Orcs Must Die 3- Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation (2023)

Orcs Must Die 3- Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation (1)Orcs Must Die 3 has a total of 14 weapons that can be used to deal damage to the Orcs during Waves. Generally, we are more Trap oriented and interested in creating an absolute dungeon of madness. However, the weapons cannot be neglected as one must always have the means to eliminate enemies and accumulate combos. Few are trash and useless whereas some are very useful and can withstand almost more than half of the Orcs assault.

Note: This Tier list is made by experimenting with the weapons in a similar scenario where the Orcs are routed in a single path for few waves.

Best Weapons And Tier List With Explanation For Orcs Must Die 3

C Tier
  • Chain Lightning Staff: Long Ranged, Lightning attack with secondary, 3 Stage, charged, chain lightning attack. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Secondary attack chains”, and “Secondary attack stuns enemies that are hit”.

The Secondary attack can be pressed long to charge and unleash the chain of lightning. Still, the most widespread use of this weapon can be considered is for stunning. However, the damage output, as well as the attack speed, is quite inferior to others Staffs. Doing a combo with other elementals might be tricky as the mana consumption is high and just for the sake of the elemental combo makes this weapon is a waste of slots.

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  • Flame Bracer: Long Ranged, Fire Attack with secondary short-ranged firewall ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Primary damage”, and “Increase secondary length and duration”.

Both the primary and secondary attack consumes mana. This weapon cannot be considered as your secondary weapon. You can create a long vertical firewall to damage Orcs that walks on them and apart from it is useless. Equipping this weapon alone will bring chaos upon yourself instead of cowering the enemies.

  • Wind Belt: Short Ranged, Crowd Control that pushes enemies. Secondary can be used to pick up the Light And Heavey enemies. 2 unique upgrades are “Increases Knockback Force”, and “Enemies Thrown by Secondary Attack Explodes”.

Its primary attack can be useful to push the enemies into the pit when they are all stacked together. Apart from that, it is not even useful unless you want some styling on the Orcs.

B Tier
  • Arcane Staff: Long Ranged, Arcane Attack with secondary Attack that drops arcane projectiles in an area around the player. They have 2 unique upgrades i.e. “Increased Secondary Radius”, and “Reduce Mana Costs”.

Comparing the maxed Increased Secondary Radius and Reduce Mana Costs, it is widely recommended to choose the Reduce Mana Costs upgrade if you are using this weapon. You cannot combo this efficiently even if you count the projectile attack and the random explosion area which is quite small, so for the AOE effect, it is worth choosing this weapon to spam arcane shower although it is random.

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  • Broadsword: Melee Weapon with Secondary Lightning Attack that damages targets, in a line in front of the player. 2 unique upgrades are “Primary Attack that heals per hit”, and “Adds Additional Bolt to Secondary”.

Primary attacks that heal per hit are actually good but in this case, where you can’t disarm or immobilize enemies by knocking them down will make your life steal pretty much less useful as you have to kite the enemies. Killing enemies that are currently affected by the secondary attack will deal small AOE damage but still compared to Bladestaff it is low tier.

  • Elven Shortswords: Fast Melee weapon with secondary, 3 stages, a charged attack that shoots a magical, ranged attack. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Primary attack speed”, and “Secondary attack bleeds enemies per hit”.

It might be alluring at first as the attack speed of the weapon is very attractive. The damage and reach of the weapon are low and while charging against the mobs of Orc with this weapon might not be the best idea for now. Even the charged attack is not useful and is considered to be a waste of mana.

  • Scepter Of Domination: Long Ranged, 3 Stage, Charged, Arcane attack with Secondary Charm Ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Secondary Charm Duration”, and “Increase Fully Charged Primary Explosion Radius”.

This weapon can be considered as the best among the other 2 Arcane staff. The attack speed is good and it debuffs enemies. Charm abilities is quite powerful if used on larger enemies to block and turn them against their race. Even the fully charged primary explosion is pretty useful but the drawback which places him hanging at the “B-A” Tier is that the traps placed by you can also take damage if the Orcs are hit by the explosion and the traps are in the range of it in Orcs Must Die 3.

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A Tier
  • Bladestaff: Melee weapon with a secondary attack that knocks back multiple targets. 2 unique upgrades are “Primary Attack Heals on Hit”, and “Secondary Attack Launches Higher”.

If you are choosing a Melee weapon and the weapon that can let you heal per hit is usually labeled as a high-tier weapon. The secondary attack can be spammed continuously to deal great AOE damage that lifts the small Orcs. By far the best melee weapon you can use in our opinion and can be considered A Tier.

