChristianCollege thee Bi Bibl blethe ethere re in Mobe Moberl rly. y. College of th May 17, Thursday. An early morning knock on the mottorh mo rho ome me,, and it was Edsil br brin ingi ging ng a ne news wspa pape perr clipp lippin ing g of Tim, Tim, that hat we might hav havee for for our our scra scrapb pboo ook. k. Brie Briefvisi fvisitt and and then then over to Centr entral al Ch Chri rist stia ian n Coll lleg ege,an e,and d a gran rand tour wa wass give given n us

by Charles Embree, the Director of Development. What a beautiful campus beautiful campus We were impress impressed. ed. . . . May 18, Friday. Dad and Tim like days like today when Mom

ha hass time to fix fix sa saus usag agee an and d eg eggs gs..

. . . May 19, Saturday. Arrived in O'Fallon, Missouri, and hadan enjoyable week-end in store. Our frien friends. ds. Gene Weece, an andd wif wife, e, was Donita, minister teo rela thlaxe exed O'Fallon Christian most most plea please sed d as sh she re d up by the th e huge huge chur chChurch. urch ch.. Melody

May 20, Sunday. The weather was just asperfectasthe asperfectasthe entire day I spoke at Bible School, Jerry preached at the worship service, and and Ti Tim m played. There is a Kroger store across the street street from the church, and I do believe thos thosee dear dear ladies cooked everything and brought it to that lovely pot-luck. MY, THE FOOD Tim felt the pulses of love sen sentt to him him,, andhe responded with his very best in th Tim made made a new friend thee evening concert. Tim in Brya Bryann Lewi Lewiss, and and they both were starved so a time now after concer certt ov oveer at Wend Wendy' y's. s. th e con

.. .May 21, Mo Mond nday ay.. Offi Office ce work, etc. ALL day. Din Dinner and

chatter with th e We Weec ece' e'ss in th e P.M. D o n i t a does it up so tasty

thatt you can' tha can'tt say say NO NO..

. . . May 22, Tuesday. More time to try to catch up, and then C.R. and wife, Peg for us,andwe were their guests Peggy, gy, Lewi Lewiss came for along with son, Bryan, and daughter, Elaine, at a lovely smoi^asboard. What a pleasant evening had a REAL rain this evening. Thought sure I saw cats and dogs . . . May 23, Wednesday. Sure hated to but had to leave such wonderf wonde rful ul people people.. Oh Oh,, to th thin ink k abou aboutt heaven Ne Neve verr have have to, say good-bye. Tim is having a te terr rrib ible le ti time me wi with th allergies After he

ca camebac meback k fr froma oma br brie ieff walk walk,he ,he sa said id,, Why Why ar aree aU of th thes esee plant plantss andtrees 'all 'aller ergy gy'' plant plants? s? En rout routee now to Indi Indian ana. a. Thursda sday. y. Torn Tornados ados seem to be aroimd everywhere. . . . May 24, Thur TV full of warning and watches. Lord, we trust trust you for. your ca care re,, AS ALW ALWAY AYS S

. . . May 26, Saturday. Arrival at th thee Bet Bethan hanyy Chri Christi stian an Chur Church ch in Anderson, Ander son, Indiana, Indiana, was a memor memorabl ablee event event.. Little Becky Holt, a capabl cap able, e, efferve effervesce scent nt member of the staff, dazzled us with her efficiency, and beli believ evee me, she would not leave us unti untill die die was sure we were in good order. Melody thou^t she was a doll, and so did did Tim. To be hone honess t, t, we were sure ure she was. . . . May 27, Sunday. What a vib vibran rantt chu churc rchh and staff truly enjoyed meeting and our time of fellowship with the Lams

Larry ry Kinema Kineman, n, and David Ray famil familie ies. s. When Tim*s Kineman, Lar

we learned this was a LIFE SAVER. Little did we know now how

thoug oughthe hthe was in heaven eyes beheld the piano, I do believe he th fo forr a minute asthe church hasa whi white an andd gold grand. This is one of Tim's dreams-to some some day day have a white and gold grand. I told him we'd tr try, y, butif butif not not on earth, Fm sur uree the Lord Lord woul wouldd give mething FAR BETTER in heaven. He truly him that or somet plaayit yit.. A time wit ithth hthee David cherished every minute he had to pl Ray's after the concert made for a day with resplendent

the deep our friendships of this night would come to be during the

weeks to come. Do believe we were asleep before we hit the bed. Melody reminded us we didn't have to get up early. We were at G r a n dm dm a s n o w

June 4 & 5 , Monday & Tuesday. Our first and on only ly time time to really think about an andd plan to get ready for the trip to Europe. No room to carry luggage in Melo Melody dy SO we bor borrow rowed ed and and prayed airl rlin ines es woul wouldd not spoil it. (On the whole, they didn't.) Next the ai


May 27, Monday. A rainy morning's gloom was depressed as

we went to Lanis and Kathryn Kineman's for a succulent breakfast


question. What to take? Seemed everything was in El Paso or a store. Shopping wor woree usout Andthen it seemed al alltoo ltoo soonthe soonthe for th thin ings gs we planned bags were filled. Much space was reserved for to take as hos hoste tess ss gi gift ftss and also gifts to the Polish Christians. Among such items were: tea, co coff ffee ee,, je jell llo, o, pu pudd ddin ing, g, soaps, hot

chocol cho colat ate, e, pep pepper per,, pretty napkins, hose, sock socks, s, and and the list goes difficult on and on. It wa was s most to see th this is ne need ed until we got to day they pu putt th thee last finishing touch on her. Many little things later.) passport Poland (More Surprise, surprise Tim's isin Rod's need factory attention wdien yo you u pu putt a rig through the schedule familyy-own owned ed bu busi sine ness ss of hands. A million thanks to Congressman Regula. we put Melody through. So the famil Wedn dnes esda day. y. Alle Allerg rgyy has has plagued Tim for weeks now, JOURNEY, run bythe Kidder family, gently goes over her body June 6, We butt tod odaay it has gone beyond our meager efforts to help him. with a fine-toothed comb. We enjoy going back as much as bu Sought out a doctor in Canton as Tim isso bad he cannot wear Melody. They are won wonde derf rful ul peopl peoplee and certainly great to do business with. If you need a motorhome, we strongly suggest his contacts. Trekked offto Akron, Ohio, after spending 3 hours in th thee doctor doctor's 's office, and found our way to the the Kenmore Church Jour Journ ney, ey, and and they they didn didn't 't tell tell meto saythis saythis.. of Christ. We had looked forward to the reunion with the May 30, Thursday. A memorable day. This evening a concert cont d.rMelody's home town Elkh t,wIndiana. H build27, ers ers continue and inued. make ker s are as co conc ncem emed ed aboisutEl hkhar er art, no now as the er May

mini nist ster er,, Ira Bran Brando don, n, and his wif wife, e, Jan Janice ice,, andnum andnumer erou ouss oth others ers at the the Elkh Elkhar artt Chur^ of Christ with La Larr rryy Philli Phillips, ps, minister. A mi we have met through the years. Ira's friendship goes back to our ou r time me fo forr us. us. Love to go backto th thaat capacity crowd and superb ti church

May 31, Thursday. Bnal needs of Melody completed, and we bid bid the the Kid idde der' r'ss an and d all all fare farew wel elll for for this this ti time me.. THIN THINK K I REA EALL LLY Y SAW A TEAR FLOWE^G FRO FROM M ME MELO LODY DY'S 'S HEAD HEADLI LIGH GHT T as sh e l e f t


June 1, Friday. Talked earlier with Dennis Rackliff, minister of Edon Church of Christ. We'll be there soon, we said. Arrived shortly... Deimis had taken off He was wrestling with a chain

saw, saw, an and d guess wh who o wo won? n? Well, we THANKED Go God d that that Dennis was was pu putt ba back ck toge togeth ther er wi with th st stit itch ches es.. Love that fella. We havelots of CLOSE friends at Edon, and so together w e all got Melody into her usual spot and had to get busy visiting with Iva and

herr si sist ster er,, Bett Bettyy Gear Gearha hart rt,, and I grew up Kenny Keller. Iva and he together. The Their ir daddy, daddy, A.E. Winzenried, was minister of my home

ch chur urch ch fo forr ma many ny ye year ars. s. June 2, Saturday. Did lot lotss of work today and had dinner at

an Amish restaurant with Iva and Kenn Kennyy th this is evening. Die D ie Alt

coUege days at Cincinnati Bible Seminary. Time didn't allow us all the hours needed to catch uponthe years past, but we shared some over a lovely meal after the concert. We we were re most most

apprehensive lenses ab abou out the erco conc ert, asys. Ti Tim ha d to remove keep them out outt th fo for Hehad hadno thus he and seve sencer vera ral lt,days da .m glasses,his could see very little No great problem though, as he played.

was our host for this lovely occasion. He was outstanding, and we gained a won ond der erfu full fr frie iend nd.. Tim Tim fe fell ll in love wit with h Joh John. n. The Thesefine sefine men were not bashful about showing Tim they loved and appreci appr eciate atedd him, and he res responded ponded according accordingly. ly. It was great. June 9, Saturday. An earl earlyy morni morning ng drive to Colu Columbus, mbus, Ohio. Ohio. Arrived at the the Norton Church of Christ. This is a day that seems is her here FAR FAR too soon. My neph nephew, ew, Ji Jim m Brechbu Brechbuhle hlerr (can't be old

enough) was married to his lovely bride, Cheiyl. They had honoredd Jerry honore Jerry by asking him to sing at their wedding. Jerry met the organist at the church for practice. A terribly hot day buta beautiful and WEEPY event. (I alw always ays have have to cry at weddings.)

Sche Scheie ier. r. Ho How w is that for for a na name me?? What What food food

June 3, Sunday. The Edon church pulled out all the stops today. Dennis and his wife, Michelle, Michelle, celebrated 10 years in Edon. One of the the elde elders rs,, Gera Gerald ld Lo Long ng,, was retiring after 40 years of faithful service, and then it was Handicap Awareness Sun Sunda dayy with with our being there. The church was packed, and and fo foll llowi owing ng Tim's concert and the rest of the morning wor^p, the congregation gave Dennis and Michelle a ROAST. Gifts were in order, butI am toy y hand hand saw. The sure onehe will always treasure highly was a to The note enclosed read in essence To receive the safety seal the saw BLADE Dennis Dennis got the point, had to have TA TAPE PE OVER OVER THE BLADE

and we all had a laugh. The time time had no now w cometh comethat at Timwas imwas waiting for. Melody was heading towar owards ds Gran Grandm dma' a's hous house. e. Arrival time—8:30 P.M. Rod and Autumn Huron were having a thei eirr homefor homefor al alll th thee group going to Poland. We had meeting at th just made it in to attend. The do's and don't 't's 's o f th thee to tou ur were were pr pres esen ente ted d as well as all all the the ni nice ce litt little le goodies wewer weweree to ta take ke along. Among th were re gi give venn we were re big bows for all thee it item emss we each we of ou ourr luggage, so that the bags would be easily identified. Boy,

June 8, Friday. A grat gratif ifyi ying ng an andd sa sati tisf sfyi ying ng ex expe peri rien ence ce was

ours ours as we were were gues guests ts of the the Cant Canton on Ro Rota tary ry Club Club.. John John Ts Tsch chan antz tz


June 10, Sunday. Th Thee Bee Beech chwo wold ld Church of Christ in Columbus is one of the the chu church rches es that has seen the need need an andd done done something about it. That NEED is fo forr Christian Education for mentally handicapped people. The story is long, butina nutshell: A group of con concem cemed ed adult adultss have a very active class of these peop ople le.. They They have adopted Tim as their missionary. Most Special pe of them (ifnot all) ar aree able able to wo work rk.. They know that a portion of what they make goes back to the Lor Lord. d. They They give some ofthatto Tim. I believe, without a doubt, no gift comes with greater love. We feel so very honored. Wh Wheen we found we would be returning to Colu Columb mbus us,, th thee class wanted to do something very sp speci ecial al for Tim THESE SPECIAL AND AN D I MEAN VERY SPECIAL TEACHERS and the class had a pot-luck breakfast. My, what YOU missed Each person (All are adults.) was wa s imma immacul culate ate,, and the tables were so beautiful. Such an array of food is hard to believe. All sorts of brea breads ds,, frui fruits ts,, juic juices es,, eggs, meats-you name it, we had it. Tim could not keep hi hiss ey eyes es from rom misting when he

saw it and the nice bul le let in in b o oaa rd rd t he he y had in his honor. Aft After er the the breakfast we adjourned to the main sanctuary, and Tim gave

Snyder of Hu Hubb bbar ard, d, Oh Ohio io;; Do Dona na Yo Youn ung g of Malv Malvem em,, Oh Ohio io;; and and Dr. Dr. Billan Billand d Ann Mu Murp rphy hy of Dimmitt, Texa Texas. s.







cong congra ratu tula late te Be Beec ech hwold wold and ALL those who part partic icip ipat atee in any way in thi this prog progra ram m. More and more ch chur urch ches es are follow lowing suit suit,, and from this I h op op e there will be o th e rs rs who see what they are missing. Joy filled our h ea ea rt s as we wors hipped in the c h ur ch ch se serv rvic ice. e. Dru Dru Bent Benton on (T (Tim im call callss him him Stev Stevee Alle Allen. n.), ), mi mini nist ster er of the the cong congre rega gatio tion n an and d ou ourr fr frie iend nd,, pre preac ache hed d a tre tremen mendou dous, s, chal challe leng ngin ing g message. In simple essence, we HAVE a resp respo onsib nsibil ilit ity y to tell the the story of Jesu Jesus. s. My min ind d re refl flec ecte ted d how this this cong congre rega gati tion on is doin oing so much when I cons consid ider ered ed those of spe specia cial me ment ntal al needs, eds, and t he he n across the a u ud d it it o orr iiu um m,, I saw the signers for the deaf. GOD BLES BLESS S YOU, YOU, BEEC BEECHW HWOL OLD. D. Right Right on We love love you, TOO. Mo More re jo y to be t h heei r guests at the c h hu ur ch ch ''ss F o ou un nd d eerr ''ss Day picnic. We were so well cared for, and a fter a fun time, b a c k to Melody

It was most a pp pp aarr en en t we were going to have a JOLLY TIME. Woe is me for a soul who would have gone who did no t have a sense of humo humorr He would have gott gotten en one real quic quick, k, OR been miserable the whole trip. If the men of th thee tr trip ip we weren ren't 't mu musc scul ular ar befo re we le ft , I assure you t h e y were after two weeks of manh anhan andl dliing 49 pi piec ecees of luggage, plus the sausage we to took ok.. (More on this la tteer, t o oo o ..)) Surprisingly enough, there was still ro roo om for for passengers afte afterr the the fe felllas las got the the luggage loaded. We piled in, but not until we had our circle o f pr pray ayer er an and d ag agai ain n as aske ked d God for His j o ou u me me y mercies and to hover over and go before

(She didn't go to the picnic; not her kind of food.), and we s c u rr rr i e ed d o v e r to th e I n d ia n o la Ch u rch


um b u s f o r a Christ in C o l um

6:00 P.M. concert.

This was ou r third annual c o nc nc e rt rt f o orr this church, an d we feel

like we are becoming part of them. They always show such love and en th us ia s m, and you can be sure of a full h ous e . We had a real disappointment in that we had no time for a visit with our friends and minis ter, Jim and Edna Walker. We h op op e th e next


t i m e is ho t as r u s h e d . A t i m e to r e lax an d eat was n ec ec eess ssaa rry y

be befo fore re he head adin ing g ba back ck to Ca Cant nton on,, an and d we we were re able able to do th this is wi with th th e Minister o f Music, R ic ic k R ub ub le le an d his wife, R ic ic k k'' s parents, sister an d he r husband an and d chi childr ldren, en, wh o ha d driv driven en in f r om om t he he i r homes a c o on n si si de de ra ra b bll e d is is ta ta n ncc e to attend th e concert. We surely surely

l at at er er , and we t h hrri ll ll ed ed at being on th e verge of gett gettin ing g on the BIG

th e effort Rick ha d made in getting w eriou e ut hr h ilan le le d d icap atapallgro Ri d rothers gett vario ar srhil and ic rou ups to th eckcon coannce cer t. What a jo joy y to hav ave e ting he


front rows filled with our special friends and see happiness all over the faces of th tho ose wh who o atten attende ded d We Well ll,, Melody lody said said,, Guess you're steering me back to that BUMPY 1-71. Sure enough, Jerry did, and soon we had found our way north to moth mother er's 's and into the driveway. At 1:45 A.M. we se sett ttle led d down for the night OR should I say d a y . . . .

W i t h i n a short time we headed n o rt h toward Toronto,

Canada. McDona Donald ld's 's in Erie, Pennsy nnsylv lvan ania ia,, seem seemed ed the best and fastest s p o t to grab a lu n ch , and then onwa onward rd we co cont ntin inue ued, d, arriving at the Peace Bridge at 2:10 P.M. Afte Afterr a sh shor ortt while, we were in To Toro ront nto— o—4: 4:15 15 P.M. The cu cust stom omss agents made it easy for us, an d we p as as se se d on through quickly an d easily. Just a t ee ee ny ny bi t

UP, UP AND AWAY Toronto I n t er ern a t iio o n a l Airport was a thrill for all o f us—so b ea ea u utt if if u ull , BIG, and c le le aan n . We were me t at the airport by Mr. an d Mrs. Charles Branum and George Bajenski, missionaries in Canada. George is the uncl unclee of And Andrew rew Ba Baje jens nski ki,, th thee miss missio iona nary ry we were going to visit in P ola oland nd.. 6:00 P.M. .M. ha had d arr arriv iveed no now, w, and and

it was our big moment. At last we stepped inside and could see with ith ou ourr ve very ry eye yess how BI BIG G th thee Lu Luft ftha hans nsaa Ai Airrli lin ne bigbird igbird rea reall lly y

Jun June 11, Monday This seems to be the day we were working

toward. We had nothing to do except get ready to leave for Euro Europe pe by 7: 7:00 00 M tomorrow. Be assured toda today, y, th thou ough gh we

was. IT W A S B IIG G

T h e r e wa s n o t i m e to b a c k o u utt n o ow w


wa s

g o . . . . because the mo to rs started almost immediately. The weather was absolutely PERFECT, and we glided into the heav heaven enss so sm smoo ooth thly ly and and easi easily ly.. Wi With thin in mi minu nute tess th they ey we were re se serv rvin ing g juic juicees, po pop p, and cr crac ack ker ers, s, et etcc. A ta tad d la late terr it wa wass ti time me fo forr di din nne ner. r. It

felt like it, we did no t stick ou r heads b ac ac k u nd nd e err th e covers. (Y (Yes es,, it wa wass co cool ol en enou ough gh fo forr co cove vers rs.) .) We fe felt lt th thee tr trem emen endo dous us ne need ed

for for st stre reng ngth th fr from om the the Lord Lord,, an and d so Je Jerr rry y as aske ked d Tim Tim to pr pray ay.. I wi will ll ne neve verr forg forget et the the sinc sincer erit ity y of that that pr pray ayer er or th thee wo word rdin ing,n g,nor or wi willI llI

wa wass supe superr ho hott an and d eleg elegan ant. t. Ne Neve verh rhad ad ha had d a nice nicerr meal meal on a plan plane. e. Now, Fm not meaning to make you hungry; j u uss t t hou ght you

fth o orreg ge e tur. h.oTh w G oedwereTim' anreTim's swereds iword t nrds, ots,juLord, st fod,r pl u seasetak . .setake . . buet ca fore r A n ofLL the tour to Thes ese we wo Lor plea care usoas we go over the seas, and PL EA EASE help me to be loved and to do a re real al good good jo b for you. Strength for all t h a t we had to do was there, and after a day of running here and there and the usual hu hurr rry y an and d scur scurry ry (Y (You ou all all kn know ow what what I' I'm m ta talk lkin ing g ab abou out. t.), ), welaid welaid ou r hea ds ds d o ow wn . Fi rrss t and f or or eem mos t in ou r minds, as we drif drifte ted d into an easy come sleep, were the th ought s Tim had prayed. Yes Yes, Lor Lord, ke keep ep usan usand d helpus helpus do a RE REA ALGOOD job job fo forr you. you. . . . J u n e 12, Tuesday. Barely needed an alarm and 3 hours of sleep wasn't much, but we were ready when Rod Huron our eminent and most efficient to tour ur guide drove up in the beautiful

w o u ld

ke t hi hi s : V e a l b e i nt nt er er e ess tte e d in t h e m e n u w h ic h w e n t l i ke

Rindsr Rin dsroul oulade(stri ade(strips ps of veal veal stu stuffe ffed d with with ha ham, m, pnion pnions, s, and spices spices), ), mashed po pota tato toes es and steaming gravy, peas and carrots, to toma mato to salad, sala d, va vari riet ety y pa pack ckag agee of chee cheese ses, s, ro roll lls, s, ry ryee br brea eads ds,, lo lots ts of butter, choc chocol olat atee mous mousse se (Yum (Yummy my), ), an and d stea steami ming ng ho hott co coff ffee ee (C (Col olom om bi bian an)) se serv rved ed afte afterr dirm dirmer er.. I love loved d the the litt little le demi demita tass ssee sp spoo oons ns an and d co colllec lecte ted d an anyo yone ne's 's who cho hosse to discard them. Time now for a movie, or yo u could li st ste n to your choice o f radio or stereo music. Almost any type of music was available on 10 stations. The ear plugs, of course, kept all th e soun sounds ds wit within hin your ow n

r e d v a n o f th e N O RTH IN D U ST RY CHRISTIAN CH U RCH . We

were at the c hu hu rc rc h w it it hi hi n a few minutes, an d the r e s t o f the group was t h e re . T h e y included: Dawn Eliza beth Edwards,



Then, suddenly it was 6 hours la late ter. r. Instead o f it being 8: 8:00 00 P.M., it was 2 : 0 0 A.M. You're supposed to go to sleep

Beve everl rly y Ha Hams mshe herr, Vick icki Eva van ns, Rod od,, Au Autu tumn mn,, and Sa Sarra Hur uro on,

of Can ^ Ic an Ke hMRobe Ro rts ton, Ohio Ohrdon io;on ; Barb BaVern rbar ara aier Cu Curi e ofe eLnin inIcke cokes, l n, ns, , and IllidnoKeit is;ith arybert DseeH H o offCanton f an d , Gord Go Ve rnie r rie of Lou Louis isvi vill llee, Ohio io;; Ed, Ed, Bo Bonn nnie ie,, Nine Ninette tte,, and and Scott Edwards o f East

S term di is hm r oup dipd Eo ilm eeenhoIcwkem s yansdysD . Bdidn illdn't M'turgpehty.thW ileestshaeger,esatndo fnethitehegrou gr was astted th theeir ti tim me sl slee eep pin ing g, Eilee ileen n an and d I ya yakk kked ed an and d had th thee best est ti time me all all nigh night. t. We laug laughe hed d till till I thin think k mayb maybee they they thou though ghtt ab abou outt

Spar artta, Ohio; io; Margar rgaret et Hi Hile lem man of Sp Sprrin ing gfi fiel eld d, Oh Ohiio; Bet ettty

shov shovin ing g us ou t the emerg mergen ency cy exit. We ha d the the best visit isit we have had in many, many years. (We grew up in the North Industry Qiur Qiurch ch to toge geth ther er.) .) It wa wass just just grea greatt to ha have ve th this is ti time me wi with th Eile Eileen en..

roofs. It was amazing, to too, o, to see in inte term rmin ingl gled ed gracious mo mode den. n. cont contem empo pora rary ry stru struct ctur ures es.. And fr fro om ou r hote hotell window we co coul uld d see see cathed cathedral ral sp spir ires es of f in a di dist staance. nce. Soon we walk walked ed and saw all

We cou could ld no t see HOW the the othe others rs sl slep ept. t. Dr. Dr. Bill Bill,, as we call called ed him, him, busi busieed hi him mself self with ith doi oin ng lot otss of thi hin ngs gs,, as he wasto astoo o far away away to join join in ou r co conv nvers ersati ation on.. Weso Wesolv lved ed all all the the pro proble blems ms o f the the worl world d and before you knew it, it was 5:30 5:30 A.M. Never did get dark out ther there, e, so ho w could it be 5:30 A.M A.M.? .? We Well, ll, yo u wash when when you get up in th thee mo morn rnin ing, g, so th tho ose pr prec ecio ious us lit little tle stew stewar arde dess sses es ser serve ved d all all the hu hund ndre reds ds on the the pl plaane ST STE EAM AMIN ING G HO HOT T was ashc hclo loth ths. s. It It's 's supp ose d to wake you up. Eileen and I d i d n ' t think we ne need eded ed one sin incce we hadn t slep sleptt Bre Breakf akfast ast fo foll llow owed ed at 6:30 A. A.M. M. How's thi this for an eye eye open openeer: fre fresh frui fruits ts,, che hees esees, 2 big rol olls ls,, ry ryee bre read ad,, jelly, b u tt tt eerr , juice, and HOT coffee. The brilliant sun pierced

these things up close. As we flew into the city, we saw hu hund ndre reds ds and hu n nd d rree ds ds of buildings with brilliant red roofs, all so beautifully laid out, over the apparent farm lands. Our eyes behe eheld a city city that was cared for. There was so very litt little le tr tras ash. h. No be beeer or pop cans, ans, pa pape per, r, or ciga cigare rett ttee bu butt ttss Am Amer eric icaa has gotten so careless. Dinner was in the hotel dining room that evening, and the table was laden with every imaginable food, served b u uff ffee t

t hrough the windows of the motionless flight, and before it seemed possible we had a perfec t t o u c h d o w n in F r a n k f o r t , Germany. The group all had one eye open by breakfast, and as soon as the pi pilo lott said we were nearing F ran rankf kfor ort, t, they they were wide awake and ready for the events in this new world We arrived on t im im e at 7:30 A.M. .M. As we pr prep epar ared ed to chan chang ge pla planes, es, we we were re told told by Rod there was a bit of time time fo forr sigh ights tseeein eing in the the term termin inaal st stor ores es.. Th They ey are are so love lovely ly and and fa fasc scin inat atin ing. g. Ma Manyhad nyhad wr writ itte ten n card cardss to send h o om m ee,, so we had to find a mail b o ox x. WHAT? T h hee y aren t RED, WHITE, and BLUE??? They are the yellow thing—that

As we drift ed of f to sleep, ou r minds were j u um mpi n ng g w it it h the thoughts of all the NEW ex exp perie erienc nces es of th e day. We were in a NEW, to tota tall lly y di diff ffer eren ent, t, strange world. The days ahead wo woul uld d be full of marve arvell llou ouss ha happ ppen enin ings gs,, and YES ES,, some some exci exciti ting ng and very ery s ccaa rry y . We ha d left ou r b e lo lo v e d A M E RI RI C A and its f rree eed do m m.. It

on it sayin ing g MAILB AILBOX OX They assured us that was a mail mailbo box. x. Our first real sight of cult cultur uree change. I was sure it was a TRASH container. We went t h r o u g h the gate so many times the guy look eed d at us and grinned and said, N e x xtt time you go tlirough he re, I am going to CHARGE you. He wa wass kidd kiddin ing, g, bu t I didn didn't 't

le leas ast,th t,that at iswha iswhatt wedid wedid.. The The natu natura rall th thin ing g to do then then,, it seemed, was dress, pack (for we we werre movin movingg on), and then go to the

s tty y le le . L in in en en s, s, silver, c rry y st st al al , and c h hii na na m ad ad e us feel as if we we were re roya royalt lty. y. The The waite aiters rs were were gr groo oome med d to pe perf rfec ectio tion, n, both physically and in t h hee ir ir ma nn nne r of serv servic ice. e. Such Such a fi fine ne ex expe perie rienc nce. e. No matter

wha hatt th thee clo locck sai aid d no now w (b (bu ut it was agr greeea eabl blee), it WASbedti Sbedtime me..

s e e m e d like a d r e a m .


June June 14, 14, Thursday. The The piercing jingle of the the telephone at

6:15 br ou ou g gh ht some of ou r senses to a tt tt en en t iio o n. n. A sweet little voice, speaking in Ge rm an, must have t o l d us to GET UP. At

funn funnyy sh shap apee sitting clear back there out out of si^t with no English

re rest stau aura rant nt whe herre we wer eree to be ser erv ved ou ourr br brea eak kfast fast.. Oh Oh,, how we ha hate ted d to leav leavee that that co comf mfy y be bed d an and d the the ligh light, t, fluf fluffy fy co comf mfor orte ters rs.. It fair tr trad ade, e, th thou ough gh,, as the the breakfast tabl tablee had had ju just st as mu much ch was a fair ap appe peal al.. Diff Differ eren ent, t, bu butt OH OH,, SO GOOD. Ma Many ny wa wass the the as asso sort rtme ment nt numero erous us ki kind ndss o f cold of breads and rolls, so very fresh.... num cuts, ch chee eese sess sl slic iced ed and and in ind indivi ividual packages), juices juices,, fre fresh sh fruits, creamy butt tteer, and STRONG, hot coffee. Tim said, Where is the the cold cold cer cereal? eal? I said said,, A Att home me.. We laug laughe hed. d. He knew, from what we had told told him in preparing him him for for the the trip trip,, that there would be NONE. Next we hopped onto our weree ab able le to enjo motorcoach (oh, (oh, so clean and unmarked) and wer enjoy y a to tour ur th thro roug ugh h Munich said to be Ge Germ rman any' y's loveliest city city), ), and the then we wo woun und d ou ourr way th thro roug ugh h th thee co coun untr trys ysid idee to th thee bea eau uti tifful Nymphenburg Palace. It wa washa shard rd to realize we were seeing it it,, and and Tim began his endless (f (fro rom m here ere on to the the end end of the the tour tour)) chai chain n of questions. We were than thankf kful ul there were 20 other other peo people ple al along ong to help answer all his ques questi tion ons. s. Lunch was in a quaint, lit itttle place called Re Rest stau aura rant nt Opa pati tija ja . Again, an ABUNDANCE. Now, we we drin ink k in beau beauty ty beyo beyond nd descr escrip ipti tio on. Ou Ourr were re goi going to dr lovely lov ely motor motorcoa coach ch awaite awaited d us Oust Oust like like Cinder Cinderell ella),and a),and we drove drove towa toward rd Ob Ober eram amme merg rgau au.. Th Thee dr driv ivee wa wass so some meth thin ing g to be beho hold ld—t —the he

take take a chance on it again. It was 9:30 b e f o r e we k n e w it , and we l o oaa d e d onto the bus which took us to the n e x t plane. We t o u c h e d d o w n again at 10:3 10:30 0 A.M., and our bodi bodies es were in Munic unich h, Germ German any. y. Our final d es es ti ti na na ti ti on on was th e D eu t s ch er - Ka i s er H o t e l . My, this IS SOMETHING Beautiful. No t at all like I had e x pe c te d . Such a weU-kept buil buildi ding ng and and so clea clean n It had had FL FLUS USH H toil toilet etss (w (wit ith h pu pull ll handl es es from the t o op p )).. Our room was spacious, and the view was lovely. Now, just what k in d of a bed is this??? Th ere ' s a soft white down comforter encased in s h he ee ett s a n nd d BIG, soft down

pillows, about 28 x 28 Ever Everyt ythi hing ng wa wass so WHITE. ITE. The The comfo comforte rterr lay on to p o f the bed. A bottom f i t t e d s h e e t was over the m a t t r e s s . N O T H I N G wa s t u c k e d i n . N O b e d to m a k e . I L I K E

n d, d, d ot ot te te d w iith lush l aan th BIG, beau beauti tifu full farms. Around them were

built little communities, and all had red roofs. Many large apartments were aro around und the farm area area.. The The cattl cattlee were lounging and rest restin ing g lazily in the field. Wild flowers and flower-bearing tr tree eess add added such uch an arr array of colo colorr to the the already br brea eath thta taki kin ng

s ccee n nee rry y . As we d ro ro ve ve f ur ur th th er er , we were into th e beautifu beautifull Bava Bavarian rian..

Alps, and before too too lon long we were suddenly shocked by the BEAUTY of Oberammergau. Never have I seen anyt anythi hing ng to compare to its atmosphere This tiny little village is ne nest stle led d comfor com fortab tably ly in the gigantic Bava highes estt is Bavari rian an Alps. Alps. I believe the high Alp Switzer at 9, 0 00 feet above the valley floor. As we

t ha ha t. t. Now, all this is really di ffffe re re n ntt . No wa ssh hcl ot ot hs hs e it it he he rr,, bu t fortunately Ro d had said, T Ta a ke ke y ou ou r o wn wn . Havi Having ng give given n the the r o o m the once over, we gazed from the window and saw the elegant rows and rows of the quai quaint nt,, beau beauti tifu full and pict pictur ures esqu quee Eu Euro rope pean an-s -sty tyle le buil buildi ding ngs. s. Coul Could d it real really ly be—WE WE WERE RE HERE HERE?? We no noti tice ced d the the size size of the the buildings—so large—and th thee PEAK PEAKED ED -

appro app roach ached ed the villa llage, yo u will will never be beli liev evee what ca cam me ac acros rosss the radio in our coach.... none other than the song, Ho, Ho,

Colorado Colora do Nume Numero rous us pe peak akss we were re st stil illl la lade den n wi with th sn snow ow,, an and d a veil veil of fog app e eaar ed ed for a br iieef while, bu t within a s ho rt ti m e the towering peaks shone f o orr th th tall and p r o ou u d , as the brilliant sun a dd ed j u uss t the p e rfe c t lighting. And all I c ou l d t h i n nk k o f was



Well, we did manage to come fo fort rth h from ou r state of awe, awe, and and we were in for more pleasantries. This charming little village

Ju un n e 15, Friday. The rising time was 6 :0 :0 0 AA . and a h ea ea rt rt y brea kfas t at 7 : 0 0 . Rain had fallen during the night and it was co coo ol, but nothi thing dam amp pened ened ou ourr spir spiriits, ts, not eve ven n the mist ist of the h o u r. I t h a n k e d God for this t im e , allowing us to see the

offers to the world, Th e Passion Pl ay ay . In case you are no t familiar w it h the h is to ry: in 1634, sp are d the Black De a th sw swee eep pin ing g acros acrosss Eu Europ rope, e, the these se villages vowe vowed d to re-e re-ena nact ct th thee fina finall week of Ch Chri rist st ev ever ery y te ten n ye year arss. This his wa wass NOT the the us usua uall ye year ar,, but it was, in fact, the 350th Anni Annive vers rsar ary y Per Perfor forman mance. ce. To thin think, k, WE W E R E G O I N G T O BE A BL E T O S E E IT

To ac cc c o mo mo d at at e th e

thousands of to tour uris ists ts and yet ma main inttai ain n a vil illa lage ge at atm mos osp phe here re an and d NOT kill t h e t o w n with traffic, etc., the vill llaager erss have ave many,

many many HA HAUS US'S 'S (T (The hey y call call th them em.) .),, run run by families. Th Thei eirr home home is YOUR home, and truly it is There are some hote hotels ls,, bu t no big ones, and ce cert rtai ainl nly y no Ma Marr rrio iott tt,, Hilton, Holiday Inn, etc. How love lovelly Our gro rou up was was deliv eliver ereed to the the var ariious ous pla place cess we wer eree to stay. We could not drink in enough of the beauty of the ar arch chit itec ectu ture re,, th thee Ba Bava vari rian an st styl ylee of all of it, and so many, many hous houses es and and buil buildi ding ngss ha had d el eleg egan antt pain painti ting ngss on the the outs outsid idee of the the buildings. Besides fl flow ower erss blo bloomin oming g everywhere—it se seem emed ed that wasn't enough—so pr praacti ctical cally ev ever ery y wind indow had fl flo owe werr boxe boxess em bl bl aazzo ne ne d w iitt h bl o oo o ms ms, and we a dm dm ir ir eed d these gaily p ai ai nt nt ed ed boxes, assets to an already spectacular beauty. You could walk any place within the village, but they also offered FREE bus service on be beau auti tifu ful, l, sp spot otle less ssly ly clean buses, and th e se serv rvic icee wa wass constant. One nearly always chose to walk, if time allowed, simply to drink in the atmosphere. Now back to the house we we were re take taken n t o . . . We were greeted so warmly and lovingly at GASTEHAUS