  • Crossbow: Long Ranged Attack with Secondary Stun ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Headshot kills Trigger Explosion damage”, and “Enemies stunned by secondary take increased damage”.

It is a single target weapon whose headshot percentage and attack speed is top-notch. Usually, players prefer the 1st upgrade as we all will be hitting headshots and exploding the enemies, whereas in a few situations you can use the 2nd upgrade to stun larger enemies and dish out max damage. Instead of Physical damage, it cannot be used for anything else. So it fits well in this Tier easily.

  • Dwarven Hammer: Melee weapon with a secondary whirlwind attack that knocks back and damages multiple targets. 2 unique upgrades are “Damage reduction while spinning”, and “Increase movement speed while spinning”.

The weapon is quite powerful and the blow hits like a truck and to top it off, the whirlwind attacks increase the combo madly. The damage and secondary are quite good but nonetheless, the only thing this weapon lacks is nice unique upgrades.

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  • Ice Amulet: Long Ranged, Multi-shot ice attack with a secondary, Short ranged freeze ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increase Freeze duration”, and “Secondary creates an aura that deals damage per sec”.

It is best used as a secondary weapon as it cannot single-handedly clear the complete wave. However, the freezing ability is top tier. Buying time by freezing or even DPS during melee combat against the Orcs is quite a useful ability without any denial.

S Tier
  • Blunderbuss: Short Ranged, Four Shot Burst With Medium Ranged Secondary Grenade Attack. 2 unique upgrades are “Secondary that Freezes Enemy”, and “Secondary Damage and Explosions Increased”.

Shotgun’s secondary attack that freezes the enemy is quite good considering that it is a semi ranged weapon. Once you gather enemies in a confined space and route them, the secondary attack can devastate the Orcs very easily. Freeze Dmg + Physical Dmg in a single weapon is a blessing. It can be considered as A-S Tier easily.

  • Magic Longbow: Long Ranged, Shot Penetrates through to more enemies with secondary, 3 Stage, charged multi-shot. 2 unique upgrades are “Primary attack bleeds enemies per hit”, and “Secondary Fires Burst in a straight line”.

Landing headshot with this bow is pretty accurate and while hitting enemies with your primary attack, you can inflict the bleeding debuff. This is strong when you alter the target as the hits don’t stack the bleeding damage. However, selecting the 2nd unique upgrade will grant your secondary attack to travel in a straight line. It is simply useful to deal damage when the enemies are in single file. The main reason it is in this Tier and not in “A” is due to the attack rate and accuracy combined with ice freezing is brutal.

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  • Stone Staff: Long Ranged, Attack that penetrates enemies with secondary Stoning ability. 2 unique upgrades are “Increases Secondary Attack Range”, and “Secondary Launches after Brief Delay”.

The Secondary attack is just too overpowered. The Stone Staff alone can be used to clear wave but accompanying it with any other weapon can suit your taste. Even larger enemies can be turned into stone and equipping the 2nd unique ability launches them in the air that provides you much better time and angle to switch weapons and start increasing the combo and points. Undeniably one of the best weapons which you need to unlock for a much better fun experience.

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Who is the best character in Orcs Must Die 3? ›

Without any doubt, Vorwick is the best hero in Orcs Must Die! 3, since he boasts a stunning 185 base Health, the highest in the game. On top of that, players can use melee/ranged and magic weapons with him, as he does well with all types of weapons.

What is the best trap setup in Orcs Must Die 3? ›

The best set-up for the Arrow Wall is placing several of them in a corridor with several Confusion Flowers or Deep Freeze traps. And it only costs 600 coins to place, making them very affordable for the entire stage.

What does arcane damage do in Orcs Must Die 3? ›

" Arcane damage debuffs enemy allowing them to take a flat additional amount of damage based on the damaging trap, to include the same or other arcane traps. " If an enemy is hit with arcane, then they take more damage when hit by more arcane.

Who was the strongest orc? ›

Uruk-Hai. Lurtz was the first and one of the strongest orcs known as the Uruk-Hai that were created by Saruman the White. He led a party of Uruk-Hai to Amon Hen, where they intercepted the Fellowship of the Ring and tried to capture Frodo. Lurtz ended up fighting against Boromir, the son of the Steward of Gondor.

What is the greatest orc? ›

The undisputed greatest Orc in the series is the first Uruk-Hai; Lurtz. He has a memorably terrifying birthing scene where he emerges from the gloop to throttle an Orc to death.

What is the orc weapon of choice? ›

Orcish War Axe: Often considered to be the best of the one-handed Orcish weapons, the Orcish War Axe is fast and hard-hitting, dishing out 10 points of damage at a base level.