O ur


moun mounta tain inss with with the the cl clou ouds ds ha hang ngin ing g he heav avy, y, as if they they were were ma maki king ng this this sp spec ecia iall sc scen enee just just fo forr us us.. It stop stoppe ped d mist mistin ing g aswe walk walkedou edoutt to the the bu buss li line ne,, and and the the ai airr sm smel elle led d abso absolu lute tely ly,, inde indesc scri riba babl bly y fres fresh h and pure. Our mome nt nt of great an anti tici cipa pati tion on was upon us as we en ente tere red d the thea theatr tree of the the Passio ssion n Pla lay y. Co Coul uld d ou r se seat atss re real ally ly be so wond wonder erfu ful? l??? The thea theatr tree ho hold ldss 5000, and we were in a perfect spot spot.. Rod had not kno nov vra wh wher eree the hey y wer ere. e. He was was just just gra rate tefful for the tickets, as many did not get them. It began at 9:00 and ran until 11:3 11:30, 0, resumed again from 2:30 to 5:30 5:30.. The actors, 50 vo voic icee chor chorus us,, stag stagee cre crew-e w-ever veryon yonee invo involv lved ed in any any way—are no t

prof prfofes Th are all home to folk and must resi o yessi easion rsonal pals. ass.t They to ey be ar abelal e ltoho pme artitown ciwn patefo inlk,t,han e dplmu ay.stI be belre ieside vedent onts nes would find it most d if if fi fi ccu u lt lt to fmd a b et et te te r production any any place place,,

especially by PROFESSIONAL ac acto tors rs.. No on onee was embarrassed

when moved to tears. You felt the play from beginning to end, ev even en thoug ugh h it was in Ge Gerrma man n. We fol followe lowed d in a book, but ev even en wi with thou outt the book, the expression and feeling were ther there, e, and it was quite close to the Biblical story. I have never had a more moving experience in my life life,, and and I am su sureI reI sp spea eakfor kfor all in ou ourr unders rsta tand nd so muc much h more vividly the death death group. I was made to unde an and d re ressurr rrec ecttion ion of My Lor ord d an and d wh what at He we wen nt throu rough jus ustt fo forr me. Yo u felt the PAIN AND ANGUISH, th e SO SORR RROW OW,, and and FINA FINALL LLY, Y, TH THE E UL ULTI TIMA MATE TE JOY JOY AT TH THE E EM EMPT PTY Y TO TOMB MB.. ir

were th e GR UNDL


Tim had said to us, We won' won'tt see anyone we know in Euro Europe pe,,

will we, Mo Mom? m? I assured him him we woul wouldn dn't 't.. Read Read on... We had entered th e t he he a att rre e an nd d found ou r sea seats. ts. Th Thee ro w in front o f us

empty ty yet yet.. Two wome womenn wal walke kedd up and and sa said id,, Mrs. Baley, oh, was emp had d hope hoped d we we'd 'd se seee you you when we read in your news newsle lett tter er the we ha da date te yo you u wou ould ld be her eree at the the pla lay y. To ou ourr amazement ther theree stoo stood d Je Jean an Gra ran nt (Fred Fredrric ick ktow town, Ohio) hio) an and d Blanche Walker (Fairfield, Ohio). Such a thrill We had me mett them them on a concert tour several ye year arss bac ack k. Th They ey were so sorr rry y Tim Tim was co cold ld an and d unco uncomf mfor ortab table. le. I hadn't al allo lowe wed d for for the the co cool olne ness ss o f sitting sitting still still..

They They le left ft and and cameba camebackwit ckwith h a ve verynic rynicee pa pairof irof gloves an and d a rai ain n hat for him. Tim had been sitting on his hands to try and warm th them em up, up, an and d they they said he mu mustnot stnot have cold hands. Bless their kind kind an and d loving hea hearts rts.. How we appr apprec ecia iate ted d thi thiss act of con concer cern. n. S INGING F O R O U R SUPPER

Back to the haus and what a spread was set for us. Dr. Bill and wife, Ann, Murphy from Dimmitt, Texas, were among the musst teli you HOW their go goin ingg came came about. Last tour group. I mu September (1983) I had a terrible fall in Des Moines, Iowa. Afraid of going to a doctor or hospital, for days I tried to thin think k I could get by and NOT go. 1 became worse instead of better. By this time we were in Di Dimm mmit itt, t, Texas. A back already full of so ma many ny problems was fi final nally ly laid laid upon the table, andI was there too, too, in

family. Mother, father, and and son son pampered, fed fed,, an and d loved us fo forr the next two nights and one day. It sure was wonderful. Space

will no t allow for all the menus that the the fa fam mily ily prep prepare ared, d, bu t I have to share at least one ^viiich we delighted in a fftt eerr we got settled in at the house and had a quick trip out to Linderhof Castle. What extravagance and and be beau auty ty but hard ard to assimilate the bea eau uty when when you see see the wea ealt lth h that was was th ther eree and and th thee pea easa san nts

were wanting. Tim fell in love with a GOLD (real (real)) tn tnmm mmed ed piano Now bac ack k to tha hatt an anttic icip ipat ated ed meal eal we cou could smell mell befo efore we left le ft.. To Toma mate tenc ncre ream amsu supp ppee (t (tom omat ato o crea cream m soup soup), ), Ka Kalb lbsb sbra rate ten n mi mitt

boyer Semmelknodel (roast veal with Bavarian dumplings), und grunet salat (and green salad), first puchler Eisecreme (mixed ice Each gues guestt ro room om had had something ing VE VERYuni RYuniqu que, e, and and all all cream). Each thi things ngs wer weree done done by hand—such an arr array ay of han handd-pai painte ntedpictu dpictures res on the walls, doors, and woodwork. ^ain,,we were spoiled by

tears. Afte Afterr this fine Chr hris isti tian an man and his wife finished wi with th me,

I said, Dr. Bill, why do don' n'tt yo you u go along asmy persona personall physi physicia ciann

on a mission tour next summer? I spoke briefly about it. Can you imagine the shock I had when he looked at Ann and said, An Ann, I think that's a great idea. How abo about ut you you?? An Ann n was ready to leave right then except she didn't have a passport... Well, I truly believe in providential guidance, and the Lord was working at this this time. Annand Bill have beautiful voices, he is a tenor and she an alto. Jerry is a bass, and I a s p or an o, so that means we have a quartet. We were in Dimmitt for an

evangelistic meeting when I was taken to Bill's office; however, evening of sightseeing and shopping in the lit little tle sto stores(An res(Andthere dthere we ha had d NOT sun sung g tog togeth ether er yet. yet. During the meetin meetingwe gwe struck struck up we were re MA MANY NY.) .) in th thee vil illa lage ge.. 12 the comfo rtable beds. We were ready for them a f t er a busy

a quartet, and we love loved d ever every y minu minute te of smging with them. A

thri thrill lled ed to seeher. seeher. Heading backto Mimich now now.. OurERA would have a stroke in the countries we visited. WOMEN are out hard to believe, but now we were in Germany singing in our working in the fiel doing what whateve everr else fields ds,, raki raking ng up hay, and doing rooms—no where else to practice. The The music floated down the needs to be done. Modern equipment? Didn't see much. A cop hall, and our hosts liked what they heard. The They asked us to followed us our driver stopped and got out. When he came back, thee dinin PLEASE sing more and OUT in th diningg roo room. m. Soafter dinner Mary DeHoff said, Are A re we getting arrested for something? We q ua ua rrtte t would be a real asset on the t o ou u rr,, so here we had it. It was

and d th they ey enjoyed all the hy hymns mns.. Other Other we struck up a concert, an guests in the house joined in listening, and we had a real

NOTEWORTHY time. Had to unpack and repack our messy suitcases, and again that marvellous bed was waiting our tired beings.


June 16, 16, Satu Saturd rday ay.. An Anot othe herr supe superb rb breakfast an and d anot anothe herr time of si sing ngin ingg fo forr our hosts, then a sad farewell and we again

reason on fo forr it. He said, NEIN Mar O h, could see no reas Mary's y's reply reply,, Oh, shoot. Into the train Munic ichh and and maki making ng ready to train sta statio tionn now in Mun board the train for Vi Vienn enna, a, Aus Austr tria. ia. The trains all bore the letter,

2 2. Jerr Jerry y said said,, I wo wond nderwha erwhatt th thos osee numbers are are on th ther eree for? for? M y reply, Why, it's a two two train. Then someone yelled, Th Thee trai train n has has already ady beenher beenhere. e. SE SEETHE ETHETRACK TRACK The train train's 's name ame wa wass Moz ozar artt Exp xpre resss. No ti tim me to st staand aro rou und he here re.. Whe hen na

train comes, you better get on and stay, they are onthego almost NOW Loading our 49 bags of luggage took a minute or two, loaded the bus and drove back to Munich. We t o oo o k a different though. Then we skirted off across the country, arriving safely in rout routee so that we coul could d see see Mad Mad Ludwig's fairyland ca cast stle le,, Vien Vienna na.. Our Our hotel was across the street from the train station, so Neuschwanstein. As we traveled throu through gh the meadows, we came it was an easy move and were we tired.It was now well past upon upo n Die Wies Giurch. Anot Another her spect spectacu acular lar church, an and d as we midnight. When Rod checked with the desk clerk, he soon went in it was filled to capa capaci citywit tywith h a servic servicee going going on. In the learned we would not not all all stay in this hotel. They said ithadhada fo foye yerr (whi (which ch ran the whole way around the building) lay many fir ire, e, an and d nu nume mero rous us room roomss ha had d bu burrne ned d ou out. t. We fa faiile led d to sm smel elll a young people with back packs, bare barefo foot oted ed,, etc etc., ., asleep. I tra trace ce of smoke. Part Part of the the group was then shipped off off to anot anothe herr wondered if th they ey were using this this as a shel shelte terr or were actual actually, ly, in hotel. Find your luggage everyone Be sure it doesn't go to the time, going in to worship. I have my suspicions it is th thee firs first. t. I hote hotell you aren aren't 't in in.. The disbursement of bags to the tired and noted again the cleanliness and and appr apprec eciiat ated ed th thee buses so very weary travelers was over, and we finally said good-night to those much mu ch.. Ou Ourr driver on this tour had a bouquet of flowers at the who remained. \^enna, tomo tomorr rrow ow we would seeyou

center of the left side of the windshield and and a wooden plaqueon the right right si side de.. VERY pretty. Leaving the church and conti continu nuing ing on, shortl shortly y we saw something we had thought thought was surely onlyon pi pict ctur uree post postca card rds. s. It real really ly was Neuschwanstein Castle Its grace


June June 17, 17, Sund Sunday ay.. A HAPPY Fath Father er's 's Day Day for for th thee dadsi dadsin n our our group. We had had a quie quiett breakfast withthose from the group. As we were eaMrs. ting, Baley. a younNow g woman appdr ro achaeblank d our ourasto tab abllewha an and said sa id,, Hello, I re real ally ly drew ew what tdna name, me, city city,, and and stat statee that pret retty you oun ng face belonged. She She said said,, I'm I'm Karen Kar en Mar Markl kley ey from Dimm Dimmitt, itt, Texas. Timpla Timplayedin yedin Dim Dimmit mittt las lastt fall. What a joy to see her. We asked her if sh shee ha had d se seen en Dr Dr.. Bil illl

and and An Ann n Murphy. She She had had not, not, so shehas shehaste tene ned d up to th thei eirr room room to see them now,, st stopp oppin ingg at Through the city of Vienna now Scho Schoen enbr brun unn n Palace... Palace... What What sp sple lend ndor or I be beca came me re reco conc ncil iled ed in wishing I had any portion when I thought of clea cleani ning ng su such ch a plac place. e. The The hist histor oric ic and and magnificent St. St. Step Steph hen enss ch chu urch rch was something you you ca cann nnot ot describe, but we beheld it itss beau beauty ty an and d have it in our memories. Gliding smoothly across Aust Austrianow rianow and through the Vienna Woods. Nestled ba back ck amon amongg all the beauty is the Toronto Christian Mission Hospitality House, Haus Edelweiss . Tonight we would be guests and enjoy this elegant, stately

and elegance is ha hard rd to com comprehen end d, bu butt it isbuil isbuiltt nestled among th thee tall tall peaks, and and they they give the needed per perfec fectio tion n to complete a scene that overwhelms everyone. As if th that at were weren' n'tt enou enough gh,, we

were were pr priivil vileged eged to see see nume numero rous us,, beau beauti tifu fuUy Uy colo colore red d ha hang ng glid glider erss floating across the meadows—a sight sight we' we'll ll always remember. We cont ntiinued on ba bacck and UPto the castle and emerged hour later in an even g r e a t er er s t a t e o f awe at the i m m e n s e structure and it s

cont en ents. We could not imagine HOW it could ever have been buil built. t. Yo You u can can bare barelyge lygett up to it, it, and and ce cert rtai ainl nlyNO yNO vehicle makes it up the narrow way. The Lor Lord did the landscapingwit gwith lush, lush gree greene nery ry everywhere. Trees, grasses, shr shrubs ubs,, etc. etc. were just thick.. Horse-draw thick Horse-drawn n wagons are are the the mode mode of tran transp spor orta tati tion on,, bu buse sess can o n nll y go p ar ar t way.

HUGE home

TCM is a h a v e n for Ch r i s ti a n w o r k e r s

behind the the Iron Iron Curtain countries an and d apitalit sality topypiwere ng off ofapp f place those going West. Christian love and hos hospit appare arent ntfor in

everythin everyt hing g tha thatt Wayne and Sue Unger (director of the mission house). Roger and Larenda Fuller, and J o h n and Gwen Woodward did did.. Our lovely rooms were spotlessly clean. A tast tasty, y, be beau auti tifu ful, l, ho hom mee-co coo oke ked d mea eall was li lite tera rall lly y dev evou ourred. ed. We fel eltt so secure in bei being with ith Christian brot rother hers and and sisters that hat night ight.. Evening worship services followed in the chapel. We had a glorious time. We spo poke ke brief rieflly of our mi min nistr stry, an and d then then Tim Tim

gave a c o nc nc e r t . He loved the piano and was t h ri ri ll ll ed ed that he was

playing in Au Aust stri ria. a. There was a special feeling as we sat peac peacef eful ully ly

feelings ngs in this musici and listened as Tim poured out his joy and feeli country. Wayne Unger then shared with us the history of the

mi miss ssio ion n house. house. He Hear arin ing g it firs firstt hand was such a thrill as we lea lea rne rned d of it itss colo colorf rful ul hist histor ory— y—th that at of a plush resort, and in war time

used by enemy forces. Now it is, so to speak, a HAVEN OF

Well, wer e tou touri ring ng thr throu ough, gh, som someon eonesaid, hi hi,, Tim. Tim.'''' A deaAs dear r friend, friwe end,were Betty Pope, from El Paso, heresaid, son, and granddaughter Not a place for a visit, but we were sure

REST. We pray prayed ed and and shar hared toget ogethe herr the Lor Lord' d'ss Su Sup pper per an and d then adjou djourn rned ed to the dining room. It was BIRTHDAY time for Sa Sara ra Hu Huro ron. n. Ou Ourr ve very ry pr prec ecio ious us Saracele Saracelebr brat ated ed nu numb mber er 18 to toda day. y.

She was gjven cards (made up) by all of us an and d gi gift ftss (a (aga gain in,, ma made de up) and finally money to buy something to carry around the

among them is sausage. It is shipp ipped out of the the country try. It was not illegal to take, so we DID. Wayne picked the order up in

wh ho o le le t r iip p a nd nd t h he e n take take h o me

V i e n n a an d d el i v er ed i t t o u s a t t ra r a in in t i m e .

were touring, too

H omema omemad d e cake an d drinks an d LOTS of laughs over cards and gifts and then to a seri seriou ouss na natur ture. e. The German visas ha d to be filled out, so we ha d comfortable tabl ta bles es and and did them as a gr grou oup. p. Before the evening meal we walked down the road to

A custom we found hard to accept was a male a tt een n d an an t in ladies' restrooms. E a ch da n t . Y o u ch r e st st r o o om m over t h he e re re h a ass a n a t t e n da

pay a small amount of money to go in, and they pass out the paper , usually a bo bo u utt 2 rough shee ttss , so take your own Most of

Heligenkreuz Monastery. There is a pat path h through the woods if on e wants to take it. E il il ee ee n Ic Icke kess said to Rod, Rod, do we need

the r es es ttrr oo oom s have wo wom me n n,, bu t s o me have m e n . At the tra i n stat statio ion n we ALL desc descen ende ded d upon upon this important room room to wait ou r tu urr n in line. An old, grou chy man was the attendant. 1bel 1belie ieve ve he hate hated d everything and everybody. He was yelling at all o f us in Ge Germ rman an for ever everyt ythi hing ng we did—we were to o sl slow ow,, we stood in the wrong place, we should no t wait in the re s t ro o m if we fini finish shed ed,, et etc. c. Afte Afterr he CUSSED one of our gro rou up fo forr some sometthi hing ng

(An (And we did idn n't know wh what at..), I we wen nt in my stal stall, l, an and d wh when en I ca came me

Rod —ou r tour guide.

to watch ou t for poison ivy, snakes, et etc? c? Ro Rod d jokingly said, No , Eileen, J U US S T BEAR ARS S B aarrb Curie, the wi witt ttie iess t of ou r gr ou oup and a do do rree d by all of us, p iip p ed ed up and said, DON'T walk thr o ug h the woods with a bear behind you I guess you know the the hous housee rock rocked ed with with laug laught hter er.. June 18, Mo nda y. Our hosts saw to it we we r e n ' t sent of f hungry, then we toured the beau beauti tifu full grounds of th thee missi ission on house and the other build ildin ing gs. By th this is time time Wayn ynee had assig ssigne ned d dr driv iver erss to th e 3 vans that were going to tr traa n nss p po o rrtt us into Baden. This was a generous gesture on their behalf, and we were exceedingly grate tefful. Af Afte terr a circle o f p ra y er , all 49 bags of luggage and 23 peop people le,, plus drivers, were pack packed ed in an d awa away we went to the Baden tr trai ain n st stat atio ion. n. Af Afte terr de depo posi siti ting ng ou r lug luggag gage, e, we were free to see the quaint little village o f Bad Baden en.. Lunc Lunch h wa wass e xc iting as we en joye d every b i te te in a t in in y st rree e t cafe. The ti m mee pass passed ed all all to o qu quic ickl kly y as we glued ou r eyes on all the sights and things so strange to ou r cult cultur ure. e. Rod kept all of ou r group together toge ther by th e use o f a cri cricke cket. t. I neve neverr re real aliz ized ed ho w th thee sou sound nd of one of those those carrie carried, d, bu t it work worked ed pe perf rfec ectl tly, y, and if yo u heard it , you bet ette terr st star artt moving to sa said id plac place. e. We had had very very litt little le trou troubl blee

no t

bu t

stitm ayeinsgaidt og oggeetth thto e r th aes me a getin roing up hear a cr cric the meet g. pW lacee,diadnd we he haar d to foicke reket, got,ALL the the other things we wa n te d so badly to see. Back on a t r a in no w which was ta taki king ng us to Vienna, the TROL TROLLE LEY Y was close by , and we rode


d o w n t o w n to K a r tn e r S t ra s s e S tr e e t. O u r t im im e h e err e

o u t , I smiled at him and said I hoped he had a nice day. He sh o u te d at me, and I le ft . Distra ught and no t being able to co comm mmun unic icat atee with with hi him, m, I told several of the ladies I was going to take a religious t ra ct I had in my p urse and give it to him. I did an and d sa said id,, I hope you will read it, and it will help you He lo o k e d daggers at me. I l e ft, and he t h r e w it in the trash. Scott Edw Edwar ard ds, our youn younge gest st tour touris ist, t, was watc watchi hing ng,, an and d as soon oon as th thee little man co ul uld n' n't see me, he picked it back out and put it in his pocket. I have prayed many a p r ay ay e r t h at at he took it to someone who reads English and finds the plan o f Sal alva vati tion on and HIS Saviour, which was the message on the t r ac ac t . T ha ha t would sure surely ly change his lif ifee. He ca carr rrie ied d a wh whis iske key y bo bottl ttlee in his pock pocket et.. He was no t real really ly awar awaree of ho w h a t eeff ul ul he was, I am sure. Pray for h i m m..


(P (Psa salm lms) s)

The tr a in is in n o w , and the struggle b e g i n s — l o a d i n ng g the saus sausag age. e. We al alll found found ou r sl slee eepi ping ng com compart partment ments, s, an and d th thee saus sausag agee was ca re fu lly placed on the flo or. C o m pa pa r ttm m en en t s are no t big enou enough gh to hardy turn arou around nd in, and each held 3 peop people le.. Weha ehad d

bid Unger s good-bye good-bye and the train pulled out,,., It ^ had been

plea leasa n ntt and r ea easonably easy th thu u s far. At 11:30 P,M P,M. we ha d a passp asspo ort che check in Hohe Hohena nau, u, Austr ustria ia.. Th Thaat wa wass no prob proble lem. m. We Wen nt on and at 12:00 mi midn dnig igli litt we sto stoppe pped d agai again n. I was was st stan andi ding ng in th e aisl aislee outsi outside de ou r compa compartmen rtment, t, lookin looking g ou t th thee wi wind ndow ow.. We were ere now in Czecho Czechoslo slovak vakia, ia, bu t I wasn't re al ally aware u nt nt il il I saw th e bri righ ghtt sear search chli ligh ghts ts.. The tra train in gl glid ided ed under under th thee brid bridge ge and cam came to a halt. On to p of the bridge were soldiers carr carry yin ing g guns, guard do dogs gs paci pacing ng,, and and ma mach chin inee guns guns I looked looked st stra raig ight ht out out the the wind window ow in f r o n t of me. I saw MORE soldiers w i th guns, I saw d oub le fences with rolls of prison wire on to p of th thee m. m. More dogs ar arou ound nd.. The in inst stan antt the tr trai ain n stopp stopped ed,, th ther eree were lo loud ud foot footst step epss

o nrgn eea oant h ththee stirdaeisn,. aT nd wniththleightrtas,inlorookoinf,g buanndgieer heysolddiidersnostealercahvienga stone

u nt nt u rn rn ed ed . T wo wo




no w




passp asspo ort rts. s. Th They ey sa saw w the the sa sau usa sage ge.. Rod had sa said id we m i ^ t have have to give them some. It was very ob vio us for several reasons: yo u could no t h iid d e it in the o p pee n bo xe xes , and sec on ondly ly,, the smell was not t ha ha t of sweet perfume It was a ho t nigh nightt al also so We Well ll,, they they

was longer, and we filled our longing to not be rushed and really enjo enjoye yed d the their ir lo lov vel ely y sho shops and atm atmos osph pher eree and and then the fo food od.. We st stro roll lled ed again gain,, th this is time time leis leisur urel ely, y, to Ae St. St. Ste Steph phen' en'ss churc church h an and d sat ou t in the square. We watched the people for quite awhile. America doesn t have the homosexuals the Hare l^s l^shna hnas, s, the punk rock rock kids, etc. etc. They have a great share, and it's sad sad the they y ma r such a beau beauti tifu full hi hist stor oric ic place with th thee disp isplay o f such such beh behavio avior. r. We all gath gather ered ed here at the squa square re,, and next thing was to get b aacc k to th e tra train in sta statio tion. n. We re retr trie ieve ved d our lu lugg ggag agee fr fro om th thee lo lock cker erss and chec checke ked d it th thro roug ugh h to Warsaw, Po Pola land nd.. Soon th thee Wayne Un Unge ger' r'ss came with what was to be ou r PRIZE poss possessi ession— on—$500 $500.00 .00 worth

passed through, and then we waited More time and they checked us again. This went on for an h o u r or so. Rod said, thro throug ugh h an in inte terp rpre rete ter, r, Wha Whatt is th thee ho hold ld up up?? Th They ey were were upse upsett becaus bec ausee ou ourr luggage ha had d be been en ship shippe ped d th thro roug ugh. h. It was was ba back ck in th thee baggage car.... AL ALL L 49 PIECES. The They y fin finall ally y withdr withdrew ew ALL49 pieces. We had the keys. A few were u d o c ke d , BUT they managed to search t h ho os e t h hee y w aan n ttee d to get i n t o . No one was asked to show them or give t h hee m their keys. eys. They They qu ques estio tione ned d Rod and his wife. A utu mn' s, pu rpose of travel and also two

POLI SAU SAG E.olW were tak insgfrth this is (tbo boxe bo iof t) PO as LISH a SH giftSA toUSA theGP ishe we Chre rista tiakning om hexes Ns oartnd h Iboxe n dxes usstroyf Ch Chri rist stia ian n Chur Church ch.. The Polish lish pe peop ople le cai caimo mott get man many y th thin ings gs,, an d

othe Hile Chri ian wo Jot ehers rryrs..wB asarblisC teudrieasanrdetiPreegdg, y IHi alema s man, a n, houboth sewifin e, Ch anrist dstia T inmwork asrk.a. musi mu sici cian an,, so we ha had d no pr prob oble lem m an and d we were re no nott qu ques esti tion oned ed.. What What


seems so stra nge was we were n ot g e tt in g on or of f in this c ou ou n ntt ry ry . As Ro d said, all we were doing was b r e a th in g their flir.... We ha d 4 more passport checks, and the luggage was searc searche hed d un unti till they were satisfied. We also had to declare ou r money. mon ey. Ti Tim m ha d none to de decl clar are. e. Th They ey cou coujd jd no t understand this. Tim Tim was was ne near arly ly si sick ck wi with th al alle lerg rgy y and and wa wass coug coughi hing ng prof profus usel ely. y. The The

guard was not sure of what Tim might have, SO he gave us all a


piercing, questioning look and left us alone. Tim co cont ntin inue ued d to coug cough,the h,the guar guard d di did d no nott come come back back.. To Too o ba bad d he had hadn't n't st star arte ted d to cough earl earlie ierr With thei theirr se sear arch ch ov over er an and d cu curi rios osity ity sati satisf sfie ied d (1 guess), we were finally free to go 2 hours and 35 minutes later. The train stat statio ion n had a basement waiting room. In the stairwell were many, many people standing, waiting to get on the tra iin n. Th They ey di did d not not comp compla lainor inor ask ask what what was was goin going g on—they just just st stoo ood d



th he e re re . W o u ull d we t ol ME E RI RI C CA A ? J u s t as w e were ol e ra ra te te s uc uc h i n A M

about to be on our way, Dona Young was lying comf o orrt aab bl y on the middle b u un nk k.. The ho t cars cars ne neces cessit sitate ated d ha havi ving ng the the wind window owss op open en.. Some Someho how w he herr bu bunk nk fe fell ll in line line wi with th the the op open en wind window ow,, and and her bare foot hung out. One of the soldiers zipped by as he

finished th thee se sear archand chand squeezed her her toe. toe. I do not not have words for

thee desc th descri ript ptio ion n of Do Dona na's 's st stat atee of shoc shock k An Anot othe herr sold soldie ierr ca came me on who who was was mo most st tips tipsy. y. Alco Alcoho holl perm permea eate ted d from from hi him. m. He li like ked d our our women 'N 'Nuf uf sa said id.. Th Thee pe peop ople le were all all on, on, and and at 2:40 2:40 wepu wepull lled ed away away fr from om Breclav, Cze zecchosl slo ovaki akia. My la last st vi view ew was was the the trai train n st aatt io io n, n, and I vividly saw the big window in the waiting room with LACE curtains. Such b ea ut y is quite a contrast to the double rows of fences behind the s ttaat io ion . As we pulled away, I sud suddenly enly rea eali lizzed we left left AL ALL L of ou ourr freedom in America. I had given birth this night to a new awareness of what FREEDOM REAL RE ALLY LY IS We felt God's presence throughout the whole

ord ordeal eal,, ied no one pa cked ed. . Pati Patienc eand pra prayersaw yersaw thr throug h,Tim and sausage. wecarrie wecarr d wi with thpani usnick ALL AL L of theenceand Many Man y have haveus ask asked edough, how how reacted. We had prepared him him as bes estt we could for all aspects of th thee tr trip ip.. We told told him him thes thesee peop people le are are only only doing a job, job, they they are are human and need kind and loving treatment. Kindness breeds


Mazi co ncen ncentrat tratio io n camp AUSCH AUSCHWIT WITZ Z . We ha d known o f it through h is to ry and k n e w it was awful. We had NO WAY to comprehend HO HOW W awf awful ul until we fi finis nished hed t h e t ou urs. rs. ou r o f lid h o u

We sa saw w ro room omss fu full ll of hair hair (s (sha have ved d fr from om the the vict victim imspri sprior or to thei theirr death eaths) s),, room roomss of crut crutch chees, pro prosthe sthese sess tha hatt were ere rem remove oved fro from the the victims, the the gallows from which they were hung, the area where they faced the firing squad. Little shoes, braces, and crutches o f babies a n d c h hii ld ld re re n w e re re o b bv v io io u uss . Ou r hearts were

c ru s h e d



too ,


i n no c e nt



crematorium made us ill, as did the rooms in which the people were litera lly s tuffe d to exist u nt il il dea th. Beds an d restroom facilities turned yo your ur stom stomac ach. h. No one co coul uld d ho hold ld back the tears.

kindness. Tim' Tim'ss answer to all of it was Jesus will will take take care care of us

all. all. He DID No pro proble blems ms wit with h Tim—in fact fact,, he sl slep eptt some some.. PO POLA LAND ND,, A LAND LAND OF CO CONT NTRA RAST STS S

Ju Jun ne 19 19,, Tues esd day ay.. One One did idn n't have ave mu much ch ti time me for sl slee eep p, an and d before we knew it we were again s tto o pp pp ed ed for a passport check

(5:20 A.M.). Th This is time time it included currency, cameras, and gold. 6:10 we were again checked. At th this is time time Polish No problems. At 6:10

travel trav el agen agents ts ca came me,, and and we ch chan ange ged d our our mo mone ney y for for Poli Polishmon shmoney ey.. We left Ziebrezydowice at 6:40 6:40.. Daylight wa washer shere, e, an and d wewou wewould ld know by sigh ight, if we hadn't lea learned by experiences this past

wesucha that inntra arast d ferarch enchit t itect laectur ndure,and . We saw many ma ny ol olde derr night, with with suwere cha co cont stifof ar e,and ther there e was little buildings in colo lorr or decoration ion any place. There were vast farms. You could see we were in a co coun untr try y of energetic people. It showed in their farms. We welcomed o ur release f rro o m t he he t ra ra i n ride as we

arr arriv ived ed in Kato Katow wic ice, e, Po Pollan and d, at 7:50 A. A.M M. An And dre rew w Baj ajeenski nski met met us, and our tired spirits and energy level zoomed as soon as Andr Andrew ew to took ok us unde underr hi hiss wing wing.. Al Alll 49 bagswer bagsweree pl plac aced ed on OU OUR R VERY OWN BUS (that we would have access to the week we were in Poland). Andrew had mapped out our entire week to

perfection, and it began with our arrival at the train depot.

Arri Arriva vall at th e Hotel Silesia esia in K at atow ow ice ice was within a short while.

Awaiting us was a fabulous breakfast and warm greetings from all wh o tended t o ou r n e ee e ds ds . W iitt h ou r bu s was a very competent

car carefu efull driv driver er.. Ho w we l e a rn rn e d to love S T A N He a nd nd A n nd d r ew ew

made our week truly perfect. It was flawless. (If th ther eree were were an any y

We had tried so very hard to prepare Tim for the t ou ou r as best we could. We MISSED this this as aspe pect ct.. He has has very very litt little le knowledge of history, thus it hi t hi m COLD TURKEY. He wa wass devast devastated ated that

any anyone cou could do what what had bee een n done to the hese se peo eop ple le.. Hi Hiss only nly re repl ply y wa was, s, They ne need ed Jesu Jesus. s. H Hee can canno nott forg forget et,, as we shou should ld not not forg forget et,, wh what at they they we went nt thro throug ugh h and and how how va valu luab able le our our FR FREE EEDO DOM M is to us The hotel served us a lovely meal upon re tu rn , and we cha change nged d an d re reaadie died oursel rselv ves for for ch chur urch ch at So Sosn snow owie iec. c. Love Love radiated from w it it h hii n t h hee ssee C h hrr iiss ttii aan n ss,, and we were thankful for this his sp spec ecia iall ti tim me. Our se serv rvic icee ran ran 2 hou houre; re; the they ex expe pect ct it to be this his

long long,at ,at le leas astt It bore bore su such ch a co cont ntra rast st to Hi Hitl tler er's 's de deat ath h ca camp mp..