How do you dominate an orc captain? ›

First you must unlock the Dominate Captain Skill from the Story tree. This is done by completing the Ring of Power story mission available once you complete The Fall and make your way into Act II. With Dominate Captain unlocked, you must fight them and whittle their health down until they become Broken.

Does leveling arcane increase damage? ›

In Elden Ring, the Arcane stat's primary function is governing item discovery. This influences how frequently normal enemies drop items after being killed. On top of this, leveling up Arcane also increases resistance to Holy damage and resistance to buildup of the Death Blight status condition.

What does the arcane dragon do? ›

Defoilus (Arcane Dragon uses magic to lower your physical defence, allowing it's attacks to deal more damage.) Nightmare: (Arcane Dragon exhales a dark fire ball while inflicts damage (and multiple status effects) upon it's target.)

Does increasing arcane increase damage? ›

Arcane is also used as a modifier for weapons that scale with the Arcane stat, improving the effectiveness and damage of certain Spells.

What is the best orc hero? ›

The Blade Master will be your best option for a hero with the Orc Race. Boasting the Best Damage, Armor, Strength and Agility, the Blade master is an excellent hero to have with your army. Tauren Chieftain is a great second choice.

Who was the 1st orc? ›

Adar as the Elf Who Became the First Orc, Created by Morgoth

He is one of the elves Morgoth “tortured” and “twisted” into “a new and ruined form of life.” She called those elves, the first orcs, “the Moriondor, the Sons of the Dark.” But Adar says they prefer another name: Uruk.

Which orcs should I recruit? ›

Destroyer Orcs are great to recruit, as they will keep enemies off their backs with the constant placement of explosives that will require Orcs and Talion to dodge and weave.

What is stronger than an Orc? ›

The Uruk-hai are stronger, larger, and can take the sunlight much better than the Orcs.

Who is the strongest Orc warrior? ›

  • 1 Broxigar the Red with 25 Warrior Points.
  • 2 Varok Saurfang with 18 Warrior Points.
  • 3 Tie between Grommash Hellscream and Orgrim Doomhammer with 15 Warrior Points.
  • 4 Blackhand with 13 Warrior Points.
  • 5 Garrosh Hellscream with 11 Warrior Points.
Feb 14, 2016

Can an Orc be an archer? ›

The Archer is a Basic Class of Orc Grunts.

What's a good Orc name? ›

  • Pantoran.
  • Selkath.
  • Skakoan.
  • Tholothian.
  • Zeltron.
  • Zygerrian.

Can you enter the orc strongholds as an Orc? ›

If you choose to play as an Orc during character creation, then you can enter every Orc Stronghold without completing a task. If you aren't an Orc, then you have a few options for gaining entrance. You can either complete "The Forgemaster's Fingers" quest or help one of the many Orcs in Skyrim.

What are the strongest types of orcs? ›

The Uruk-Hai are without a doubt the most strongest troops that the forces of evil have in The War Of The Ring. As a race of bigger and smarter Orcs, the Uruks were created by Saruman. They are massive creatures and are designed specifically for war.

Can you dominate orcs higher level than you? ›

Once the ability is unlocked from your skill tree, you can dominate, and therefore recruit, any broken enemy captain you encounter who isn't an Overlord, with one other caveat: you must be at least the same level as the orc you're trying to dominate.

What are orcs best for? ›

They place a high value on fighting and are considered brave warriors. Orcs are noted for the unshakable course in war and unflinching endurance of hardships. Lore tells us that Orcs are extremely skilled blacksmiths and their weapons are world-renowned.

How do I upgrade my orc to legendary? ›

If the orc survives in 5 matches in a row, he will be automatically upgraded to Legendary.

What is the weakness of an orc? ›

WEAKNESSES: - Death Above Disgrace: Orcs are proud warriors and have traditionally followed their ideals with a firm iron fist. Failure to speak or lose shamefully is reason to die in the hands of someone more worthy or receive voluntary exile if there is still forgiveness.

Is an orc stronger than a man? ›

The 'average' orc is probably roughly as strong as the strongest humans to have ever lived, and roughly ten+ times strong than the average human. Scaling this up, the strongest orcs could easily be five-ten times stronger than the strongest humans. Tauren are even stronger, but they're also larger.

When should I stop leveling Arcane? ›

It's advisable to stop leveling Mind at 40 points due to diminishing returns. This is unless you really need more for your build, then you can take it to 55 or 60 before the caps start to kick in.

Is Arcane worth it for bleed builds? ›

For a badass Bleed build with stacks of damage, you'll want to primarily focus on putting levels into Arcane, Dexterity, and Vigor. It's also always worth putting some levels into Endurance.