. . -sJu we did not know it.) The breakfast renewed our energy wa June 20, 20 ,talW edPola nesland dand y. be Krak Kr akow , Po Pola land nd,rII, , is aa ci hist hity stor oric pl Ith flaws, and oficthe the thne e ca capi pita l of Po befo fore reow, Worl Wo rldWa dWarII, city thplac e ace. Polis Poe.lish level, having been relieved of 49 bags and 500.00 wor worth th of was ra ko kow C aatt he hed ra ral and Wavel Castle are two o f the sausage, we piled backin backin the the bus bus an and d made our way out to the kings. The K ra


ma many ny monu monume ment ntss to Kr Krak akow ow's 's pa past st.. Re Ren nais isssan ance ce Ha Hall ll,, fi fill lled ed wi with th many tiny shops, offers genuine Cepe Cepeli liaa crafts, crystal, and other tre treasu asure res. s. We will see this toda today. y. Our drive to Krak Krakow ow took

pl plac acee on anot anothe herr BEAUTIFUL da day. y. Ou Ourr qu quar arte tett pr prac acti tice ced, d, aswe usually did, on the bus, and at times, the whole group joined in. No rain since the li ttle bi t in Ober Oberam amm merg ergau W Wee were held almost spellbound by the sights of the people in the fields and

other si^ts. Old ladies, young mot mothers wi witth babies sitting or

ly lyin ing g in st stro roll ller erss or carriages, ch chil ild dre ren n (wh who o were were to too o you oun ng to

many many more more mile miless of lush lush farm farmla land nd.. Careand Careand co conc ncer ern n is sh show own n for for everythin everyt hing g the these se people people have. have. We sa saw w farm farmer erss lyin lying g down down to rest rest by the ca catt ttle le as we drove along the highway. In mid-moming we arri arrive ved d in Wa Wars rsaw aw.. It was was busy busy A reli religi giou ouss hol holida iday, y, call called ed Co Corp rpus us swing. We Christi, was in full saw pictures of the Pope and

pict pictur uresof esof Jesu Jesuss in the the windows. Many had Christmas tree tree lig lights hts

and flowers around them. People were out in the streets, and we soon soon foun found d ou outt Old Old Town Town wa wass terr terrib ibly ly co cong nges este ted. d. As we arri arrive ved d in to town wn,, we wen entt to the the ch chur urch ch to whic which h And Andrew rew mini minist ster ers. s. We

wo work rk)) pl play ayin ing, g, and and ch chiildre ldren n able ble to wo work rk WO WOR RKI KING NG Me Men n we werre

leading in the eff effort, and al alll pitc tch hingin to see to it every bit of

unloa loaded ded the the sausage, which we again had brought from the

l an an d was f rru u it it fu fu l. l. We were a m maa ze ze d also as we saw acre upon acre

ALL AL L ov over er Polan oland d (A (And nd in our wee eek k we cov cover ered ed a gr grea eatt sh shar aree of the the coun country try.) .) garden pl plot otss ab abou outt 300 300 fe feet et square. On most of them were tiny tiny lit little tle buil ild din ing gs, someno somenott as nice nice asothe asothers rs,, but but the the

we were re ver ve ry well Ma Many nywhich ev even en had greatest share urta ur tain inssNo att the windows. We tho though ught t this was kept. a place in theyclived. Not so. so. plot or plot plots. s. They put up the Each Each fam amiily can have a garden plot sheds to keep tools and to have a place to goin gointo to from the field. It looked like a village of pl play ay hous houses es.. Th Ther eree we were re some some lovely, co colo lorf rfu ul flowers, but but in the the main main it wa wass FOOD FOOD th they ey pla lant nted ed.. In Amer Am eric icaa we hav avee all all the the area area al alo ong our hig igh hwa way ys wher wheree we weed edss grow Som Somet etime imess th they ey are mowed. Most of the the time they are just there from one season till the next. In Poland even t ha ha t land is

USED to grow grow foo oodd or feed cattle on. NO LAND IS WASTED. There are few lawns; again, most of the space is used to grow food. We saw few modem m aacchi ne nes such as we use. The horse

and plow till the soi oill, and the hor orsse and wagon take the food

from the field to market. There are some trucks. The Polish peop people le wor workk so hard and yet have so little. elearned how hard itisto buy buy things as we went to th thee Krakow Renaissance Hall and

ho hote tell, an and d Rod gave some some to St Stan an,, ou ourr bu buss driv driver er,, ashe wa wasgoi sgoing ng to his home, which is in Warsaw, while hile we loo looke ked d arou aroun nd Old Old Town Warsaw. Stan Stan was overjoyed with with the the sausage. Th This is was was forr his his won wonderf derful ul service to us Stan Stan obvious. A small gesture fo deUv deUvere ered d us to Old Town a n nd d we en n t to hi s home. We scattered in

visited the stores. People wa waitin itin line line wherever the they y go. There are every di dire rect ctio ion n to SEE WHAT WE COULD SEE Atimefor th this is NO big supermarkets or stores of any kind. The food they grow is and t h e n into the museum to see the movie made from so sold ld over ver a cou counter ter most mostly ly,, an and d th they ey st stan and d in lo lon ng li lin nesto getit. We saw a tr truc uck. k. People were jammed around it. We asked what selling ng.. The The man man had eggs. I roughly estimated 150 they were sel

CAPT CA PTUR URED ED NA NAZI ZI FI FILM LMS. S. Wa Watc tchi hing ng sc scen enes es of Hit Hitler' ler'ss tr troo oops ps

burning Warsaw to the ground, we shuddered at man's inhum inh uman anity ity and sin.... Unbelievable It wa wass delightful to sit sit in the tiny cafe afe an andd have a cup of coffee (more about this later) and ponder the thoughts of how strong and determined these people

people around the truck. The stores resemble a concession stand in ou ourr co coun untr try. y. Most of th thee saleable itemsare behind the counte counter. r. The crafts crafts and itemsthey itemsthey make and sell are simply beautiful. The were that the city they loved would NOT di e.... home me with with us will be treasures we were able to get and bring ho H O S P I T A L IT IT Y P L U S cherished and and TREA EAS SURE RED D fore foreve ver. r... . A grea greatt shar sharee of th thee people used bicycles for transportation; walking was wa s certainly in as we well ll as bu buse ses. s. The The ca carstha rsthatt wesawall ov overEur erEurop opee we weresma resmall ll.. e saw a darling, small trailer. I said, Oh, Oh, Je Jerr rry, y, let's put a

postage stamp on one of those an andd send send it home. ecould put it

on the back of Melody, callit callit 'Cod 'Coda' a',, and and have the the off ffic icee weso BADLY need on th thee road. He didn idn't thin think k they wouldgo for

that.) e had such a fun time in Old Town Krakow as we

browsed and shopped in the the arcade and sh shops ops.. Tim had birthday money to spend. He wanted dioes. In the arcade he found a pair at a litt little le st stan and. d. WE cou could ld not comm commun unic icat atee the size. Afterhand signs and feeble efforts in language, Tim PLO PLOPPE PPED D hi hiss foot on the co coun unte terr The lady got got th thee message, and the the purchase was made. What rich expe experi rien ence cess were ours We have a greate terr understanding and love for the Polish people, an appreciation far deeper than I ever would have had, for what I have been ble blesse ssedd with. Ourtrip back to th thehote ehotell was a NOISY one. Everyone was talking about what they sa saw, w, what what they got, and just the fun day. CHRISTM STMAS AS SHOPPIN SHOPPING. G. We'll find there Many Many we were re doing their CHRI are are mo morre than than 49 bags retur returninghome ninghome Thisday in Krakow was special.

...June 21, Thursday. 5:00 A.M. our feet hit the floor. The hotel fixed us each a SACK BREAKFAST: ha ham m an and d ch chee eese se

Prob Probab ably ly on onee of the the grea greate test st changes of cu cult ltur uree we all all noti notice ced d

was the drinks. We Americans are se t in ou r ways. A t least ou r family is.) Tim likes ICED tea, Jerry and I like HOT coffee with our meal. Th Ther eree are few iced drinks, in incl clud udin ing g sodas, and the te a

is al alwa waysser ysserve ved d ho hot. t. Co Coff ffee ee is de deli lici ciou ous, s, ho hott an and d ve verystr rystron ong g bu butt alway alwayss serv served ed AF AFTER TER the the mea meal. l. Tim woul would d pers persis iste tent ntly ly ask ask fo forr ICED tea. A ft e r a few tim es and no ice, th e word for ice was

le lear arne ned, d, an and d they they brou brough ghtt the the tea tea an and d ice, ice, an and d Ti Tim m made made his his ow own. n. We NEVER did get our coffee with our meal but learned to app apprecia eciate te and and enjo enjoy y it WHENEVER we got it it.. Andrew arranged our lunch in a charming little rest aau urant , and then we met our driver, Stan, loaded onto the bus and were on our way to O st st ru ru d da a . L ov ov e O s ttrr ud ud a

In this l iitt ttll e t o ow w n t h e Po l i sh sh Ch ri st st i ans ans

hav avee built ilt a brand rand new chu church rch ca camp mp.. Our group roup wa wass the the first irst to be accommodated in the new building. It consisted of a do dorm rmit itor ory, y, sh show ower erss (YES (YES), ), kitc kitche hen, n, an and d a be beau auti tifu full dini dining ng room room which overl o oo oks a lake. All the w or or k was done by the m en en , and it was e xc xc el el le le nt nt . The t ab le s were h an an dm dm a ad d e a nd nd f iin nis h heed w it it h a

mi mirr rror or-l -lik ikee shine. Stun Stunni ning ng The beds were made up for us, and

we were in an acco accomm mmod odat atio ion n that was was Hilton Hilton styl style. e. Paul Paul Wr Wrob obel el is the the mi mini nist ster er of th thee Os Osttru ruda da ch chur urch ch an and d man anag agees the ca camp mp.. We unloaded our 49 suitcases and the po port rtio ion n o f sa saus usag agee wh whic ich h we

camp,, fres freshen hened ed up and went back on the bus. sandwiches (in ha to the camp hard rd ro roll lls) s),, tomatoes, and grape juice. At 6: 6:00 00 brought Destination—Olsztyn (pop (population ulation 150,0 150,000). 00). We were gr greet eeted ed at A-M. we were en route to Warsaw. The cou countr ntrysi yside de revealed

the kapiica (chapel) by th thee minister, Mr. Kobus. Shortly, we had

ou ourr service, and and afte afterw rwar ard ds we knew by th thee hug ugss and and te tear arss how grateful these people were we came. There was a very special mean meanin ing g in the the closing son song, g, NO, NEVER NEVER ALONE. ALONE. They They kn know ow that that if the they KEEP their faith in th thee Lord Lord Je Jesu suss Christ, they will never be alone. Fellowship followed in our h on on or or and such a beauti bea utifularrayof fularrayof dai dainty nty sandwiches, vegetables, cak cakes,etc es,etc.. Hou Hours rs of pr preepara parati tion on went went into into this this meal. We were so veiy veiy than thankf kful ul for the love sh sho ownto us. us. Back to the camp now and a moment we ha had d be been en waiting for. As I said, we had all packed many gifts in


our bags for th thee people of Poland. Also Also,, amon amongg our belongings we were re 50 be bed d sh shee eets ts we had bro roug ugh ht fo forr th thee camp camp.. Allof th this is was was removed from rom our our suitcases, pl plus(I us(I fo forrgot got to te tell ll you. you.), ), we ha had d brought 2 gallons of paint for the camp (hand carried also) because paint is most difficult to get, too. Everything was brought in into to th thee dining entrance (including the sausage ), and we were amazed, as eac each h tr traavele velerr place placed d the the ite items ms he br brou ough ghtt ther there, e, at how how BIG our contri contribut bution ion became. Many needs were supplied,

we only wish we co coul uld d have carried more more.. Andrew was overc vercom omee with thanks, and we had had a tearful timeof timeof joy, joy, closing as we sang

ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS. bi-lingual. A wond wonder erfu ful, l, wond wonder erfu full day

Of course, it was

farm. We were excited Suddenly the farmer lane la ne ofallth this iselovely heard the th commot commotio ion, n, and he and his little Poli^ wife came tear tearin ing g ou outt of the ba bam, m, waving their arms and in NO un unce cert rtai ain n terms t el elli n ng g us to GO B A AC CK K-- NO NO W Wee were sick at heart there was that beautiful stork, and we could no nott get get close enough. We

knew how we had shock hockeed and possibly scared scared these these people with ou r

eageme eag emess ss an and d

e xc xc i te te me me nt nt a n d t u rn rn e d ar ound


st ar t ed


the bus. About th this is ti time me An Andr drew ew came came running ashe saw what had happened. In a second he made conversation wi witth the people,

and they laughed and waved us back. Pictures taken and back on

the bus. Yesss, storks are really real and sur surel elyy nes nestt on roof tops. They look so majestic I think they could do anything. What a

marv marvel ello lous us si sigh ghtt Ne Next xt we shudde shuddered red at th thee HANG HANGIN ING G CORN CORNER ER at MALBORK, Europ Europe's e's larg larges estt fortif fortified ied medieval castle and and seat seat of the the Grand Master of the the Order of Teutonic Knights. We toured this for 1^ hours and saw only HALF. Finally, now now we are in

Gdansk, nearthe Baltic Sea. A quick look about this town, a brief brief into to a few shops to SEE walk on the interesting narrow streets, in what they have, then we were mos mostt read readyy for the lunch prepared for us that Andrew again had arranged. A su surp rpri risi sing ng mea meal, l, excellent fo food od—BUT —BUT SOME SOME tho though ughtt the fish th that at was was served with the the head head on was lyingthere winking at th them em..

over,, back back in the bus. Lunch over bus. Time Time did not permit usto go on



June 22, Thursday. Several of the ladies (Paul's wife and others) prepared an excep exceptiona tionall breakfast breakfast for us How delightful to ea eatt there inthe dining room and see the shi shimmeri mmering ng lake. Hard roll rolls, s, co cold ld cuts, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheeses, rye bread, jellies, and tea wa wass the menu. It seemed, though we ate heartily,

to the Baltic Sea we did see the channel-the Wisla River-and ma marv rvel eled ed at th this is ar area ea of a th thou ousa sand nd la lake kess an and d al alll th thee wo wood odeed hi hill lls. s.

On our way back to Ostruda, we saw our FIRST boat (sail).

Amazing, all the lakes and water, and the lack of bo boat ats. s. Bac ack k in Ostruda now and over to an old folks home which the church is

pe perrmit itte ted d to operate on a h/ge military base. They were so excited abou aboutt ou ourr coming, and and all were outside awaiting our arrival. We were told what to expect, but seeing surely gives a different dimension. We drove th thro roug ugh h th thee gates of the base. Ihen we saw numerous big buildings. To our right there were

we waschas tm there muc foople odlewsa hecrif nific whus en we star ted. mu heusech pe to giveastowhen peop sacr iced edfinished Lost vearte wad. s How everywhere The bus was wa s at the door, and we all made our way to sold soldie iers rs (wit (with h gu guns ns), ), marc marchi hing ng ba back ck an and d fort forth. h. I ne neve verr drea dreame med d it it.. Sta tan n has been wit ith h us and and a part of allth llthaat weha ehav ve done. He the home would be in this area. I was amazed when I l o ok ed to has also gone into the services we have had. On our way to th thee left left and so someo meone ne said said,, They are waving at us We go gott off off Gdansk. Crossing the quiet countryside now. We see ladies the the bus, bus, eachone eachone remembering our inst instru ruct ctio ions ns:: you can cannot not tak takee out in the yard, a deer prances across the lush pict milking the cows out pictur ures es of sol soldi dier ers, s, brid bridges ges,, military base bases, s, po pollic icee etc. The green pasture and up the hillside. Such beauty and grace. The cameras remained o n t h e bus Th e soldiers w atched us w ith biz-e-ness of this world has not not af afffected cted these people yet. scruti scrutiny, ny, and we hurr hurrie ied d inside. Ther Theree is no way way to tell tell you you the the AH AH—N —NOW OW WE HAVE A THRILL. We were told told wewoul wewould d believe joy of this evening. Tears flowed freely as these dear souls in the stork before we left this area of Poland and to keep our listened to the service. 71m played asifhe was giving a concert in eyes peeled. You should have heard the SQUEALS on the bus at a hall, ll, and and hi hiss message of love wentst wentstra raig ight ht to theirhearts. theirhearts. large ha the first sight the chi chimne mneys ys in this sight.. Numerous Numerous nests were seen on the They hugged and kissed him, and he did the same to all of them. section of northern Poland. Stan was most willing to stop when There was a language barrier, but but we knew whatthe mes messa sage ge was we found one that we wanted to photograph. All eyes were as the the lit little tle lady lady re relat lated ed tea tearf rful ully ly asshe said said good good-b -bye ye ttha hatt she she dosely peeled to the roof tops oti both sides of the highway. ll would see us in Heaven. I neglected to say when Rod or Jeri Jeriy y

right side of the of a sudden, the the bu buss sho shoute uted, STO STOP. St Stan an accommodated us. Eve Every ryone one wit withh a camera started down the long

Andre rew w wo woul uldd interpret. When ou spoke, And ourr qu quar arte tett sang, they

would follow in th thee hy hymn mnal al some or just get ^e message of the

Then we all sang the song to Tim. Sing along in y ou ou r mind to get get th thee feel feelin ing g of the meanin ing g. I e spe specciall ially y lik ikee verse 2. It is to th e tune o f Coming 'Round th thee Mountai Mountain n . havi having ng a Ha Happ ppy y Birthday... Hi, Hi, Ti Tim m drivi driving ng a di dies esel el engine... T o ot ot , t o ot ot . saying, Oh , w o w ... Oh Oh,, Wow Wow Eating granola granola b a rs ... Crun Crunch, ch, crunch. crunch. Grinning Grinni ng hi hiss SP SPEC ECIA IAL L gr i n. . . MMM.HMMM. Wearin Wea ring g POLISH shoes... Scuff, scuff. scuff. Play Playin ing g a Gr Grand and Piano... do-re-mi.

Tim was filled w ith ith JOY, He said it was the best birthd birthdaa y ever. I know it is o n e h e'll e'll neve neverr fo forg rgee t. t. A gre gre eti eting ng was dra drawn wn on paper, Th e O ld Fo l k s H o me in Po l an d

song from interpretation.... We have been in hundreds of nursing home homess in the the Un Unit ited ed Stat States es,, some some so eleg elegan antt and and fa fanc ncy. y.

and a make-shift pin was made t ha ha t he could wear that day. It wa wass a map o f Po Pola land nd,, sh show owin ing g th thee ci citi ties es we vi visi site ted, d, and and it sa said id,, A BIRT BIRTHD HDAY AY IN PO POLA LAND ND , and and it al also so ga gave ve th thee da date te.. He re rece ceiv ived ed

Never have we seen any where the residents are as clean, loved, and well ell care ared fo forr asthi asthiss one ne.. The The ho hom me wa wass spo pottle less ss and and ha had d no nott a tr trac acee of od odor or.. Thes Thesee pe peop ople le are are su sure rely ly ve very ry spec specia ialin lin God' God'ss ey eyes es for the firmness and st eadf ast ness of t h heei r faith. Paul (camp

manager and minister) also runs th thee homewit homewith h th thee he helpof lpof ot othe hers rs.. He is a very BUSY wonderful, caring man. These folk folk showhis showhis ef effo fort rtss are are pr prod oduc ucin ing g fr frui uit. t. Ba Backto ckto the the ca camp mp,, and and be bed d sure sure fe felt lt w o n d e r f u l.



June June 23 23,, Sa Satu turd rday ay.. Brea Breakf kfas astt was was a bir birthda thday y pa part rty y To Toda day y Tim is 32.1 need to explain a few thin hings before I tell about his you know, Tim's appetite is ONE meal all party. First, as most of you daylon ylong.M of us took granola bars for times when when me meal alss were far far between. I th thou oug ght I had lots.... Not Not so so.. He devo evoured ours ours and and ev ever eryo yone ne el else se's 's Seco Second ndly ly,, his his love love fo forr dies diesel el en engi gine ness is no secret. HIS SEAT on the bus was on top of the engine. No one had better try to sit there... NO ON ONE E wa want ntedto. edto. Th Thir irdl dly,whe y,when n


m •Joskih.

somet omethi hing ng exci excittes him, him, his favorite expression is OH,WOW Th Ther eree we were re lots lots of Oh , w ow 's . . . . Now back to the p aarr tty y.