Does leveling faith increase damage? ›

Each point allocated to the Faith stat increases the effectiveness and damage dealt by Incantations cast with weapons that have Faith scaling.

Is dragons blood better than Arcane? ›

It seems the winner is obvious

Arcane beats DOTA: Dragon's Blood, from the animation, story, and character depth to the unbeatable music. DOTA: Dragon's Blood wins only in terms of the worlds displayed.

How does dragons blood compare to Arcane? ›

Like Arcane, Dragon's Blood uses a mix of 2D and 3D animation, but the focus is on 2D, which provides the overall look of the series. That is not a criticism, but it provides a clear distinction from the animated style of Arcane, with Dragon's Blood comparing more to the Castlevania animated series than Arcane.

Do dragon spells scale off faith or Arcane? ›

The Dragon Communion Seal scales primarily with Faith and Arcane, and is a good Weapon for casters that focus on Dragon Communion Incantations.

Does seppuku scale with arcane? ›

Seppuku's buff scales with Arcane, providing a higher bleed buildup with weapons that have either innate scaling, or gain said scaling (via Occult infusion). A 80 Arcane Occult-infused weapon with innate bleed will gain more bleed buildup from Seppuku than a Blood-infused weapon with Seppuku.

How high should I upgrade arcane? ›

You'll need 27 Arcane to wield Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear, but we recommend raising it all the way to the soft cap of 60. This will increase your damage with the spear and also increase the speed with which you inflict the bleed effect on enemies.

Is it worth Levelling up arcane? ›

Weapons that scale with Arcane in Elden Ring

Arcane is required to wield some weapons with high build-up effects, but the damage gains that come with leveling up the stat make it worthwhile.

Who is the good orc in warcraft? ›

Durotan. As Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, a role that he took over from his father before him, Durotan is basically the orc hero (or, frankly, just plain hero) of the Warcraft film.

Who had the strongest orc army? ›

The Uruk-hai would most likely be considered the sturdiest of the orc breeds.

Who is the main orc in Warcraft 3? ›

Overview. A prominent character in Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft universe, Thrall initially became a primary character in the Warcraft storyline through his role as warchief of the orcs in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, a role which Blizzard continues to expand upon in World of Warcraft.

Who is the strongest character in Warcraft 3? ›

The strongest hero in Warcraft 3 is the unholy fallen paladin, the Death Knight. This Undead hero can nuke enemies, heal allies, and grant a bonus to all friendly units.

What type of orc is azog? ›

Azog is played by Manu Bennett via motion-capture and CG (though he was originally intended to be played by Conan Stevens in a practical costume and makeup). He is a white-skinned Orc, known as the Pale Orc or Azog the Defiler. According to Balin, he is from Gundabad.

Who is the white orcs son? ›

Bolg was the son of Azog, succeeding his father as a prominent leader of the northern Orcs after Azog was killed by Dáin Ironfoot at the Battle of Azanulbizar in Third Age 2799.

Is Thrall the most powerful orc? ›

Thrall was one of the first of the orcs to reclaim their shamanistic heritage, and he remains the most powerful.

What is a good class for an orc? ›

Cleric. The Cleric is the Orc's best option for divine spellcasting, and if you stick to domains which provide proficiency in heavy armor you should be okay.

Who was the 1st Orc? ›

Adar as the Elf Who Became the First Orc, Created by Morgoth

He is one of the elves Morgoth “tortured” and “twisted” into “a new and ruined form of life.” She called those elves, the first orcs, “the Moriondor, the Sons of the Dark.” But Adar says they prefer another name: Uruk.

Are high orcs stronger than great orcs? ›

High Orcs are a race of red-skinned orcs that first appeared during the Hunters Guild Gate. They are the strongest type of orcs and each one is powerful enough to contend with an A-Rank Hunter.

What is the Orc warrior weakness? ›

Like the smaller orcs, Heavy Orcs have no particular elemental weakness. Freezing one, then shooting him with a blast from a Lightning Amulet will usually result in a quick kill.

Who corrupted orcs? ›

The orcs once lived as shamanic clans on the lush world of Draenor. Corrupted by Kil'jaeden, a demon lord of the Burning Legion, they invaded the world of Azeroth.

Who is the orc leader elf? ›

Adar is the leader of the orcs, and is played by Game of Thrones actor Joseph Mawle. Interestingly, Adar is not an orc, but seems to be an elf. This is corroborated by the fact that the orcs refer to Adar using an Elvish word.

Who is the evil orc in Warcraft? ›

An alternate version of Gul'dan appears as the main antagonist in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and as a major antagonist in World of Warcraft: Legion. Originally a shaman, he became the first orcish warlock as well as the de facto founder of the Orcish Horde.


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