Br Brea eakf kfas astt wa wass la lavi vish sh an and d deli delici ciou ous. s. Bi Birth rthda day-t y-typ ypee napk napkin inss an and d ICED ICED TE TEA A for Ti Tim. m. He sa saiid, WOW Th Thee la ladi dieswer esweree so kind kind to do all they did. After we ate. Barb Currie, our gal wh who o wa wass

mnning ov over er with with witticism, had written a poem and a song. The poem fi firs rst: t:

Th Ther eree is a yo youn ung g pi pian anis istt name named d Tim, Tim, He play playss wi with th such such vi vigo gorr an and d vim. vim. Few ot othe hers rs play be ttte terr Than this this swe sweet et gogo-ge gette tter. r.

Su Such ch is ou ourr yo youn ung g pi pian anis istt na name med d Ti Tim. m.

money too, oo, and he felt Uke he was was a mi mill llio iona nair ire.Allsor e.Allsorts ts of gi gift ftss were his, and he was crunching on granola bars all day. The big celebration en d ed .... A gl glor orio ious us ti time me in Ostr Ostrud udaa no now w en ende ded, d, and and we fe fellt sa sad d to sa say y go good od-b -byeto yeto al alll ou ourr new new and and de dear ar fri rien endsth dsther ere. e. What Wh at the hese se pe peop ople le ha have ve acco accom mpl plis ishe hed d is AMAZING. We were trav traveh ehng ng ba back ck to Warsaw now. We st stop oppe ped d at Pa Palm lmir iry, y, th thee ma mass ss grave whe where re Wars Warsaw aw's 's tea teache chers rs and civic lea leader derss were were massac massacred red..

Whenev When ever er this this young man man inves investig tigat ates es,, He looks at cars and c aass tle tle gate gatess . He sits b a c k to listen

To th e bus bus die diesel sel en engin ginee An And d talk talkss of me medi diev eval al knight's fa fate tes. s.


These t hought s are engraved in a sign at the cemetery. It's e a ^


Most difficult to suffer for her.

work fo forr her Harder to die for her to talk about Poland Hard Hard to wor


Back Back in War arssawno awnow w an and d to a lo lov vely ely rest restau auia iant nt.. It wasloc aslocaated ted across the stre street et from the American Embassy. Andrew's wife, Ur Ursu sula la,, and and chi hild ldre ren n, Ola an and d Lu Luca cass, met us th theere. re. It wasa deliglU to meet them, an d I know she was thrilled to have Andrew home

ag agai ain n. In the the re resta staur uran antt wa wass th this is st stun unni ning ng whit white, e, gran grand d pi pian ano. o. Tim was asked to play it and did so till the meal was ready. I believe, had he not run out of granola bars, he would have kept on through lunch. It was a thrill for him. Our next engagement was at IN INVA VALI LIDS DS INC. INC. RE REHA HABI BILI LITA TATI TION ON CENT CENTER ER.. Th Thes esee peop people le know English, and Tim especially enjoyed this time. They responded to his music so vibrantly. When he finished, t h e y

wdio is a surv survey eyo or. The They y have a wond wonderfu erfulson, lson, age 9. Daniel is the the Al Alll-Am Amer eric ican an,, I mean mean Poli Polish sh,, ty type pe boy. boy. Welo Welove ved d hi him. m. Al Alic icee made made

us com comfort rtab able le in ev ever ery y way-a pl plea easa sant nt,, cl clea ean n be bed; d; wo wond nder erfu full

ho t b at at h hss ; and she even drew the w at at eerr for all t h hrr ee ee o f us. us. Lonn Lonnie ie

served us h ot ot , steaming coffee and cart ed us to and from the

church. He had had to make two trips, delivering us to th thee house and then then get getti ting ng his wife an and d son. son. They They pres presen ente ted d us wi with th 3 beau beauti tifu full Polish, h, pre press ssed ed flo flower wers-s s-some omethi thing ng we value so very pictures of Polis mu much ch.. Wevi Wevisi site ted d ti till ll very very la late te,, and and AL ALL L of us fe fell ll into into bed bed. FO R GE GE T T TA A B LE LE L O R D S D A Y AN U N FO

ap appl plau aude ded d what seemed an endless am amou ount nt of time time,, and afte afterr the enco encore res, s, a pr prec ecio ious us wo woma man n in a wh whee eell ch chai airr expr expres esse sed, d, in Engl Englis ish, h, he r deep love and feelings for his music. T h e n die gave him a beautiful b ou q ue t of long-stemmed roses and a record o f

C oipti nn'saall ct ha oamn pklss, e,teandwohreksr.eceA dy expations. ressns. ed adhd di tiion o h nk ivneodthaerb o ou uyo qu qu uneetg t o flared re d carn carnatio We visited a bi t and then toured toured this this ma marv rvel elou ouss faci facili lity ty.. It affor affords ds nearly every type of vocation. They have a goal of ha havi ving ng the the youth here t h r e e years, and then t h e y are ready for life. T h e y prod produc ucee ra radi dio o and and TV re repa pair irme men, n, tail tailor ors, s, elec electr tric icia ians ns—y —you ou na name me

got up at 7:45. Alice already was ...June 24, Sunday. dressed an and d had had break breakfa fast st awaiting us. us. It was a smaller version version of the beauty that we ha hadd en enjjoyed oyed las astt ni nigh ght. t. shared in spiritual each ch re read adin ingg scripture and prayin prayingg aloud. aloud. A food with them first, ea leisurely breakfast an and d th then en we were ready for church. Loimie to took ok us and and then got Alice and Daniel. The church was packed. Everyone was li lift fted ed to th thee mountaintop as th e service moved through its order. Th Thee qu quar arte tett sang, Tim played, and Rod

it, t h advance nced d physical physical therapy he e y t ra ra in in for it. They have such adva and lear learni nin ng labs. We tour toured ed the nice resi resid den enti tial al facilities. Tlie lie peopl e are well cared for, the t ot ot al al p ro ro gr gr am am is very SUP E ER RI O OR R. O u r d r i v er n o w h e o w a rrd d t he h e P ol a s ka ea a de de d b a ac c k i nt n t o W ar s aw t ow

Street Church. This is the congregation to which Andrew minist er ers. What a t re re at at and grat if ifying evening we were a b bo o ut ut to enjoy enjoy The The la ladi dies es of the c h u r c h had p rep are d TABLES OF F OO OO D We c o oul uld d no t believe ou r eyes . Oh, it was el e ga nt . Everything that we had b e e n served any place was unusually b e a u t i fu l Tliis was sup erio r to any r es es ttaa u urr an ant . It had to have

delivered a sermon of great stre streng ngth th as he encouraged the people

to bear our Geth Gethse sema mane ne and prepare ourselves for it. The communion service bro rou ught us al alll tog oget ethe herr as one peop eople, an and da feeUng singing, strong of unit unity y was felt in the lively though thou gh each of us sa sang ng in our own own la lan ngua guage Anot Anothe herr zest zestfu full mea eall, an and d it was at a restaurant called, in memory of King Sobieski III, Restauracja Wilanow. It ison the palace grounds. The king halted the advance of the Turkish armies in Europe at Vieronain in 1683. A sightseeing t o ou u r of Warsaw followed. It included the Russian Embassy, the Polish White House, and t h e n on to

Lazienski Park where we heard briefly a concert of Chopin s music mus ic.. Warsa Warsaw w is hi hiss home. He was bomherein 1810.) Thepark is beau beauti tifu ful, l, an and d it was FU FULL LL of peop people le.. The The st stat atel ely y grand piano was playe d by an ex ce lle nt a rtist. A thrill to share in this. Tim was enthralled.... Now Now to Hote Hotell Eu Euro rope pejs jski ki.. lo loca cate ted d ac acro ross ss th thee

st stre reet et fr from om th thee he head adqu quar arte ters rs of th thee ar army my.. Sold Soldie iers rs st stoo ood d guar guard d We de depo posi site ted d our our lu lugg ggag agee-ye yes, s, al alll 49 pi piec eces es,, mi minu nuss th thee pain paintt an and d sau aussag age. e. On now now to th thee beau beauti tifu full la larg rgee Luth Luther eran an Chur Church ch th that at they they had secured for Tim's concert. It was sponsored by the Unit eed d Chur Church ches es of Chri Christof stof Pola Poland nd.. An ex exce cell llen entt cr crow owd, d, an and d a boy boy wh who o

t ak ake n these women, and there were many of th them em,, HO HOUR URS S to prepare for all of us The menu was endless. They served tlie BIGGEST, fresh stra strawb wber erri ries es I have eve everr seen.I seen.I won wonder deredif edif the they y ha d been crossed with a watermelon. After th e meal we v is is it it ed ed

with the huge crowd of pe peo opl plee who who had had co come me to welc welco ome us us.. We were able to learn much about them, what they did, their families, an and d we told the hem m of ours rs.. So Som me of the the occu occupa pati tion onss of thos thosee we were were with with we were re teac teache hers rs,, a pa pate tent nt atto attorn rney ey,, an expl explor orer er wh who o spen spentt mont months hs at the the Nort North h Pole Pole,, a su surv rvey eyor or,, etc. etc. Ma Manysp nyspok okee English, or atleast atleast some. It wa wasno snow w time time for for worship. We sang as

was in love with the b ea uti ffu u l grand t h hee y had. A new n a me in pianos to us was Calisia, the piano made in Pol an d. It is a fine in s tr tr um ume n t , with b ea utifu l so un d. We had pre pa red Tim to be ready for any type of in s tr u me n t . He was so blessed an d

pleased they were ALL wonderful. This was the biggest concert of the to tour ur.. I shared Tim's st stor ory y and struggle in hfe, and

a group, th e quartet sang, J er er rry y s po po k ke e , a nd nd T iim m gave a concert. Time now to go to the home of our h o st for the night—a wo wond nder erfu full ex exp per erie ienc ncee for all of us. The gene genero rosi sity ty o f th thee Poli Polish sh

ho w G o d h a d helped us ove ove rc rc o om m e many diffic difficult ult obs obstac tacles les.. As Ti m p la la ye ye d , a certain soft sound was a ud ib ibl e. e. I sort o f looked

people tea people teache chess all all of us a lesson: It is my C h hri rist stia ian n rotherin all things. Our stay was w it it h a school t ea ea ch che r an d he r husband,

praying hands. After the service we learned what was being whispered. I do n ot know ho w to spell the Polish word.

sideways, and I c o u l d see lips moving and h a nd s in the form of

Jacooya Jac ooya , but in English they they we were re sayi saying ng,, Th Than ank k yo you, u, Go God, d, for for send sendin ing g this this spec specia iall bo boy y to us us.. Tim Tim co coul uld d feel feel th thee lo love ve th that at they they felt felt for for him, him, and and he play played ed wi with th ever every y bi bitt o f ene energyhe rgyhe cou could ld must muster er.. Whe hen n the the co conc ncer ertt wa wass ov over er,, th ther eree wer were st stan andi ding ng ov ovat atio ions ns,,

a lo love velybou lybouqu quet et of perf perfec ectt red red swee sweett pe peas as an and d then then a cherished bo bouq uque uett of red red an and d wh whit itee ca carn rnat atio ions ns.. Th Thes esee are are Po Poli lishcol shcolor ors, s, a highest tribute to anyone who receives them. Tim was overwhelmed. I wish I could share with you some o f the ot othe herr very personal things people said and did. I am at a loss to even kn know ow ho how. w. Such Such love love an and d ap appr prec ecia iati tion on we ha have ve ne neve verr se seen en in al alll ou ourr trav travel els. s. When When th thee conc concer ertt was was ov over er,, Eile Eileen en ga gaveTi veTim m a hu hug g and and a kiss and said, Oh, Tim, that was beautiful. I'm so proud of

whatever on e chose to do. S o om m e wa lk lke d down to th e swimming

pool. Surprise, a group in skinny dipping Theylef Theyleftt fa fast st an and d in

shock, niis is an A-1 evening Bed eeaarly.

hotel. A relaxing afternoon and


June 26, Tuesday. We were served what they call a

c ontine nta nta l br e a kfa kfa st in th e hotel. I w ould call it a feast. O h h o w

tas tasty, ty, beauti beautiful ful,, and ple plenti ntiful ful We had a time of farewell around the the table tables. s. Everyone got an aw awar ard d fro rom m our make ake believe THE EUROPEAN TRAVELERS SCH SCHOOL OOL.. Barb Barb Curie, Curie, ou r writer,

was a bu busy sy one one an and d sa saw w to it we ALL ALL graduated. Mycer Mycertificate was for Best Note Taker's Award. Jerry's was the Straw Hat

you.. Tim you Tim's 's rep reply, ly, Do you hav havee a gr gran anol olaa bar bar,, Eile Eileen? en? We were so humb humble led d and grateful God would bless us in this way and allow us to share in this c o un t r y . Also, a p a r t o f the after afternoo noon n wa wass a regul regular ar wo wordi rdiip ip servi servicewit cewith h Rod Rod preac preachin hing g again again,, upli uplift ftin ing g the the peop people le stil stilll furt furthe her. r. Af Afte terr the the serv servic iceswe eswe were were taken taken ba back ck to th thee Pola Polask skaa St Stre reet et Ch Chur urch ch and and agai again n bl bles esse sed d with with anothe anotherr ab u un nd aan nt meal. We shared a time o f pray prayer er in th e basement

around the tables in the ca candl ndlel elit it room. room. ) ^ a t a bond of deep

Ch Chri rist stia ian n lov ovee We had a feel feelin ing g of joy, o f course, bu t hanging ov oveer us was sadn adness. ess. Weha Wehad to say go good od-b -by ye to all tho those wh who o had be beco come me ou ourr frie iend ndss an and d bles blesse sed d ou ourr liv ivesin esin so man any y wa ways ys.. We at ate, e, we visit isiteed, we pr pray ayed ed,, wehugge wehugged d and kiss issed each ach other we cried cried,, and we LEFT. The hotel seemed a sad place. This was our last night in Poland. As I drif drifte ted d of f to sleep this phrase kept kept going t h r o u ^ my mi nd. Stan had it in the bus on one o f the si sign gnss above th e f ro ro n ntt . It said, P OL OL IS IS H IS B E EA A UT UT IF IF UL UL . TRULY IT IS. What What wonde wonderful rful peo people ple

Jimee 25, Mon Jim Monday day.. Wake-up at 6: 6:00 00 A.M. And Andrewmet rewmet us after after our breakfast, and we were all loaded in the bus and ready to

Award. (He always had his stra strawha whatt on, but but af afte terr tw two o weeks of solid wear and also rain, it sort of disi disint nteg egra rate ted d an and d fell fell by the the wa ways ysid ide. e.)) Tim's awards were Special Ci Cita tatio tion n fo forr Excelle ellen nce in Building Pepsi In tion on Guzz zzle I think thi granola sho shoul uld d haInsp vespec becti een adand ded ded. A lot lotGu of lau laler. ur. ghs andnk then he n into nto aconsumer taxi axi and off off to the the airp airpor ort.Ourmode t.Ourmodesof sof trav travel el were man many, y, I tho though ught, t, and

I st star arte ted d listi listingthem ngthem:: van, van, plan plane, e, tr trai ain, n, diut diuttle tle bus, bus, tour tourin ing g bus, bus, trolley, horse and wa wagon gon,, ho hors rsee and carriage, now now th thee taxi taxi,, and and we must must not not forget shanks ponies (or walking). Our plane took of f at 10:2 10:22 2 the the rain, but so soo on we were hig high above ove it and

surr surrou ound nded ed by bil illo low wy clou louds. A shor shortt flight and and we lan landed ded in Frank nkffor t. t. A bit of time to scan the shops, and then our lovely

Luft Luftha hans nsaa plane was read ready,the y,then n we sa sat. t. Th They ey sa said id some repairs weree needed wer needed.. We said aid, BE SURE URE DON'T ON'T hurry rry. Abo About H hour la later ter we were were airb airbor orne ne.. Mymind ra race ced,and d,and Jerr Jerry y and and I talk talked ed of thee me th memo mori ries es and and impr impreessio ssions ns.. Ma Many ny we were re unfo unforg rget etta tabl ble, e, so some me we wished we coul could d forg forget et,, bu butt st stil illl they they taug taught ht us a lesson. We gazed out the window and saw iceberg tips and the coast of Newfo ewfou und ndla lan nd. We wer eree se serrve ved d such such a lo love velly me meal al and rel relax axed ed

depa depart rt by 8: 8:15 15.. We had had gr grow own n to lo love ve Andrew and and St Stan an sove sovery ry much these much these day days. s. Leaving was not not easy easy.. Stan Stan was a re realjo aljoy, y, an and d

and enjoyed every morseL It seemed impossible, but we were approaching Toronto, Carida. It was 3:30 P.M. Through the gates

is with us. It is no t che checke cked d or even even looked at to any gr e aatt extent

in our our group flopped in bed at the Holiday Inn near the airp airpor ort, t,

we were so fortunate t o have such a fine dri driver ver.. We left fo r th e we saw two famil amilia iar, r, smiling faces—Walt Young,Dona'shusband, airport, t, then then throug through h cu cust stom oms. s. No prob proble lems ms,, a fewwe fewwere re an Warsaw airpor and d Clar Claren ence ce Icke Ickes, s, Eile Eileen en's 's husb husban and. d. They They ha had d co come me to take take us requ equest ested to coun countt th thei eirr money. No ti tim me to waste. The shuttl shuttlee back back to Ca Cant nton on.. We ha had d to ge gett thro throug ugh h customs and and did did so with with took us to our plane, and we were off at 9:50 A.M., exa exactly ctly on ease. The last of the wrestling and chasing of our 49 bags was time. Now we are at the East Berlin airport, going through accomplished. Our now st stro rong ng but tired tired men sought the bags with cust custom omss aga gain in.. We are searc earch hed ed,, bu butt it is not oth hin ing g but a ro rout utin inee the blue and green bows, and those bows were invaluable The even ev ent. t. Ona bus bus again andhea andheadi ding ng for the Berlin Wall. They Theycheck check greatest asset of th thee whole tr trip ip,, I do believe. Final good-byes and th thee bu buss with ith mirr mirror orss an and d chec check k us an and d ou ourr pa pass sspo port rts. s. Our luggage hugs to some ome who were stayi staying ng ove overni rnight ght at Niagara Falls. Those

nor nor is it sent sent th thro roug ugh h th thee dete detect ctor ors. s. They They se seemsat emsatis isfi fiedwe edwe ar aree we not hel helpi ping ng some someon onee esca escape pe,, and are soon free to go. Our drive riverr winds inds in an and d out out of the the cro crooke oked pa path th of ba barr rric icaades des, and soon soon we are withi thin si sigh ghtt of West Berlin. We ar aree than thankf kful ul they they havee re hav rele leas ased ed us after after our exp experi erienc encein ein Czec Czecho hosl slov ovak akia ia.. Then Then we have have CROSSED CROSSED th e wall wall entirely

Ther Theree is no wa way y to desc descri ribe be th thee ex exhi hila lara rati tingfee ngfeeli lingof ngof be bein ing g on this his side o f the wall^ an and d ou ourr be best st an and d on only ly ex expr pres essi sion on ca camein mein singing as wehad neve neverr sungb sungbef efor ore,and e,and at th thee to top p of our our voices, G OD BLES BLESS S AM AMER ERIC ICA A as we cros rossed sed ov oveer, for for now we ha d an entirely entir ely diffe different rent conc concept ept of FREEDOM, and and fo forr a pe peri riodof odof ti time me th theere \r \raas dead ead silence—yes, ev even en fr from om ou ourr jo jovi vial al gr grou oup, p, and and we brushed the tears from our eyes. We were back in a land of

color-som colorsometh ething ing we had not see seen n for sometime sometime B Bea eaut utif iful ul col color or adds so much to the joy of living. West Berlin wasbeautif wasbeautiful, ul, and we had had left left th thee sull sullen en guards at Checkpo Checkpoint int Char Charlie lie.. We travelon now to the lovely Hotel Kempinskiv Our las last ni nig ght of th thee to tour ur.. Rod Rod had arranged th this is lo lov vel ely y pl plac acee sort sort of as an R and and R. It was was beautiful, clean, and had all the niceties—such as SOFT AS CHARMIN TJP. When we sa w th e T.P. in most o f th e o th er cities

we visited, I said, Mr. Whipple hasn't been here yet with Charmin. Time to window shop, Christmas shop, rest, do

and after a hot bath, a bed was most welcome. Jet lag was becoming pronounced. A 6 hour time change takes its toll on y o ur ur b o dy dy .

Ju June ne 27 27,, Wednesday. Acupof ear early ly mornin morningg coffee, andthen we were on th thee highway leading to Canton. We stopped at a litt little le d ou urr FIN re resta staura urant nt an and d ha d brea breakf kfas ast, t, the then n we h aad FINAL AL cus custom tomss check.... Soon back in the good old USA at 11:00 A.M. and

arriving safely in Canton at 5: 5:30?M 30?M.. Everyone s thou^ts were on God' God'ss blessings, and our words for thanksgiving seemed so inadequate. He knows our hearts however, and I pray we can can

express these thoughts in better living n ^ough a greater n ex t en d ed service.

We hu humb mblytha lythankallwhoha nkallwhohad d a pa part rt in sending us. We were an extension of you you inyou inyourr missionary outreach. We didourbestto rep repres resent ent you and our Lord Jesus Christ well. Our prayer is * May it b e s o. o. GLADNESS TO SADNESS

functtione ionedd qu quiite wel Our phone, that has func well, l, de deve velo lope pedd a

malf malfun unct ctio ion. n. We us usee an answering mach machin inee an and d call call in from from our our location locatio n and receive our messages several times timesaa week week.. Sudd Sudden enly ly it would only give one message, and tha thatt was it. Because of th thee 9

intrica\^en cy of w it, w e had nofr w ayEuro to rope cpe orreand ct itstarted till wego egot t bathrough ck to El July 3—7, Tue uesd sday ay— —Sa Satu turd rday ay.. Le Lexi xing ngto ton n look lookss good good,, but but I Paso. going returned from om Eu don't feel good. Must be a trip hangover. Stomach up our mail, we found a lett letter er from Jerry's br bro oth ther er that his sister, Roberta Phi Philli llips ps Mrs. Bill) had passed away away in Ca Canb nby, y, Oregon. Bo Bobb bbie ie,, as we lovi loving nglycall lycalled ed he her, r, ha had d de deve velo lope ped d ca canc ncer er ab abou outt 12 ye year arss ag ago o an and d ha had d ma made de a wond wonder erfu full co come meba back ck.. Severa rall ye year arss ag ago o further advancement o f th e diseas diseasee was was f ou ou n nd d. Sh he e be ec c am am e so ill ill.

We had the jo y of a family reunion in Oc Octo tobe berr 1982. Her frail

body ody and weakness env envelo eloped ped us with ith despa espair ir.. Bo Bobb bbie ie's 's fig fight co cont ntin inue ued d ho howe weve ver, r, an and d she she mad adee an anot othe herr go good od co come meba back ck,, bu butt on May 31 ou r Lor Lord d sa saw w fit fit to take he r hom home. e. We ha d no t known

that ^e had regressed, and our last word word

w s

she was doing

co cons nsid ider erab ably ly bet better ter.. We tho though ught, t, ho w coul d it be, and for a bit


Plans altered, still feel badly. NOT A BANG U P FOURTH

F O R US .

July 8, Sunday. En route to Atlant aa,, Georgia, to the N o orr th th Amer Am erica ican n Chri Christi stian an Conve Conventi ntion. on. Stopped Stopped at Ad Adair airsvi svill lle,Geor e,Georgia gia,, in time for ev eveening ch chur urch ch.. Min iniist ster er''s wife, Winnie McPherson (husb usband and, Phil hillip) ip) came for us and and took ook us to the the churc urch. Welef eleft Melo elody at the ca camp mpgr grou ound nd.. The lad lady si sittti ting ng be beh hin ind d me sa said id,, My so sonn-in in-l -law aw is be bein ing g cons consid ider ered ed as th thee ne new w mi mini nist ster er o f you yourr ho home me c hu hur cch h to od d ay ay I co ou u lld dn n'' t believe this. Of all the churches to choose from, we were in this one. Su d dd d en en lly y we felt like family. Now Now we ar are. e. Darm Darmy y Pe Pelf lfre rey y is th thee ne new w mini minist ster er at Nort North h Ind Indust ustry. ry.

wished it w aass n' n' t so, u n ntt il il we were r em em iin nd dee d o f the f ac ac t she was rele leas ased ed from from ALL her her pa pain in an and d su suff ffer erin ing g an and d wassafel assafely y in NOW re the the ca care re of ou ourr Fath Father er.. Her Her co conc ncem em fo forr ot othe hers rs wa wass pe pers rsis iste tent nt un unti till

the end, and Th thro ugh the anguish of the tremendous pain her e L o r d will ta ke care o f me. Bob wo word rdss we were re Bobbie bie's 's clear, clear,

beau beauti tiff ul ul angelic voice must have added a tr trem emen endo dous us beau beauty ty to th e he no w t h ha a t Go d wi heav aven enly ly ch choi oir. r. We k no will ll con contin tinue ue to ma make ke he r happy, and music was her happiness. Tim was special to Aunt Bobbie and Bobbie to Tim. In fa c t, she was his sitter in the in infa fanc ncy y da days ys when hen he wasso ill ill an and d I ne need eded ed he help lp an and d re reli lief ef.. Ye Yes, s, Bobbi obbiee will be sor sorely ely misse sed d by all of us, us, but but her spi pirrit and and love ove will ill neve ever be fo forg rgot otte ten n or repl replac aced ed,, and we wou oulld no t ask fo forr he herr to con contin tinue ue he r suffering We p piicked up Bill's p ho ho ne ne call when we go gott ba bacck to El Pas Paso. Wewe ewerre gra rate tefu full fo forr Bar arn ney ey's 's letterto letterto us us..

An ad add diti tio onal sad sadness ess wa wass Jer Jerry's ry's cous cousin in.. Pe Pear arll (Mrs rs.. Fr Fran ank) k) Howe Howert rton on,, in Bo Bois isee and and a ve very ry pr prec ecio ious us ne neig ighb hbor or wehad in Gran Grand d Juncti Jun ction, on, Co Colo lora rado do,, Blos Blosso somBur mBurke ke,, al also so pa pass ssedawa edaway. y. It willbe willbe a loss to us to retum to these places some day and no t be able to share a b it so



t iim m e w it i t h Blo s s o m a n d Pearl. We lo v ed t h e m b o t h


hill. When the service unplar unp larmed med), ), and then a ^ e message by Phi

wa wass ov over er,, Win inni niee in insi sist steed on fi fill lliing Ti Tim' m'ss gr gran and d ca cany nyon on.. Sh Shee did te temp mpor orar aril ily. y. Webeca Webecame me ve very ry clos closee to thes thesee pe peop ople le in su such ch a sh shor ortt time. July July 9, Mon ond day ay.. We we were re bl bles esse sed d wit ith h a saf afee tr trip ip an and d ar arrriv ived ed in Atlanta about 10: 10: 30 30 A.M. Began to set up our display in the booth boo th we ha had d res eseerv rved ed.. Fi Fini nish shed ed and th theen en enjo joye yed d the rest rest o f the

time visiting many fr frie iend ndss wh whoo were arriving ^ o and whom we

had no t se seeen in so lo long ng.. Jul uly y 10, Tue uessda day y. The al alaarm took of f at 5 ::1 1 5 A.M. S oo oon we

were a t t h e B R EAKF AS T CLUB T V studio t o do a l iv iv e broa dc a st

and and ta tape pe an anot othe herr one ne.. Ti Tim m ma man nag ageed wel ell, l, ev eveen th thou ough gh he wa wasn sn't 't awak awake. e. I don't vote for th es es e hours, believe me , bu t the there re are are no t 24 hour hourss o f aft aftemo emoon on an and d ev even enin ing g in a da day. y.

Ju June ne 28 28,, Thursday. A visit with with mo moth ther er and and th thee family, then off to a TV show we were to tape with a very special friend,

SHERRY LEE. We di did d two two shows, both both ta tape ped d to showla showlate ter. r. This This ev even enin ing g di dinn nner er wi with th ve very ry sp spec ecia iall fr frie iend nds, s, Al Alic icee an and d Pa Paul ul Wien Wiener er and Ruth Borton. We felt badly Ruth's husband, Don, was de deta tain ined ed in a un unio ion n meet meetin ing. g. June June 29, 29, Frid Friday ay.. Ou Ourr fait faithf hful ul forwarding agen agent, t, Eva Eva (Pin (Pink) k) &iyder, had a group down to her trailer, and we treasure times li like ke th thes esee al alwa ways ys.. June June 30 30,, Sa Satu turd rday ay.. June June is almo almost st pu pull llin ing g do down wn th thee curt curtai ain. n. Our time at home in Canton is very short. We me mett with with ma many ny friends at wh whatis atis sortof sortof THE THE FAVORITE spotandha spotandhad d at le leas astt a

little lit tle tim timee tog togeth ether. er.

M ay ay God bless yo u abu abunda ndant ntly ly,, Dann Danny, y, as yo u and your wife labo laborr and and se serv rvee amon among g th thos osee we love love so mu much ch Pr Pray ay fo forr us al alwa ways ys,, yo your ur roam roamin ing g membe embers rs,, you you are are ou ourr mi mini nist ster er,, too A wonderf wonderful ul evening. We ta talk lked ed brie briefl fly y ab abou outt our wo work rk,, and Ti Tim m pl plaaye yed d (a (all ll

July July 1, Sund Sunday ay.. Ne NewPh wPhil ilaadelphia ia,, Oh Ohio io,, is not not to too o fa farr fr from om

Canton. We a rro o se se at 4:45 A.M. an d drove t o WJER radio station

in New Ph Phiilade adelp lph hia and met th thee mini nisster of th thee Firs Firstt Ch Chri rist stia ian n

Chu Church rch, Ja Jay y Coop Cooper er,, th ther ere. e. It wasou asourr fi firrst meet meetin ing g of Ja Jay y, and and

we sensed the love and compassion he b es esto ws ws on all he me et ets .

What a marvelous crowd they had for the Sunday moming co conce ncert rt.. We spok spokee in Bibl Biblee Sc Scho hool ol,, an and d the co conc ncer ertt foUow oUowed ed.. We

were were thri thrill lled ed to see see old old fami family ly frie friend ndss of many many,, many many ye year arss past past,, Da Dave ve an and d Ruth Ruth Hom Hom an and d Ruth's Ruth's si sist ster er,, Arl rlen ene.Mot e.Mothe herr we went nt wi with th us and was so happy to have time with Dave and Ruth as they

enjo enjoye yed d brea breakf kfas astt while we were at th e statio station. n. We then traveled up to my b ro ro th th er er Clyde's after c hu hu rrcc h h,, and he and wife, Wanda, took care of our longing to eat. Tim's con cer t at our h o m e diur diurch ch.. Nort orth Indus ndusttry Chri hrist stiian Churc urch, was at 7: 7:00 00 P. P.M M. We

alwa alwayst ysthr hril illl at all all the the many many fr frie iend ndss weget weget to se seee at th this is ti time me.. J u l y 2, Monday. Jerry backed Melody from mot he r' s driv dr ivew eway ay,and ,and we we were re on ou ourr way to Le Lexi xing ngto ton. n. Workis Workis to be begi gin n on a ne w sacr sacred ed album album by Tim Tim

July 10 10—1 —13,Tu 3,Tues esday day—F —Fri rida day. y. Th Thee conve conventio ntion n conv convened ened with with

t h o u s an d s an d thousa nds in a tt e nda nc e . I t w a s e x ce ce llll en en t from

beginning to end. The week had so many highlights it was di diff ffic icul ultt to com compreh prehen end d all all the the grea greatt thin things gs.. The The clos closin ing g serv servic ice, e, Friday the 13 tth h , was anything bu t bad l uc k. We left with a po posi siti tive ve,, up uplif lifte ted d fe feel elin ing g and and lo look okin ing g fo forw rwar ard d to next ye year ar.. Most Most impor importan tantt we felt elt clos closer er to ou ourr Lord Lord an and d ch chal alle leng nged ed to se serv rve. e.

July July 14, Satu aturday rday.. Goi Going bac ack k to Le Lex xing ngtton (ret (retu urnin rning g to

finish ^bum) w


just s long s it w


going down

Ju July ly 15 15,, Su Sund nday ay.. Conc Concer ertt at th thee Ga Gard rden ensi side de Chri Christ stia ian n Chur Church ch

in Lexi Lexing ngto ton. n. A cons consid ider erab able le amo amount unt of rain rain throug throughou houtt the day did did not not spoi spoill th thee hour hour.. The The minister ter, Robe Robert rt EUenberger, wason va vacat catio ion. n. Wewere sorr sorry y no t to se seee hi him m.

Ju July ly 16-2 16-20, 0, Mond Monday-F ay-Frida riday. y. Dili Dilige genteffor nteffortt all all week week as Fr Fred ed,, Tim m and and Je Jerr rry y prod produc uced ed Ti Tim' m'ss al albu bum. m. Th Thee hour hourss we werelon relong g David, Ti

an and d heat intensey but.they ey kept kept on plug pluggi ging ng.. Jo Joy y fUled our our so soul ulss

when the the fina inal song was finished (Tim's part). Prayers were answered in this area Also, study is available for Tim on a co conc ncen entr trat ated ed basi basiss thro throug ugh h a st stat atee univ univer ersi sity ty in Ken Kentucl tucl^, ^, i f we can ar arrrange nge our our li liv vingso that that we migh ight stay tay back ack there ere. Wehave ehave prayed and pray prayed ed for suc uch h and now that the opp opport ortuni unity ty is her here, e, we pray ray that it will all work o ut ut . Tim is full o f anticipation. July 21, Sat Saturd urday. ay. Lo Lots ts o f miles to cover as we head to our next destination. We have great concerns about Melody's c on ont iin nu ed ed t eem mp e r a t u urres which rise and fall. (Had to s tto o p on a steep incline as we were going to Atlanta.) The s itua tion is baffling. We are on the highway now, he head aded ed to towa ward rd Branson, Missouri. It is very ery hot hot.. All was going ing very well ell, but then abou aboutt 2: 2:30 30 a nois noisee washea washeard rd.. Weso Wesoon on disc discov over eredtre edtread ad was was fl flyi ying ng from from one o f Melod elody' y'ss ti tire res. s. Hobb Hobble led d to a gara garagea geand nd had had the the sp spar aree put put on. It was quite a distance, bu t die made it fine to Carefree,

b i d i an a. We were m o r e carefree after s h e w as as fixed

Called it


qutiststoanyo d ubas eed dd eed d driv doive wen west. in M m o n, n, Illinois. The heat soon ge get yo u dr west . t. V eem

July 22—26, Sunday—Thursday. It is nice and cool at 5:15 A.M. on Sunday Sundaymorning, and and we made use of the plea pleasa sant ntne ness ss.. It was a good day, and we arrived in Branson and found our way out to the bea eaut utif iful ul,, picturesque SCHOOL OF THE OZARKS. On this his cam campus pus th thee VERNO ERNON N BR BRO OTH THER ERS S hol old d th thei eirr ANNUA NUAL VACATION AND SPIRITUAL SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER. It truly is an area

for a vacation, and the program which they set up for spiritual enrichment is e x ce ce l le le n tt.. T h e School o f th e Ozarks is a church

related coll ollege, and the facilities are avaUabl blee to the Vem Vem on's on's.. A cont contin inen enta tall br breeak akfa fast st is enj njo oye yed d ea eacch morni ornin ng at 8:45, 8:45, a ser servi vicce

follows at 9:30 and it runs till 10:30. People are then free to sightsee. So much is in that area, and then they retur n for the

we ha tr trans ansmi as ese had dtrat aati bs bsol olut utel y NO pr prob oble lems un unti they they pu put th thi is missi on onession e ion n. Th Thes e fr frus ustr ion ons s ely are wearing Itms wo wou ultil dl relieve ust greatly for the problem lem to be resol resolved, ved, especiall especiallyy witho without ut great financial co n cer n .

Th Ther eree are are so ver very many any ne new w peop people le receiving our newslet newsletter ter,, and many people do not know that our ministry is supported to tota tall lly y by gift gifts. s. We do no nott cha harg rgee for the the con once cert rts. s. Man any y are are in

hospitals, nursing ho mes , schools,

et c . where there

is no

re remu mune nera rati tion on.. Freeree-wi willl of offe feri ring ngss take take care care of the the ro road ad expe expens nses es gasoline, etc. etc.), ), but but insu insura ranc nce, e, tires tires We nee eed d at leas leastt 2.), .), an andall dall upkeep has to be covered with contr contributio ibutions. ns. Melody is costing mucch mor mu oree to op oper erat atee be beca caus usee sh shee ha hass ser serve ved d us fait faithf hful ullly an and d bears the wear and tear of over 78,000 (mostly rough) U.S. highway miles. In addi additio tion, n, we have tremen tremendou douss printi printing ng and

even evenin ing' g'ss acti activi viti ties es whi which ch ru run n from from 6:30 to 9:30 P.M. Ou r CUPS WERE FUL FULL L AND RUNNING OVE OVER R as we li list sten ened ed th thro roug ugh h th thee

mailing bill bills. s. Your Your on onee time ime or or,, if po poss ssib ible le,, mon onth thlly gift gift wil will be greatly appreciated. No ma matt tter er what your financial cond condit itio ion, n,

week week to the the Vem Vemon onss blen blend d in singing, pr prea each chiing by ea eacch of the Vemon Vem on boy boys, s, variou variouss oth other er fin finee music music gro groups ups,, etc etc.. We thr thrill illed ed too as Ken Ken Id Idle lema man, n, pr pres esid iden entt of OBC, vi vigor gorou ousl sly y and forcefully forcefully laid before us the depth of OVERCOMING. Dean Dean and and Judy Judy Davis,

yo u can pray, and we ask you to earn est l y u ph ph o ld ld us at all times—that ou r phys physic ical al,, fi fina nanc ncia ial, l, and me mech chan anic ical al nee needs wi will ll be

mi miss ssii ona onari riee s on fu furl rlou ough gh from from Z amb ambii aa,, re reii nfo nforc rcee d ou r de desi sire re fo forr

August is filled with ith prep reparat aratio ion n of the the new newslet slette terr. (It (It is a ma majo jorr ti time me-c -con onsu sumi ming ng pr proj ojec ect. t.)) Wehope Wehope it isa bles blessi singto ngto al alll wh who o rea ead d it it.. Th Theere are are man any y plac placesfo esforr Tim Tim to play play,, bu butt wesh weshaallpi llpick ck

more de more dedi dica cate ted d service. Tim was a part of the program on Monda onday y eve veni nin ng, Tu Tues esda day y mor orn nin ing, g, and th theen in th thee co conc nclludin uding g

service on T hursday evening. We made so many new and wond wonder erfu full friends and shared especially with Dean and Geneva Zumwalt of Sout South h Roxa Roxana na,, Illinoi oiss, and Carl and Ru Ruth th Bake kerr of St. St. Lo Loui uis, s, Missouri. We we wereall reall park parked ed in th thee same same RVpar RVpark k (j (jus ustt next door to the campus), and they ca cart rted ed us around to sightsee

wi with th them them and and nume numero rous us ot othe hers rs in th thee gr grou oup. p. Th This is br brie ieff reprieve

ha s co m e to it s e nd n d m uc uc h to o s o o n .

Ju July ly 27 Fr Frid iday ay.. Melody saidshewan saidshewante ted d to get get going beforeit

got so hot. 5:00 A.M. .M. was cool. ool. Wewe Wewere re thankf thankful ul for some some cl clou oud d cover. Working our way to El Paso to try to resolve Melody's problems. Really hot by mid-afternoon. A resting place in Oklahoma(Cherokee KOA). Earl Early y to bed. bed. ...July 28 28,, Sa Satu turd rday ay.. 4: 4:30 30 A.M. headed west and blessed by an o otther cloud cover. The day wore on, and we were in Texas Home is in this state te.. The hot sun we expe expecte cted d to st stop op us st stay ayed ed hidden. Rains came, it was NICE. Jerr Jerry y ke kept pt driving. Plans were to s tto o p in Carlsbad, New Mexico, or a bo ut ut t he he r e . Tim had no t known


no w







me mett an and d that that our our FAIT FAITH H WILLrem WILLremai ain n st stro rong ng..

up he here re t h he e n ex ex t time.

Oh, that that I could say how grateful we are to ALL who had any pa part rt in se send ndin ing g us to Euro Europe pe.. Weho Wehope thro throug ugh h this his EP EPIS IST TLE you are able to live the high po in ints with us. We are available to tell about it, and for Tim to play at your church, school, college, cl clu ub, ho hosp spit ital al,, etc tc.. Just Just le lett us hea earr from rom you you. Remembering you all in our prayers, with much love and


ac ch On ne e. G o d Bless Y ou E a

Jer Jerry, ry, Rose Rosema mary ry,, and Ti Tim m A L L M A IL IL T O A D D DR R E SS SS A T T H E BE G I N N I N G O F L E T T E R


say Carlsbad and said, OH BOY, DAD. You have us almost ho home me,, A he heft fty y di din nne nerr in Carls arlsb bad ad,, lo lots ts of hot coffee, and the mile mi less be betw twee een n ther theree and and ElPaso wereswa wereswall llow owed ed up as we ar arri rive ved d home at 1:00 A.M. (actu (actually ally 12:00 12:00 midnight he here re),jus ),justt sh shor ortt a few hours of being up 24 hours straight. It was won wonderful to bp home home,, even even th thou ough gh we we were re ro road ad wo worn rn.. Melo Melodyha dyhad d sa said id,, F Fll ll do my best best S She he did, did, an and d we than thanke ked d Go God d fo forr Hi Hisjo sjour urne ney y me merc rcie ies, s, for all that He did in caring for us, especially in times we were even u n a wa wa r e o f . S o om m e o f th e stresses we h ad r e m i n d e d m e

U R GE N T UPDATE: As I m e n ti ti on on eed d e a rl ie r, Melody has n e e de d a lot of work. ork. We fi fina nall lly y have be e n able to get it done—after much wail wa ilin ing g and gnashi hin ng of teeth. Her Her re repa pair irss meant that we were two weeks late in leavi vin ng El Paso ( S See p ptt eem mb bee r 6), t hu hu s we had to cancel the first three dat dat es es on ou r itiner itinerary ary.. We do hope to


this sa sayi ying ng,, FAITH MA MAKE KES S THIN THINGS GS POS POSSIB SIBLE LE NO T EASY. There was lo ts o f time to t hi nk ab o u t where we h ad been an d

what we had done these past mo nth s as we drove home, and another saying is a prayer I wa wan nt to never forget, Lo Lord rd,, forgive us for loo ooki kin ng at th thee wo worl rld d th thro roug ugh h dry ey eyes es July July 29 29,, Sund Sunday ay.. We felt elt the the he heat at al alrready eady ho hove verrin ing g ov over er El

be a b l e

Paso as we drove to c h u r c h , and we were thankful we were no t ou t in th e desert today. It was w o on n de de rrff ul ul to see ou r friends an d to know they mi miss ssee d us as much as we miss missed ed them.

The remaining two days of July were filled with unloading, be begi ginn nnin ing g th thee reas reasse sess ssme ment nt fo forr leav leavin ing g ag agai ain n on Au Augu gust st 29. 29. Jerr Jerry y has had Melody back to the tran ssm missio n shop. They say it is no t the transmi ss ssi on on. A n no o tth h eerr man has ch ec eck ed ed it ou t an and d repla replace ced d the the fa fan n clut clutch ch.. Prob Proble lem m is stil stilll th ther eree We ar aree in insi sist stin ing g on an anoth other er 2


r es ch ed u le



in th e f u t u r e . T h e

t o t a l cost of the repairs was j u s t u n d e r $2 $2,0 ,000 00.0 .00, 0, all o f which pu t us over b ud udget. Your help w i th this expense will be gr eatly appreciated. Thank yo u so much for your help an d prayers.




Lordsburg Church o f Christ Lordsburg, Ne w Mexico FredEwing 505) 542-3407


Sunnyslope Sunnys lope Christian Christian Church P h o e ni ni x , A r i z zo ona

Porter Estes

602) 943-8163


Wes ton Church



13355 Center Street, Weston, Ohio

M/ M/M M Os Osca carr Chal Challe len n

419 669 669-3 -3245 245

YMCA Cluster Conference, YMCA Canton, Ohio 216) 456-7141 Wm.. T. Cum Wm Cumley ley,, Gen. Gen. Ex., host

Perry Chris Christian tian Church

Phoenix Mountain Nursing Home P ^ d i s e Valley, Arizona Lauri Williams 6 0 2) 2) 9 9 96 6 --5 52 20 00

Canton, Ohio Robert Walther 9- 11

Orange Ora ngewo wood od Baptist Baptist Retireme Retirement nt Home Home P h o en en i x , A r i zo zo n a Clifford Hansen 602) 997-5208 9-12 16

Heights Chris Heights Christian tian Churc Church h P^ Albuquer Albu querque, que, New New Me Mexi xico co 505 Erskine Scates


89 8922-15 1515 15

Lo Loss Luna Lunas, s, New New Me Mexi xico co

50 505 5

865-47 865-4722 22

Danville, Illinois Gene Houpt 217) 446-1 446-1542 542 or 446-6736 446-6736




Fa i r f i e l d C h u r c h


M o u n t a i n Christian C h u r c h


Cedar Crest, Ne w Mexico Jack Havens 505) 281-9731

Ridgecrest Ridgecre st Christian Church

Albuque Albu querqu rque, e, Ne New w Mexi Mexico co

50 505 5

Larry Larr y D. Pier Pierson son 505) 255-3288

255255-8852 8852

1, 2

PENDING W o o d l a w n C h r i sstt i an an C h u r c h

Knoxville, Tennessee Faith Prom Promise ise Rally Fi r s t Christian Ch u r c h

Adairsville, Adairsvi lle, Georgi Georgiaa HiilMcPherson

4 40 0 4 ) 7 73 73 - 39 39 51 51


L a n c a s t e r C h r i s t ia ia n Chiurch

W estsid e C h r i s t i a n C h u r c h

Lancaster, Missou Missouri ri 816) 457-3598 Robert McK McKni nigh ghtt 816 457-21 457-2120 20 of

60 06 6 ) 266-1621

31, NOV.

Davis P a r k Christian Church

Homer Church


Lexington, K een n ttu uc ck ky

Enid, Oklahoma 405) 234-0574 Paul J. Eriabnit, Sr .




Radio adio Statio Station n KFLQ KFLQ FM 1:00 P.M. P.M. Thurs Thurs.. 9/20



T a t e s C r e e k Christian Q i u r c h

Other concerts in a nd nd a r ou ou n d th e Albuquerque area inc includ ludee Los Los Lunas Lunas Hospit Hospital al an d Train Training ing Center, Central Ne w Mex Mexico ico Correctional Correctional Center, Center, 23

Raldgh Christian Church Rushville, Indiana

Fairfield, O h io io 5 13 13 ) 8 6 77- 1 8 3 3 David Dav id Philli Phillips ps 5 1 3) 3) 8 2 29 9 --0 07 73 30

K iim m N e llss o n 505) 865-5335 19



50 05 5) 89 92 2 --8 86 60 05

Los Lun na a s C h r i sstt iia a n C h u rrc ch

C O N F E R E N C E O N T H E HANDICAPPED Calvary Church o f Christ Richard D .

881 881-98 -9889 89

50 505 5

7 03 03 ) 7 5 00- 07 07 60 60

Rockford, Illino Illinois is 815) 398-4940

Rio Rio Ranch Rancho o Commu Community nity Christi Christian an Chu Church rch Ro ob b e rrtt C o orr n ne er



505) 884-4319

Ri Rio o Ranc Rancho ho,, New New Mexi Mexico co

International Symposium on Learni Learning ng Dis Disabi abilit lities ies Wa Wash shin ingt gton on,, D.C. D.C. 703 528 528-84 -8480 80 Patty S mi mi th th

National Miss Missionary ionary C o on nv ve e nt nt io io n B o oo o tth h 127) Phoenix, Phoeni x, Arizona 602) 257-1525

2 1 6 ) 4 77 77 -7 -7 26 26 2

Jacksonville, Florida T ra ra i Vo Vo Us Us t ed ed t



217) Homer, Illinoi Ill 896-2332 William F inois H ^s 2 21 17) 8 9 66- 24 24 7 7

9 04 04 ) 783-1414

F i r s t Chr i s t i a n C h u r c h 1 0 0 5 Hillsid e C o u r t Inverness, Florida

Co Co-sp -spon onsor sorii Crystal Crystal Rive Riverr Chr Christ istianChurch ianChurch BobHargrave 904) 795-0118 14-23

S o u t h e a s t C h r is is t iia an Church Orlando, Florida

Stev Stevee Schnel Schneller ler is booking these dates in an d


th e

O r l a n do do a r ea ea . Pl e a s e c o n t a c t hi m

f o r co n c cer er t nearest you.

3 0 05 5 ) 2 77 77 -8 -8 19 19 1

En d o f November an d December dates ma y be ha d by

writing us writing us.. Tour will will be westfrom Florida through Alabama, Mis Missis sissip sippi, pi, Louisiana, an d Texas.




sorriTHiHc i

TSU. VOU. | . EWIOWEP BE-INCp^ IN WARSAW pouthp s MSTiKVjr ^ ^/aiiitA t ceftm/imy my i OA P e I HA v eRy eooD HAP P A ve Tifne

I N T h o s e F LAcR

£ I Hfi9 n»y IRTW

i nd J

po^MQ. WOWII.f ' tVAStVAS - 

6Re/»Ty/f £ I Lxj^'ev t h k

pEDPtS IN TH&ES PL/IC£J . « £ I KNdiV T H A T y e g u s

WAS THKffe with M S AM ^ TrtC WAY- i THE nw^al V/C C »eC0l.2^VACIA- ^

TM P Ijobp vtM wrns TMe«j[ TMP 0M~. I*'*' THMKfUit n^®

/ n A m m i cA cA r . P


H is B i r t h M a d e a Difference

H IS Birth Made T H E Difference

DAIL DA ILY Y LIVI LIVING NG at it itss best est iscom iscompl plex ex

HI S B i r t h M a d e T H E Difference @ $ 5 . 0 0

Ad Add d to

Tim's Hymns—He Touched Me (Cassette) @ $8.95

DAMAGE an and d one one gets gets a fe feel elin ing g of help helple less ssne ness ss.. Is it more than we could handle? YES, but the is





H IS Birth Made T H E Difference T O G O D BE T H E G L LO OR RY Y

Rosemary Baley

Th e Impossible Dream (Album) @ $8.95 Th e Impossible Dream ( C Caa ssss et et ttee ) @ $8.95


POSSIBLE (M (Matt atthew hew 19: 19:26) 26) My only only pr pray ayer er is that in some way this book will help you and INCR INCREA EASEyo SEyou ur fa fait ith h as I sh shar aree wi with th you. you. Hi s Birth Made a Difference

An y tw o cassettes or albums @ $15.00



shipped postpaid

Total Enclosed


Mr. & Mrs. Gera Gerald ld R. Baley


2501 Portland

City State



H is B i rt r t h M a de de A D i f f e r e n c e

that serious illness an d a child b o orr n w it it h B RA RA IN IN




El Paso, Texas 79930 Zi p

(915) 566-3177


In her book, Rosemary tells not only of the many cr cris ises es in th thei eirr lives, but also how God has given th thei eirr son son a

tremendous finger dexterity and

ho w it led to a keen

int nter ereest in pia piano. no. As pare parent nts, s, th theey did did all all in the their pow power to

encourage Tim in his music. His lit ttlle one finger and one h a n d t u n e s led to tw o fingers, two ha hand ndss and soon he was scaUng the ke keyb yboa oard rd Tim plays al almo most st co comp mple lete tely ly by ear, never wi th th musi c, and a song is r ar ely p l a y yee d the s aam me

This album features TIM at th e R.C.A. G RA RA N ND D P ia ia no no

with live recorded instrumental accompaniment. A PE R RF FE C CT T GIFT G Geet it be f or e it hits the mar ket. ALL COPI CO PIES ES ORD ORDERE ERED D DI DIRE RECT CT WI WILL LL BE AUTO AUTOGR GRAP APHE HED. D. (The albu m contai ns ns Themes from Motion Pictur es and Musicals, Folk Tunes, Standard Popular Tunes and Country Western.)

ea r an d see hi m MARVEL at this w ay ay t wi wi ce ce . T h o s e w h o h ea

God-given abil abilit ity, y, and and ma many ny re requ ques ests ts we were re ma made de fo forr tape tapess after reading the book or hearing him-thus TIM'S

HY MNS - HE TOUCHED M E ' was m ad ad e. e. Th e name so chos chosen en simp simply ly beca becaus use, e, trul truly, y, GOD touched this one's life. There are 17 favorite hymn hymnss on the cass casset ette te..


Non-Pr Non -Profi ofitt Or Org. g.

Prepared an d Ma Mail iled ed By By:: Spanish Spani sh Amer American ican Ev Evan ange geli lism sm 3 13 13 5 F or or ney ney Lane El Paso, TX 79935

U.S. P


El Paso, Texas P e rmit No . 2 2 9 5

aiission Box








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